Weekend Stay 2 at Sallingsund Færgekro

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  • Danish inns
  • Beach hotel
  • Weekend stay

Includes per person per stay:

1. day:

  • 2-course dinner
  • Overnight accommodation

2. day:

  • Breakfast buffet
  • From 03.00-04.00 pm coffee/tea with homemade cake
  • 06.00 pm 5-course gastronomic menu, chef's choice
  • Overnight accommodation

3 Day:

  • Breakfast buffet

More about Sallingsund Færgekro

Sallingsund Færgekro is beautifully situated in the grand natural surroundings of Legind Bjerge on the coast of the Limfjord, only 1.5 km from Jesperhus Flower Park and 5 km from the town of Nykøbing. The majority of the rooms have either a terrace or balcony with a view of the fjord. The inn is famed for its kitchen.

Sallingsundvej 104, 7900 Nykøbing Mors
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Hotel facilities

  • Disabled-friendly
  • Free wifi
  • Pets
  • Charging station
  • Free parking
  • Restaurant
  • Airport: 45 km
  • Train: 28 km
  • Busstop: 1 km
  • Beach: 100 m
  • Fishing: 100 m
  • Golf: 5 km
  • 40 Rooms

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Sallingsundvej 104
7900 Nykøbing Mors

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Attractions nearby of Weekend Stay 2

  • Photo: Morsø Turistbureau - Destination Mors

    The Sallingsund Brigde

    0.36 km

    The Sallingsund bridge was erected in 1978. The total cost of the bridge, incl. all it's connections at land was DKK 221 millions. This money has yielded the province a very long bridge. The bridge is 1.730 m long distributed among 17 sections at 93 m and two sections in each end at 51 m. The maximum height of the bridge in relation to the sound is 30.5 m, and where the bridge connects to land it's 25 m above water level. The bridge is 16 m wide with two sidewalks, two bike paths and two lanes. There's a sturdy railing on each side, that are partly sealed at specific heights because of the strong north western winds.

    The vertical clearing for ships is 26 m between the 8th and 9th pillar, like the 9th and 10th, where the depth of water is 15 m. The amount of building material has been large. For the substructure alone was used 12.000 sq. m. of concrete, 1.700 tonnes of reinforcing and 900 tonnes of so called prestressed reinforcement. The Sallingsund bridge has been equipped with storm flaps in consideration of traffic safety - thereby obscuring the view when driving. Therefore, it's advised to park the car at the parking space in Legind Bjerge and walk out on the bridge.

    Her royal highness queen Margrethe the 2nd opened the bridge for the public, Tuesday the 30th of May 1978.

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  • Photo: Morsø Turistbureau - Destination Mors

    Legind Bjerge

    0.78 km

    Legind-Højriis is a magical area where the landscape seems to change with every step one takes. Almost 900 hectares of land are preserved here and not only with regard to the nature of the area, but with regard to your opportunities as visitor, as well. 

    One can experience the delightful play between the Limfjord, the wooded ridges crowned with burial mounds and the open ravines of the heath with ancient sunken roads.

    The first trees were planted in 1893 by local citizens and the area quickly became one of the favourite recreational areas for the islanders. In the area, there is a festival area and
    open air theatre.

    Legind Bjerge has many great trails for both hikers and mountain bikers. A special brochure over these is available at the Morsø Tourist Office.

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  • Photo: Morsø Turistbureau - Destination Mors

    Jesperhus Feriepark - Flowerpark

    1.48 km

    The largest flower park of Scandinavia is filled with perennials, roses, various summer flowers of the world, succulents and giant flower figurines. You can also witness the fairy tale garden of H.C. Andersen with various characters from the famous stories.

    At the center of the park the Pirate land is located, with lots of attractions and carousels. There's a western land, bouncer, mini trains, boats, motorcycles, shooting range, mini cars, trampolines and ponies.

    See opening hours and prices at: www.jesperhus.dk

    The entry ticket can be exchanged to a season pass, for a price. Children under the age of three: no charge.
    A Jesperhus season pass grants free entrance and discounts at various other attractions, among other thngs. Check the homepage for additional information.

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  • Photo: Skiveegnens Erhvervs- og Turistcenter

    Bjørnshøje (bronze age grave mounds)

    2.24 km

    An impressive concentration of bronze age burial mounds on both sides of Kildeborgvej. A very well preserved group of large, beautiful mounds predominantly covered with heather. Only a few of the mounds in this group are ploughed over. Late bronze age graves have been found in some of the mounds.

    Due east of Bjørnshøje burial mounds lies the great Kongehøj/Kings mound (40m above sea level)
    - an unusually beautiful and well preserved grave mound with a good landscape effect and an extensive view.

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  • Photo: Morsø Turistbureau - Destination Mors

    Nykøbing Mors Kirke

    4.91 km

    Nykoebing Church was built in 1891 in new Gothic style. It is on the same site as the earlier Saint Clemens Church but lies north-south now. With its 43 metre high copper steelpe the church is a most visible landmark for the town. The altar piece and decoration of the chancel are the work of August Jerndorf. The altar picture was painted in 1892 and is called 'Jesus Comforts'. Local citizents were the models.

