Castle holiday

– upstairs luxury in good company

A manor house stay is ideal for those who wish to live as Counts and Barons or spend a romantic weekend for two. Whether you stay for a single night or several days, you will sense the presence of history and the special atmosphere, when a castle lowers its drawbridge to good experiences.

Denmark’s manor houses tell the living history of the kingdom and at the same time offer pleasures of the present time.

Sense the calm of the meter-thick walls of the impressive architecture or enjoy the view of vaulted ceilings after a night in the Baron’s bed with breakfast. A calm stroll in lovely castle parks is inspiring irrespective of the season, from the light fertile surroundings of the summer to the silent hush of a winter landscape.

In the glow of a crackling fireplace and candlelight, the original sources of light in the manor houses, the cosiness will prevail with a glass of good wine and a dinner cooked with fresh ingredients from the private lands of the manor houses, for instance game or fresh vegetables and herbs from the vegetable garden. Ambitious chefs put gastronomy first so that you will truly feel upstairs luxury in good company.

After a gourmet dinner, you can settle for the night in the four-poster bed. If you dare of course. For it is said that each manor house has its own ghost haunting at night.

Castles in Denmark

Der er desværre ingen ophold ledige