Stay with Half Board at Refborg Hotel Billund

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Includes per person per night:

  • 3-course dinner (chef's choice)
  • Overnight accommodation
  • Breakfast

Please note if the hotel’s restaurant is closed the menu would be served at a neighbour restaurant.

More about Refborg Hotel Billund

The cosy Refborg Hotel Billund in the middle of the town Billund bids welcome to LEGOLAND® guests and all others who would like to benefit from the excellent location close to a number of attractions and activities. You will enjoy the fine possibilities of golfing, fishing and walking tours in the neighbourhood.

Buen 6, 7190 Billund
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Hotel facilities

  • Disabled-friendly
  • Free wifi
  • Pets
  • Charging station
  • Free parking
  • Restaurant
  • Airport: 4 km
  • Train: 30 km
  • Busstop: 400 m
  • Beach: 50 km
  • Fishing: 2 km
  • Golf: 3 km
  • 26 Rooms

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Attractions nearby of Stay with Half Board

  • Photo: LEGO House

    LEGO® House - Have the greatest playdate in the world in Billund

    0.44 km

    LEGO® House is the world’s best play date for the whole family – adults, children at heart and actual children. Here you can unleash your imagination among millions of LEGO bricks. Build your own creations and watch them come to life. Race with your family and see which LEGO vehicle is the best. And eat in one of the LEGO inspired restaurants, when you get hungry.

    LEGO House has six Experience Zones, a cosy LEGO Square and topnotch outdoor playgrounds. Start the world’s best play date at the Tree of Creativity. It is 15.68 metres tall. And then move on to the Masterpiece Gallery to see some of the craziest LEGO masterpieces before you continue into the Experience Zones.



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  • Photo: LEGOLAND

    LEGOLAND Billund - Go to Legoland and have a day full of fantastic experiences in Billund

    1.14 km

    Hop aboard the LEGO® Canoe and prepare yourself for a roaring waterfall at the end of your trip into the wilderness, or hurl yourself from the Eagle Rock 11 metres above the ground at a terrific speed past the wild LEGO® animals of the Flying Eagle. Take a trip on thin ice with the penguins and feel your body tremble in the chilling Polar X-plorer, where the ice breaks below you and you fall 5 metres down!

    If you’re in the mood for something more relaxing, you can explore LEGOLAND® as seen from above in the LEGOTOP®, or experience the whole world in miniature built out of more than 20 million LEGO® bricks in Miniland in the heart of LEGOLAND®.

    We cannot wait to feel the rush with you - of course, in a completely safe and secure environment!

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  • Photo: Teddy Bear Art Museum

    Teddy Bear Art Museum - Unique teddy bear museum

    0.25 km

    Teddy Bear Art Museum is home to the LEGO family's former private home in the center of Billund. The museum is an architectural gem from 1959 on 776 m2 and is today home to over 1,200 teddy bears.

    Enjoy the visit to the Teddy Bear universe and experience that teddy bears are not only toys but also art.The museum has many different exhibitions that show the charm of the Teddy Bears and great diversity. 

    • Get to know the history of the Teddy Bears.
    • 2019 The special exhibition "STEIFF - from needle pillow to plush Teddys" shows 200 teddy bears, soft toys, tools and other objects from the world-renowned German toy manufacturer STEIFF's archives, things that have never been shown in Denmark and some of which are over a hundred years old.
    • The VanderBear exhibition - the world's largest private collection of those charming teddy bear families.
    • Alfonzo - the world's most famous red STEIFF Teddy Bear, owned by Princess Xenia whose mother was a Danish princess and the father, descendant of Zar Nicolai I of Russia.
    • Also enjoy the exhibitions with the Artist Teddy Bears and the Tableau Exhibition and let yourself be excited by the many fine details.
    • In Edith's living room there are nice little dolls, a complete Christmas Spooncollection and the family's christening dress 

    In the bright and cozy Teddy Bear Café you can enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea, fresh pastries and a light lunch. From the café you have a view and access to the café terrace with the romantic rose and stone bed garden.In the Teddy Bear Shop you can find various bear related items and in the Teddy Making Shop we have everything you need to sew a teddy bear. 

    The museum is surrounded by an enchanting park-like garden of 10,512 m2 - a true oasis in the middle of Billund. The garden is open to guests during the museum's opening hours. Enjoy a lovely walk and all the lovely flowers and trees in the garden.LEGO House is just a 1-minute walk away, 1.3 km from Legoland, 1.8 km from Lalandia, 3.8 km from Billund Airport and 24 km to Givskud Zoo. It's about. 75 km to the North Sea and 316 km to Skagen's Teddy Bear Museum

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  • Photo: Lalandia

    Sand sculpture park - Experience the fascinating sand sculpture park in Billund

    1.33 km

    Up close
    International artists have created, among other things, huge lions, elephants and gorillas in the sand, and now it is possible for the curious to get up close to the wild animals. The beautiful sand sculpture park is the size of a football pitch, and is the perfect arena for wonderful experiences for the whole family.

