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No breakfast included - available at an extra charge.

Please note, payment by gift voucher issued by Small Danish Hotels is not possible. 

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The hotel offers delicious food and high service to you as a guest. Located in the spirit of the city, you can experience all the cities facilities and easily get around without a car.

Fiskergade 2-8 , 7100 Vejle
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  • Airport: 32 km
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  • 74 Rooms

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    Attractions nearby of Standard Rate

    • Photo: Sct. Nicolai Kirke

      Sct. Nicolai Church

      0.07 km

      Sct. Nicolai Church is located on the Church Square in central Vejle. The church is named after Nikolaos of Myra, the saint of children and seafarers.

      Originally, the church had a late Romanesque nave, which was later extended to become a three-aisled nave with transepts. On the outside of the church, you will find a blinded door and the remains of Gothic windows. The chancel and tower are from the seventeenth century. In the northern wall, you will see 23 skulls. The story goes that they belonged to robbers, who 300 years ago were captured in Nørreskoven forest and executed.

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    • Photo: Eliza Danesi

      The merchant house ”Den Smidske Gård”

      0.08 km

      In 1799, the merchant Ingvard Smidt started the old merchant house, Den Smidtske Gård, which was built by builder Anders Christensen Kruuse together with architect and sculptor Jens Hjernøe. Today, the merchant house is the home of a café and a wine bar.      

      The front house along Søndergade is the oldest part. Notice the names of the builder and his wife and the year engraved above the gate lintel. Living quarters with kitchen, scullery and mangling room were found here in the front house and the north wing and the merchant house also comprised corn house, storehouse, coach house and stables for the customers’ horses.

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    • Photo: VisitVejle

      Knowledge and exhibition centre Økolariet

      0.09 km

      The Ecolarium offers many learning experiences. You can travel through the exciting exhibits that feature film, living organisms, interactive knowledge tests and eye-opening experiences.

      Touch, feel, move, try tests and draw your way through lots of interactive experiences. You will learn how the world is affected by human consumption and how research today affects our lives tomorrow.

      The Ecolarium is located in central Vejle and everyone is welcome to drop by. Free admission to the exhibition spaces.

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    • Photo: VisitVejle

      Sct. Norberts Church

      0.14 km

      Architect F. Wipler from Odense has managed to harmoniously integrate all architectural elements, including the adjacent vicarage, into the unified design. The sacramental bread is stored in the back wall of the chancel. The cabinet door is adorned with ceramic mosaic by former vicar Willem Wuyts. The little red light is switched on when the Body of Christ is present in the tabernacle.

      The pews, doors, confessional and the altar are carved in Slavonic oak by Belgian sculptor Goeteyne. The alter features six reliefs, four evangelist symbols and two symbols of Christ. The baptismal font, an antique basin of marble-like limestone, rests on a square granite pillar.

      The two wooden figures, of the Virgin Mary and Child, (on the left), and Jesus portrayed as the good shepherds, (to the right of the chancel), were carved in Oberammergau in Bavaria.

      The Fourteen Stations of the Cross (1992) was created by painter and Jesuit father Adolf Meister, Aarhus. The pneumatic pipe organ with 11 ranks, 2 manuals and a pedal was constructed in 1939 by Marcussen & Son, Aabenraa.

      The six stained-glass windows are all created by painter Nis Schmidt: Four Gothic windows in the chancel (1974), a circular window behind the organ (1987), and a pointed arched window in the former baptistery (2002). Here you also find a crucifix and a sculpture of the church’s patron saint, St. Norbert. The crucifix and the figure of Christ were created by Nis Schmidt and are executed with a green-bronze patina on the occasion of the church’s centennial in 2004.


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    • Photo: VisitVejle

      The Sirius Observatory

      0.16 km

      The observatory also has an interesting minor collection of instruments as well as building stones from Hven. The Sirius Observatory was founded in 1923 by electrician Møller Nicholaisen. He was an active amateur astronomer, which, however, did not prevent him from making internationally acknowledged observations. 

      The observatory is open Monday evening 20–22 during the months of February, March, October and November, provided it's a starry night. 

      During week 42 and week 7, the observatory is sometimes closed for holidays, but you are welcome to send an email or a text message to check opening hours. If you are a group (school class, scouting group or other interested group) you are also welcome to call or write and make a special appointment at an agreed time. There is free admission.

      Observatory staff can be contacted by phone. Kirsten Kragbak: +4560207553 and Anders Misfeldt: +4560207564.

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    • Photo: Mads Fjeldsø Christensen

      Vejle Town Hall

      0.16 km

      The old town hall by Gammel Torv was raised by fire in 1530, and the current building was constructed in 1878 as Vejle’s fourth town hall. The town hall bell, which sounds every day, is the same bell that once called the monks of the medieval convent to mass.   