    The church is open Monday to Friday from 8 am until 4 pm.

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  • Photo: Morsø Turistbureau - Destination Mors

    Hama Safari Park

    5.66 km

    Visit the small cozy "park" where all the figures are made in pearls.

    From 01.05 - 15.10 the park is filled with exotic pearl animals. In the winter season there are figures that fit the season.

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  • Photo: Skiveegnens Erhvervs- og Turistcenter

    Frue Kirke - church ruin

    6.14 km

    The remnants of Vor Frue Kirke (Our Lady Church) in Kapeldal are found by taking route A26 by Harre, along Harrebjergvej where the road to the ruin is signposted. There are traces of a square building. The church ruin was examined by archaeologists in 1929. It is 21 metres long and consisted of nave and chancel, built in the Romanesque period.
    Vor Frue Kirke was probably used as a road chapel by the travellers passing by.

    Parking at Harrebjergvej - signposting to the ruin.

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  • Photo: Morsø Turistbureau - Destination Mors

    Morsø Tractor Museum

    10.96 km

    Morsø Tractor Museum is the oldest tractor museum in the country. The collection at this museum was founded for almost 50 years ago.

    It exhibits no less than 150 different tractors with approx. 100 different brands. The oldest is an American Heider from 1917, the latest and newest is a Fiat from 1960. Over the last 20 years the museum has also imported tractors from fx. the former GDR and Poland, in addition to imported tractors from the United States, Holland, Germany, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic and France – making the collection quite unique. The exhibition is spread over 1400 m2 in 7 halls. Many of the tractors are connected to their original tools.

    NOTE: All of the museum's tractors are at least 60 years old.

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  • Photo: Skiveegnens Erhvervs- og Turistcenter

    The Museum on Fur

    13.35 km

    Fur Museum

    The Museum of Fur is an exciting ecological museum - where the natural history of the entire Danish county is mixed with the cultural history of the island of Fur. The museum has an international reputation for its very fine exhibition of fossils.

    Exciting exhibitions

    "The little country" is the Museum of Fur's local history exhibition located on a restored farm from 1856. Experience the development of Danish farming or the everyday life of the fishing farmer in the last 150 years. In the garden, there are tables and benches where you can enjoy your packed lunch.

    "The Old Harbour" is an exhibition at the islands sand buried fishing harbour. The pound net house gives information about the harbour, nature and fishing at the inlet, Limfjorden. The nature path invites you to take a walk along the beach.

    "Raw Materials, Denmarks Gold" is the title of the museums large special exhibition of extensive geological valuables offered to us by the underground. The exhibition is part of the development of the Geoexperimentarium.

    The museum offers activities, conducted tours, and nature walks according to notice-board announcement or reservation. Experience the museum and discover the exciting nature and history of Fur.

    Opening hours and activities

    You can see Fur Museums opening hours, contact and more here: The Museum of Fur

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  • Photo: Morsø Turistbureau - Destination Mors

    Baks Traktor- og Landbrugsmaskinmuseum

    13.28 km

    Private collection of tractores dating from 1920 to 1954. Stationary engines, horse implements, hand tools and kitchen implements. An old airplane.

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  • Photo: Struer Turistbureau

    Thyholm Egnsmuseum - Thyholm

    22.34 km

    Thyholm museum

    In the middle of the well-preserved village Søndbjerg you find the so-called Apotekergaard, now housing Thyholm's regional museum.

    Apotekergården housed the local chemist's shop until 1868, when it was moved to Hvidbjerg. The farmhouse is now one the the oldest buildings in Thyholm.

    The regional museum, four buildings in all, is a magnificent example og how it is possible for 400 volunteers to realise a local dream to have a museum. The exhibitions include interiors from the aerly 1900s, workshops, farming tools and a fine collection of radios going back to the 1920s.

    Further information: www.thyholm-egnsmuseum.dk
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  • Photo: Thy Turistforening

    Heltborg Museum / Sydthy Kunst- og Kulturcenter

    23.35 km

    Tools, reconstruction and revitalization

    The Cultural History Department houses a large collection of agricultural implements from the first half of the 20th century.

    Outside the museum, a reconstruction of an Iron Age house has been erected, the dimensions of which are taken from an archeological excavation nearby.

    In the summer, there is a revival and children's activities on the Iron Age site for the benefit of the visitors every year in the month of July.


    Sydthy Art and Culture Center

    Heltborg Museum's art department houses several artists associated with Thy. Their works are exhibited occasionally. Paintings, drawings and lithographs by Jens Søndergaard (1895-1957) and works by Leo Estvad and Ellen Raadal, and sculpture exhibition by Erland Knudssøn Madsen are a regular part of the exhibition.

    At Heltborg Museum, the local poet Hans Bakgaard has his own memorial room. He was a good singer and dreamed of a singing career. Therefore, he went to America, but he returned home disappointed and settled on his childhood home at Ydby. He became a poet and even published his own collections of poems and dilettante pieces. For some years he also arranged hometown concerts in Ydby.


    Activity all year round

    During the year there are various activities for all age groups.


    Heltborg Museum is part of Museum Thy.

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