    A walk through the savannah
    Come inside and meet the wild animals – it is impossible not to be fascinated by the beautiful details of the sculptures. During your walk through the park, you can learn more about the animals; what does a rhinoceros weigh, for instance?

    Sand art at child height
    If the children get the desire to follow in the footsteps of our skilled sand sculptors, they can try their hand at conjuring figures from the sand, guided by our sand experts at Lalandia.

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  • Photo: WOW park Billund

    WOW PARK Billund - Fantastic experience in Billund

    2.37 km

    The wildest play and amusement park in the great outdoors


    Welcome to WOW PARK – a huge play and amusement park in the middle of the forest, where families can adventure together up in the treetops, on the forest floor, underground, and even among the waves – all in a safe and beautiful environment.

    WOW PARK features lots of open space, fresh air, and a stunning natural area spanning an area larger than 40 football fields.

    The GIANT – CRAZY new attraction in WOW PARK Billund

    In Scandinavia’s highest free fall slide tower – the GIANT - the bravest guests can try the LIGHTNING – the park’s new 20-metre free fall slide or one of the 2 other cool slides. The whole family can experience the spectacular view from the top of the tower in 25 metres height!

    Try the 3 crazy slides!

    - The LIGHTNING – reach your maximum speed with the 20-metre free fall slide.

    - The SPIRAL – spin like crazy in the wildest forest.

    - The FOREST RACER – race with your friends. Who will come first?

    Are you ready for a crazy experience? Reach your top speed with the free fall slide – if you dare!


    Treehouses, giant slides and suspension bridges 14 metres high

    Have you ever played in the treetops? Swooshed down slides at full speed? Run from tree to tree on high-flying bridges? Do it all at WOW PARK, a magical place full of sky-high fun. And be sure to try our 40-metre long sledding run, where you can zoom down the hill, even in summer.

    Wild ziplines, giant swings and high-hanging cargo nets

    Race down ziplines at full speed and challenge each other to a wild contest on the Giant swings. Jump and play among big bouncy balls in one of our treetop nets up to 300 sq. meters in size.

    Underground caves, secret hideouts and a giant maze

    In WOW PARK's underground universe, you can crawl on all fours and discover hideouts among secret entrances and winding paths. Above ground, the entire family is challenged to find their way through the wooden twists and turns of the willow forest and the fun, mysterious labyrinth.

    Water World - a great splash of fun

    You’re never too old to play with water! In Water World, you can tip over the barrels and spill water all the way down the mountain, making small floods and fun waterfalls.

    Let the games begin!

    Compete with Mom and Dad in a balance contest, an ancient Viking game or in a fun match of football billiards. You can also goof around with your little ones in the playground area.

    The friendly goats

    Swing by our gregarious goats and say hello to old Villy, cheeky Frida and little Mads. They are very tame and they love to eat grass right from your hand.

    Creative craft workshop full of fun materials

    Build and create whatever you wish, including mini creatures and characters, using any of our helpful tools and our mix of fun supplies.

    Family food court, ice cream bar, forest shelter, grill and campfire

    When you're hungry, or just feeling peckish, swing by our fun, kid-friendly food court where you can greet the giant butterfly, play with the water wall, and even spin a huge tree around with your bare hands! You are also welcome to enjoy a picnic meal or grill your own food in the shelter and campfire area. You can even roast popcorn, marshmallows or twisty bread here with your family and friends.

    A fantastic day at a good price

    We have plenty of space throughout the park, so it is easy for everyone to keep good and safe distance from each other. We have indoor spaces, too, but you can easily be outside during your entire visit, if you wish.

    All park activities are free upon entry and there is free parking for all.

    With the annual pass, you can come and go whenever you like, enjoying Denmark's best play park whenever the gates are open. Run, climb,crawl, splash, swing, feast and laugh with your family and friends all year round.


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  • Photo: VisitVejle

    Old grocer’s shop Bindeballe Købmandsgård

    12.18 km

    Bindeballe Købmandsgård is a heritage grocer’s shop founded in 1897, the year of the opening of the Vejle-Vandel railway. Bindeballe Købmandsgård is also a living general store where you can by classic local specialities, such as Bindeballe Bjesk (aquavit) and bitter. 

    Denmark’s largest merchant museum, Bindeballe Købmandsgård features collections of traditional merchandise from bygone times and old store signs and interiors. More than 5000 different items are on display, the oldest more than a century old.    

    The old grocer’s shop has more than 100,000 annual visitors.