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    • Photo: Vejle Kunstmuseum

      Vejle Art Museum

      0.38 km

      Art that Leaves an Impression
      Vejle Art Museum invites everyone to art experiences that are based on life and everyday existence. The themes are recognizable and offer a different perspective on the world around us. Sometimes it's grand, other times it's small, but there's always something that leaves its mark!

      In the permanent exhibitions, you can experience a large collection of graphic works, art that challenges our conventions about the body, constructed realities of the Golden Age, portrait art in various forms, and much more.

      Sensory Zone
      The Experience Zone "Sanseværk" is a different art experience where curious children and adults explore together through senses, play, and fun activities. Here, you can listen to the green, smell the blue, feel the yellow, and much more.

      Events at Vejlemuseerne
      Find information about guided tours, lectures, and lots of events for the whole family at the various Vejle museums, including the Vejle Art Museum. Click on this link: English - Vejlemuseerne

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    • Photo: VisitVejle

      Gorilla Park Vejle

      2.11 km

      The obstacle courses in Gorilla Park are of varying heights and difficulty and offer experiences for everyone regardless of physique or adventurous spirit. Here you can go treetop swinging like Tarzan and Jane for hours on end.

      Gorilla Park Vejle’s easiest course is only 1½ metres above ground, featuring small, easy obstacles. The level of difficulty then increases, which is reflected in the course number. The most challenging course is the Alpha course!

      Treetop climbing requires no special qualifications other than the desire to have fun and a fondness for outdoor activities in scenic surroundings.

      Gorilla Park Vejle uses the patented and award-winning SSB fall-stop snap-clip system. Before heading out on a climb you will receive expert safety and behavioural guidance by a qualified instructor. Then the jungle adventure is all yours.

      The options are many, including snowboarding, cycling and treetop Tarzan swinging through the forest. In total, Gorilla Park Vejle has over 2 km of obstacle courses, featuring more than 100 different climbing elements and several zip lines.

      Gorilla Park offers group instructions on the hour (last instruction four hours before closing) for a maximum of 30 people per group. It is therefore recommended that you book no later than 21:00 the day before your visit so you are sure of a place. Doing so will also grant you a discount.

      The price includes instruction, equipment rental and treetop climbing for 4 hours. Please note the opening hours on the website (see opening hours under downloads).

      When you need a rest, you can enjoy snacks and refreshments from the sales booth in the enjoyable picnic area.

      Save money and book online at

      In 2018, the popular Gorilla Big Swing, re-opened! You are hoisted up to 15 meters after which you pull the pin that activates a free-fall before you glide onto the big swing. Finally, you gain a sense of weightlessness before the backswing – an experience for all those who can’t get enough adrenaline rush. Gorilla Big Swing: DKK 75 per trip.

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    • Photo: VisitVejle

      The Vejle Bridge

      2.57 km

      Towering above Vejle Inlet, the impressive Vejle Bridge connects Mølholm in the south with Nøremarken in the north. The Vejle Bridge can be experienced close-up from Dyrehaven (the deer park) in Nørreskoven or from Vejle Marina.

      Construction of the Vejle Bridge began in 1975, following fierce lobbying from local politicians and citizens in Vejle. In the past, traffic was routed through Vejle town itself along the old dual carriageway No. 10. Up through the 1960s and early 1970s, traffic became increasingly congested in the town centre. In 1974, the Danish parliament decided to construct a new motorway from Kolding to Vejle, which included the bridge over Vejle Inlet, and on 1 July 1980, the much-needed motorway bridge could be inaugurated. Price: DKK 350 million.

      There was some initial resistance to the project. It was feared that the bridge would become an eyesore in the beautiful natural landscape surrounding Vejle Inlet. The architects therefore chose to design the bridge in a very neutral style, so that the bridge was naturally suited to the wooded surroundings around Vejle Inlet.

      The bridge over Vejle Inlet is a classic example of a beam bridge, where the bridge deck rests on a number of pillars. In this case, the bridge deck rests on 15 pillars and each of the intermediate bridge sections has a length of 110 metres. The crossing height is 40 meters. The Vejle Bridge is 27.6 metres wide and has a total length of 1,712 metres, making it Denmark's sixth-longest bridge.

      Since the bridge opened, the traffic on the Vejle Bridge has increased so much that today the bridge is Denmark’s busiest motorway bridge. Figures from the Danish Road Directorate show that, on an average day, about 50,000 cars cross the bridge.

