Bed and breakfast

- experience the unique and intimate Danish settings

Bed and breakfasts (B&Bs) give you the chance to experience unique and intimate Danish settings and you will find them all over the country. Bed and breakfasts tend to be quite small, though there are some as large as hotels. There’s something for every taste and budget. Bed and breakfasts in Denmark range from large hotels to cosy inns with unique character and history. With a strong tradition for cutting-edge design, it’s not surprising that Denmark also has a number of renowned design hotels and hotels of architectural importance.

Small Danish Hotels are small, selected inns, hotels and manor houses, which are full of charm, intimacy, and warmth. What they all have in common is the attention to personal service and being good hosts.

The attention to being good hosts and providing personal service are essential. We call it moments of happiness. Those little moments you love to share. The simple things that bring you happiness. The memories that last forever. The stories about your holiday that you will tell your friends and family over and over again. The ones that improve over the years.

Bed & Breakfast in Denmark

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