    You can buy coffee, buns and cakes in the café. Please notify the museum of the arrival of groups of more than 10 people and also pre-order coffees and cake.

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  • Photo: Eliza Danesi

    Bindeballe Station

    12.19 km

    The Vejle-Vandel stretch was opened in 1897, extended to Grindsted in 1914, and closed down in 1957.

    The station building at Bindeballe Station is from 1897 and is now fitted with an exhibition where the ticket office and waiting room are reconstructed with many original items. On the tracks stand two old train carriages.

    The old grocer's shop Bindeballe Købmandsgård
    When the railway opened in 1897, the industrious merchant Jeppe Kristensen simultaneously opened the doors to his grocer's shop just opposite the small station.

    The track was closed in 1957, but the old grocer's shop persists and now functions as a museum store.

    The old grocer's shop, Bindeballe Købmandsgård, is a charming little gem, furnished with historical inventory and filled to the brim with old enamel signs and all sorts of quirky goods. It is definitely worth a visit!

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  • Photo: Elliott Hope Studio

    Engelsholm Castle

    12.92 km

    The History of Engelsholm Castle

    The Renaissance castle Engelsholm is beautifully situated on the shores of Engelsholm Lake, surrounded by forest and park. The castle was built by Knud Brahe - the brother of Tycho Brahe - in 1592. The very regular building is rectangular in plan with square towers featuring onion domes embedded in each corner.

    The inspiration was drawn from the castle Ancy-le-Franc in Burgundy, France. In the 1730s, Gerhard de Lichtenberg began an extensive restoration and remodeling of the castle. He added the distinctive onion domes, constructed a large three-winged farmyard, and laid out the park in the French style. The castle still contains furnishings with painted Chinese scenes from the renovation.

    Gerhard de Lichtenberg also left his mark on the nearby Nørup Church, which belonged to Engelsholm Castle from 1586 to 1935. The Romanesque church is richly decorated with Baroque-style furnishings and, like the castle, features onion-shaped domes.

    The castle burned down in 1952 but was immediately restored to its original form.

    The Recent History of Engelsholm Castle

    Since 1940, Engelsholm Castle has been operated as a folk high school and is today owned by the independent institution "Engelsholm Højskole." The castle is not open to the public, but it can be viewed from the outside from the southern part of the park. In addition to the other buildings, which regularly host public events such as classical concerts. Click on the link to read more - Engelsholm Castle events | Music & Culture.

    Surroundings of the Castle

    The castle is located in beautiful surroundings on the shores of Engelsholm Lake, surrounded by forest and park. The castle park was likely established by Knud Brahe in the years after it was built, thus as an herb and rose garden.

    In addition to the symmetrically laid out beds, lawns, and ponds, the park features clipped trees and bushes as well as terrain shifts in the form of embankments and staircases. The park is now 6 hectares in size. The main elements in Engelsholm's park are the terraces with clipped trees and the moat. The castle on an island in a moat at the edge of a larger lake is also something quite special for Engelsholm. The park is open to the public year-round. To learn more about the castle park: Click on the link and read more about Engelsholm Castle Park.

    Walking Routes Nearby

    Around the castle, there is a beautiful walking route of 5 km that takes you through the lovely forest and past Engelsholm Castle.

    Click on the link to see the route: Vesterskoven 5 km.

    Additionally, you can find other walking and cycling routes in the area on the Vejle municipality's website:

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  • Photo:

    The sculpture town Give – Denmark’s largest open-air gallery

    15 km

    The sculptures in Give offer a free space in which to relax since they offer artistic inspiration, stimulate curiosity and encourage new thoughts.

    In 2015, the large “Solhjul” (Sun Wheel) was inaugurated - a 12 metre tall sculpture located at the northern inroad to Give near the motorway between Vejle and Herning. "Solhjul" is inspired by Europe's oldest wheel, which is 5000 years old and found in Give.

    There are sculpture walks several times a day during the summer. Read more at

    Most of the sculptures are for sale - is responsible for the sales.

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  • Photo: Eliza Danesi

    The Grave of the Egtved Girl

    15.39 km

    The Egtved Girl was discovered on Thursday, February 24, 1921. Farmer Peter Platz was removing the last remnants of a burial mound on his field when he came across a heavily carved oak trunk.

    The excavation was conducted by the National Museum, and thus the oak coffin was subsequently transported to Copenhagen. When opened, it revealed a cowhide bag at the top. Beneath it lay a woven blanket of brown wool, and beneath the blanket lay the deceased herself—a 160 cm tall young girl, her semi-long hair almost concealing her face, and a small bronze earring.

    The girl later became known as the Egtved Girl.

    Belt plate of bronze and cord skirt
    She lay on her back, her skin well-preserved, but no bones remained. She wore a brown wool blouse, and on each wrist was a bronze ring. Under the blouse, the iconic bronze belt plate could be discerned. A skirt made of twisted brown woolen cords was wrapped twice around her waist.