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    • Photo: Frame & Work

      The Jelling Monuments (UNESCO)

      9.04 km

      The year is 965. Viking King Harald Bluetooth says goodbye to the Norse gods and yes to the Christian God. He had this event engraved on a large runestone in Jelling, near the stone his father, Gorm the Old, erected a few years earlier. On the stone, Harald boasts that he won Denmark and Norway and made the Danes Christian: “King Harald raised this monument after Gorm, his father, and Thyrvé, his mother, Harald who won all of Denmark and Norway and made the Danes Christian.” The runestone is considered Denmark’s baptismal certificate, and the Christ figure from the stone can be found in all Danish passports.

      Gorm the Old’s slightly smaller memorial stone for Queen Thyrvé bears the inscription: "King Gorm made this memorial for his wife Thyrvé, Denmark's adornment." It is the oldest evidence of the name Denmark, and the runestone is therefore called Denmark’s name certificate.

      During his reign, Harald also had two mighty mounds and a massive enclosure, called the Palisade, erected at the site.

      UNESCO World Heritage

      Today, Harald's magnificent Viking complex has a central location in the town center of Jelling. From the top of the mounds, which are about 10 meters high and have a diameter of 70 meters, you have a good view of the monument area. The northern mound had a wooden-built burial chamber, presumably erected by Harald Bluetooth for his father, who was later reburied at the site where Jelling Church stands today. Today's Jelling Church is a Romanesque stone church, built around 1050-1100, and is built on top of Harald Bluetooth's presumed longhouse from the 10th century. In 2000, Gorm the Old was reburied under the church where he was found in 1978.

      In the distance, hundreds of newly erected white concrete posts surround the entire complex and mark the approximate location of the Palisade. From the path, you can experience the interpretation of the 356-meter-long ship setting as well as the placement of the so-called Trelleborg houses. The palisade has been part of the World Heritage site in Jelling since 2018.

      In the middle of the mounds, you can be captivated by the runestones in their beautiful high-tech bronze and glass showcases or find reflection in the church. 

      The Jelling monuments are considered the finest in Europe from the Viking Age and are on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

      Viking Market and the Experience Center Kongernes Jelling

      Every year in July, you can find your inner Viking when the Viking market is held at the monuments. In the beautiful experience center, Kongernes Jelling, the Vikings' life and the exciting history of the monuments unfold in interactive exhibitions. Through digital binoculars on the rooftop terrace, you can see how Jelling looked 1000 years ago.

      Bluetooth Technology

      The Bluetooth technology used everywhere in mobile phones and computers for wireless communication is named after the Danish king, Harald Bluetooth, due to his ability to create new connections and unite different entities.

      Read more : The Jelling Monuments (UNESCO)
    • Photo: Givskud ZOO


      16.42 km

      Look forward to an exciting safari experience where you can either explore the savannahs in your own car or take the safari bus on a tour through GIVSKUD ZOO and get up close to giraffes, zebras, antelopes and lions. You can also explore on foot along up to 6 kilometres of walking trails and experience gorillas, rhinos, giant otters and Europe's largest penguin enclosure, where the lively Humboldt penguins waddle around on land and almost fly through the water.

      GIVSKUD ZOO is also home to Europe's largest spectacled bear enclosure, where you can meet the spectacled bear twins, who were born in early 2023. During the walking safari, you can also take a brave journey millions of years back in time and come face-to-face with life-size dinosaurs, including the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex and the 40-metre-long Argentinosaurus!

      You can also learn more about nature, the environment and life with the park's educational special exhibitions such as Plastic Planet, Inspiratorium, Global Goals Park and Death's Hut.

      Bring a packed lunch or order food from one of the park's restaurants and relax with the little ones in the Babycare Centre while the kids have fun on the playgrounds. There is also play equipment for children with disabilities.

      Prepare for your visit by downloading the free audio guide for the safari tour, check out the day's programme and try educational quizzes. There are plenty of experiences for the whole family.

      GIVSKUD ZOO is only 70 km from Varde and 20 km from Billund and Vejle.

      Read more : GIVSKUD ZOO
    • Photo: LEGOLAND

      LEGOLAND Billund - Go to Legoland and have a day full of fantastic experiences in Billund

      25.61 km

      Hop aboard the LEGO® Canoe and prepare yourself for a roaring waterfall at the end of your trip into the wilderness, or hurl yourself from the Eagle Rock 11 metres above the ground at a terrific speed past the wild LEGO® animals of the Flying Eagle. Take a trip on thin ice with the penguins and feel your body tremble in the chilling Polar X-plorer, where the ice breaks below you and you fall 5 metres down!

      If you’re in the mood for something more relaxing, you can explore LEGOLAND® as seen from above in the LEGOTOP®, or experience the whole world in miniature built out of more than 20 million LEGO® bricks in Miniland in the heart of LEGOLAND®.

      We cannot wait to feel the rush with you - of course, in a completely safe and secure environment!

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