Gastronomy – the Nordic taste

With restaurants and chefs in the international top league and concentrating on the good Nordic ingredients, Denmark has become a first class gastronomic temple in recent years. The tradition of serving a good meal goes way back. Historically, the inns not only offered accommodation. They were also a place where you could eat and even enjoy a homebrewed beer.

More than ever, Small Danish Hotels maintains the traditions of serving good food. It is easy to find an inn, a hotel, a manor or a castle, which endeavours to give its guests a gastronomic experience.

The kitchens of many hotels and castles strive to serve gourmet dinners accompanied by carefully selected wines, ideal for a romantic weekend stay for two. The simplicity and the local ingredients represent the best from the Nordic cuisine, combined with inspiration from the rest of the gastronomic world map.

Others, in particular the many cosy inns, specialize in the classic and genuine Danish cuisine. Sometimes you only go for the simple and good food. Home baked rye bread with new potatoes and chives from the inn’s own herb garden and a sprinkle of seethed salt. A freshly caught plaice with hand peeled shrimps. Danish hash with homemade pickles. Or maybe summer sweet strawberries and cream for dessert?

Regardless of taste and preferences, you can count on a well-laid breakfast table in accordance with the proud Danish traditions for good bread, cheese and other delicacies from the dairy and maybe even homemade jam from the berry garden of the hotel or inn.

Small Danish Hotels offer a great variety of gastronomic possibilities if you are looking for a stay where the package should include a romantic dinner or pampering of your palate and taste buds.

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