    At her left shin, there was a bundle of clothes containing the burnt bones of a 5-6-year-old child. At her feet stood a birch bark container with remnants of a kind of sweet honeyed beer.

    A flowering yarrow in the coffin indicated that the burial took place in the summer months. The girl died at the age of approximately 16-18 years.

    The World of The Egtved Girl: A new experience center in progress
    The Vejle Museums are actively working on realizing a large new museum project that aims to tell the fascinating story of the Egtved Girl. Right there, where she was laid to rest on a summer day 3,500 years ago.

    The entire original Egtved find is exhibited at the National Museum in Copenhagen. So, you'll need to visit the capital to see Egtved Girl herself.

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  • Photo: Givskud ZOO


    17.47 km

    Look forward to an exciting safari experience where you can either explore the savannahs in your own car or take the safari bus on a tour through GIVSKUD ZOO and get up close to giraffes, zebras, antelopes and lions. You can also explore on foot along up to 6 kilometres of walking trails and experience gorillas, rhinos, giant otters and Europe's largest penguin enclosure, where the lively Humboldt penguins waddle around on land and almost fly through the water.

    GIVSKUD ZOO is also home to Europe's largest spectacled bear enclosure, where you can meet the spectacled bear twins, who were born in early 2023. During the walking safari, you can also take a brave journey millions of years back in time and come face-to-face with life-size dinosaurs, including the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex and the 40-metre-long Argentinosaurus!

    You can also learn more about nature, the environment and life with the park's educational special exhibitions such as Plastic Planet, Inspiratorium, Global Goals Park and Death's Hut.

    Bring a packed lunch or order food from one of the park's restaurants and relax with the little ones in the Babycare Centre while the kids have fun on the playgrounds. There is also play equipment for children with disabilities.

    Prepare for your visit by downloading the free audio guide for the safari tour, check out the day's programme and try educational quizzes. There are plenty of experiences for the whole family.

    GIVSKUD ZOO is only 70 km from Varde and 20 km from Billund and Vejle.

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  • Photo: Frame & Work

    The Jelling Monuments (UNESCO)

    19.4 km

    The year is 965. Viking King Harald Bluetooth says goodbye to the Norse gods and yes to the Christian God. He had this event engraved on a large runestone in Jelling, near the stone his father, Gorm the Old, erected a few years earlier. On the stone, Harald boasts that he won Denmark and Norway and made the Danes Christian: “King Harald raised this monument after Gorm, his father, and Thyrvé, his mother, Harald who won all of Denmark and Norway and made the Danes Christian.” The runestone is considered Denmark’s baptismal certificate, and the Christ figure from the stone can be found in all Danish passports.

    Gorm the Old’s slightly smaller memorial stone for Queen Thyrvé bears the inscription: "King Gorm made this memorial for his wife Thyrvé, Denmark's adornment." It is the oldest evidence of the name Denmark, and the runestone is therefore called Denmark’s name certificate.

    During his reign, Harald also had two mighty mounds and a massive enclosure, called the Palisade, erected at the site.

    UNESCO World Heritage

    Today, Harald's magnificent Viking complex has a central location in the town center of Jelling. From the top of the mounds, which are about 10 meters high and have a diameter of 70 meters, you have a good view of the monument area. The northern mound had a wooden-built burial chamber, presumably erected by Harald Bluetooth for his father, who was later reburied at the site where Jelling Church stands today. Today's Jelling Church is a Romanesque stone church, built around 1050-1100, and is built on top of Harald Bluetooth's presumed longhouse from the 10th century. In 2000, Gorm the Old was reburied under the church where he was found in 1978.

    In the distance, hundreds of newly erected white concrete posts surround the entire complex and mark the approximate location of the Palisade. From the path, you can experience the interpretation of the 356-meter-long ship setting as well as the placement of the so-called Trelleborg houses. The palisade has been part of the World Heritage site in Jelling since 2018.

    In the middle of the mounds, you can be captivated by the runestones in their beautiful high-tech bronze and glass showcases or find reflection in the church. 

    The Jelling monuments are considered the finest in Europe from the Viking Age and are on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

    Viking Market and the Experience Center Kongernes Jelling

    Every year in July, you can find your inner Viking when the Viking market is held at the monuments. In the beautiful experience center, Kongernes Jelling, the Vikings' life and the exciting history of the monuments unfold in interactive exhibitions. Through digital binoculars on the rooftop terrace, you can see how Jelling looked 1000 years ago.

    Bluetooth Technology

    The Bluetooth technology used everywhere in mobile phones and computers for wireless communication is named after the Danish king, Harald Bluetooth, due to his ability to create new connections and unite different entities.

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