SDH Mini Break at Stammershalle Badehotel

Includes per person per night:

  • 2-course dinner (chef's choice)
  • Overnight accommodation
  • Breakfast

More about Stammershalle Badehotel

Stammershalle Badehotel is a unique bathing hotel built in 1911 on rocky ground along one of Bornholm's most beautiful coastlines between Tejn and Gudhjem. Experience the sunny island of Bornholm and pamper yourself and your loved ones in a relaxed atmosphere in the restaurant's beautiful premises.

Sdr. Strandvej 128, 3760 Gudhjem
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Hotel facilities

  • Bicycle loan/rental
  • Free wifi
  • Free parking
  • Restaurant
  • Non smoking
  • Charging station
  • Airport: 30 km
  • Train: Ingen tog på øen
  • Busstop: 20 meter
  • Beach: 30 meter
  • Fishing: 30 meter
  • Golf: 6 km
  • 35 Rooms

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Sdr. Strandvej 128
3760 Gudhjem

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Attractions nearby of SDH Mini Break

  • Photo: Martin Birk

    Døndalen Søndre Strandvej Tejn/Rø

    1.81 km

    Døndalen (thundering valley) is a beautiful rift valley around 1,2 kilometres in length and up to 200 metres wide.Climate and soil conditions make this valley a fertile habitat for more than 300 plant species.
    Døndalefaldet, Denmarks largest waterdall with a total fall of 20 metres, is located 700 metres up the valley
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  • Photo: Destination Bornholm

    Bornholms Kunstmuseum

    2.63 km

    Exceptional collection art connected with Bornholm, from 1800 until present day. Main emphasis on Kr. Zahrtmann, Holger Drachmann and the later school Edv. Weie, K. Isakson, Olaf-Rude, Niels Lergaard and Oluf Hoest. Also a fine collection of arts and crafts from 1900 until pre- sent.
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  • Photo: Destination Bornholm

    Helligdomsklipperne v. Bornholms Kunstmuseum Helligdommen

    3.86 km

    Helligdomsklipperne (sanctuary rocks) consist of a series of rugged coastal rocks up to 22 metres high. Helligdomsklippen Rock was named after the Rø Kjijla spring at its foot, once considered a holy spring to which pilgrimage was made.
    Thousands of years of wind and weather have carved jagged shapes, deep grottoes and rugged pillars into these coastal rocks.
    The Art Museum of Bornholm offers its visitors excellent collections of paintings, sculpture and applied art related to Bornholm, as well as continuous special exhibitions.
    The area is a designated conservation area to preserve the rock groupings and to provide access for the general public.
    Some of the paths are part of the coastal path network.
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  • Photo: Destination Bornholm

    Allinge Kirke

    5.74 km

    Allinge church was erected about 1500, and extended in 1896. In 1962 a new frobenius organ was installed. In and around the church are placed several grave stones to commemorate generals who served at Hammershus. The church was renovated in 1992.
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  • Photo: Destination Bornholm

    Rø Plantage

    6.5 km

    Rø Plantage was planted with trees from 1866 to 1875 ifl Højlyngen, a stony, heathery pastureland that formerly covered large parts of the island. This planted woodland is a varied, hilly area containing many small lakes and bogs and is transected by rift valleys.
    Borgesø Lake was formed by damming up a stream, and one of its purposes has been to store windfalls after a storm in 1967.

    Foto: Finn Hansen
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  • Photo: Kristoffer Linus

    Hammershus Castle Ruins

    7.86 km

    Experience the largest castle ruin in Northern Europe and the most popular attraction on Bornholm – a place to fire the imagination and bring the history of Bornholm to life.

    Erected in 1200 by the arch bishop of Lund and the Danish church Hammershus played an important part in the struggles and wars which found place in the middle ages in Europe.

    It was deserted in 1745 and allowed to fall into decay. The people of Bornholm were free to gather building materials from the site until 1822, when the ruins were put on the national historic register.

    Today it is Bornholm's largest attraction and an must-see if you visit the island. The fortress is open all year and has no entrance fee.

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  • Photo: Destination Bornholm

    Gudhjem Museum

    7.69 km

    The museum is situated in a former railway station designed by Aage Rafn and Kay Fisker in 1916.
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  • Photo: Destination Bornholm

    Jons Kapel Nord for Hasle

    8.65 km

    Make a tour to Jons Kapel, a legendary group of rugged rocks. In westerly winds the waves thunder against the vertical cliff.

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  • Photo: Destination Bornholm

    Salomons Kapel

    8.91 km

    Ruins of a small medieval chapel. One of Bornholm´s oldest holy springs is located northwest of the churchyard embankment.The ruins are locatede on the costal path around Hammerknuden.
    Photo Finn Hansen
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  • Photo: Destination Bornholm

    Bornholms Rovfugleshow

    12.1 km

    Bornholm Birds of Prey Show has a lot to offer. When you arrive at the scene your first experience will be the fabulous nature. The nature surrounding us consists of streams, lakes, cliffs, and a marvellous view. Then you enter our show room which contains pictures, information sheets, as well as items on exhibition.
    In our inside department you can enjoy a snack in the warmth of the fire side.
    When time is up we all go outside where the falconer presents his birds. There will be plenty of various birds of prey to watch – amongst others owls and kestrels which will fly around you on their own. If you are lucky you may get to hold one of the birds on your hand.
    When the show has finished we all return to the exhibition where you’ll have the possibility to buy souvenirs and have a chat with the falconer.
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  • Photo: Destination Bornholm


    14.65 km

    Ekkodalen ( Rcho Valley), the island´s largest rift valley and renowned for echoes resounding off the face of the cliffs
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