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Cycling and pampering in a higher unit

Cycling holiday in Denmark: The world's best cycling country

Denmark is one of the countries in the world where it makes the best sense to go on a cycling holiday. It is easy to find really nice and car-free - or car-poor - cycling routes in Denmark with a fine surface. Our land is so flat that it does not require the fitness of a professional cyclist to pedal through the countryside. And then there is never more than a few hours of cycling between the accommodations, so you can easily get a roof over your head.

We Danes have become a nation of bicycle freaks. Never before in history have so many Danes - of both sexes and of all ages - practiced cycling as exercise. But it does not stop here. We are increasingly taking our cycling joy with us on holiday, where more and more people are going on holiday by bicycle.

Where in the past we took the car and milled to the destination as fast as possible, the picture is different today. We have opened our eyes - not just for healthy and active holidays - but also for the fact that being "slow along the way" can be the very core of a holiday.

Many people lean towards cycling holidays in a light version, where they take the bikes with them on the car, drive to the holiday destination and cycle everything from short trips for bakery bread to day-long excursions during the holiday stay. Others go all the way out, leave the car, pack bike bags and bike carts and take 100 percent on a cycling holiday. Maybe the bikes are taken on board a train to the selected cycling area and then out into the holiday country - all the time on the way to a new place.

Denmark is a unique cycling country

No matter how hard and persistent we each step on the pedals during the holidays, Denmark is a completely unique cycling country for all types of cyclists. Denmark is the first country in the world to have built a coherent network of national cycle routes all the way down the North Sea, along the border, around both Roskilde Fjord and the Limfjord, along the east coasts of Zealand and Jutland, around Bornholm and many other places.

We have a number of regional routes. We have a bicycle-army road route that weaves many hundreds of kilometers down through Jutland from top to bottom, parallel to the famous pedestrian route. And then we have a network of well-maintained small roads that lead from city to city, but which no longer accommodate significant car traffic because new and larger roads have been built for the cars. These small roads are the pure guf for a cyclist. Here you can hear the birds singing, smell the flowers from the field, feel the warmth of the wind. And rejoice inside how delicious it is to roll just as quietly in a new city.

Cycling and pampering in a higher unit

More and more hotels have adapted to receive cycling guests. Both the exercisers and the more hardcore bike enthusiasts. This means that the inns and hotels in higher and higher are geared to facilitate a cycling stay in every conceivable way, so that, after a day of sweat on the forehead and good kilometers in the legs, both cyclists and equipment can be well taken care of.
As a cycling guest, cycling and pampering thus go up into a higher unit, where you get the best combination: exercise and nature experiences on the one hand, and pampering and the good hospitality on the other.

Cycling holiday in Denmark

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