5 day's Stay at Purhus Kro

4.78983049334611 of 5 Stars

Includes per person per stay:

  • 4 x overnight stay
  • 4 x "do it yourself" lunch box
  • 4 x 2-course inn menu
  • 4 x coffee with sweets after the dinner
  • Entrance ticket to Memphis Mansion Randers OR Randers Regnskov OR Verdenskortet in Klejtrup (Verdenskortet open 01.04. -03.09. 2023)
  • 4x buffet breakfast

More about Purhus Kro

Purhus Kro is a cosy and family-friendly old Danish roadside inn. The setting of the inn is scenic, peaceful and quite. All the same, you are not far away from all the attractions in the area. In the inn there is a lovely unpretentious atmosphere, where indeed the main thing is the wellbeing of the guests.

Præstevejen 6, 8990 Fårup
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Hotel facilities

  • Disabled-friendly
  • Free wifi
  • Pets
  • Charging station
  • Free parking
  • Restaurant
  • Airport: 70 km
  • Train: 14 km
  • Busstop: 100 m
  • Beach: 44 km
  • Fishing: 0,5 m
  • Golf: 14 km
  • 18 Rooms

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Attractions nearby of 5 day's Stay

  • Photo: VisitMariagerFjord

    The Italian Garden

    6.62 km

    The Italian Garden is privately owned by Benny, who lives and breathes for his beloved garden. Here you can find up to 500 different perennials, 500 rockery plants, 75 rhododendrons, 40 different water lilies, 40 azaleas, and alpine plants.

    In The Italian Garden, you will also find large white sculptures, 5 large water basins with fountains, goldfish, and water lilies.

    Diverse summer flowers and heavy sculptures adorn the garden.

    There are guided tours in the rococo-style rooms of the main house, furnished with English, German, French, and Italian furniture. There are both new and old items, and several antique pieces.

    Coffee is served in the garden, and there is a large dining room for 65 people where you can enjoy your own food. Guest toilets are available, and the garden is wheelchair accessible.

    The Italian Garden is only open by appointment (1st May to 1st September). Admission is DKK 80, including a guided tour.

    To visit the site, please call Benny Knudsen in advance at phone number 98 55 50 69.

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  • Photo: Fussingø Slot

    Fussingø Castle

    8.06 km

    Fussingø Castle

    The castle is only open to the public during exhibitions and arrangements. However, it is possible to arrange a conducted group tour for 10-50 people by previous appointment. See the calender here for more information about the guided tours and other events at the Castle.

    The park is open to the public, and the forest provides good opportunities for walking tours. Enjoy for instance the beautiful view from Thomasbakke hill or see Fussing vandmølle (Fussing watermill), situated in beautiful surroundings by the dammed millpond. By Fussing Sø (Fussing Lake), there is a small, public bathing place with good possibilities for bathing. At the lake, there is also a place with benches and tables, drinking water and toilets (only in the summer half-year). For more information about Fussing Sø and the surroundings here.

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  • Photo: VisitMariagerFjord

    Kongehøjen at Voldstedlund

    10.66 km

    ”Kongehøjen” is one of the most beautiful and well-preserved Stone Age graves we have in Denmark, which makes it worthy of its name.

    Excavations in 1961, and the following restoration of the long dolmens, showed it was built in the middle of the New Stone Age, approx. 3.200 B.C. So it was erected long before Denmark became a real kingdom, which was during the Viking Period. The most interesting aspect of the long dolmen, is the almost undamaged stone chain (1) with a total of 62 stones along the foot of the mound, as well as the two very well-preserved tombs, which is hidden in the mound. A reason for the unique condition of the dolmen could be that it was listed already in 1892, and perhaps also because the stories say that it would bode ill for those who broke the stone chain or disturbed the area in any way,

    Read more here.

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  • Photo: Rene Skou, AddMotion.dk

    Fyrkat Ringborg UNESCO Herritage

    11.24 km

    Fyrkat Ringborg has been acknowledged on the World Heritage List, alongside Denmark's 4 other ring forts, including Aggersborg, which also lies in Himmerland.

    Fyrkat Ringborg is a part of the Fyrkat Viking Museum, belonging to the North Jutland Museums.

    Fyrkat Ringborg, an impressive Viking fortress situated in the beautiful landscape of Himmerland, has now been included in UNESCO's World Heritage List. This historical stronghold, dating back to the Viking Age when Harald Bluetooth reigned, represents a significant part of Denmark's cultural heritage and tells a captivating tale of past societies.

    Fyrkat Ringborg was constructed in the 10th century and is renowned for its impressive architecture and strategic location. The circular shape of the fort and well-preserved earthworks testify to skilled construction and engineering prowess, characteristic of the Viking era.

    On UNESCO's World Heritage List, Fyrkat Ringborg is acknowledged for its significance as a hub for the political and social life of Viking society. It served as a powerful royal fort and a place where decisions of consequence for the society were made.

    UNESCO's recognition not only highlights Denmark's history but also focuses on the global significance of the Viking Age. It is an honour and a pleasure to see Fyrkat Ringborg included in UNESCO's World Heritage List, where it can inspire and educate future generations about our shared historical legacy.

    Visitors today can experience the Fyrkat Ring Fortress and explore the remnants of the past, and further down Fyrkat Road at the Chieftain's Farm, you can see history come to life when from May to September and during the autumn break it's filled with Vikings demonstrating Viking life, crafts, combat, and much more.


    Guided Tour - in Danish and English

    Get up close to Harald Bluetooth and the Viking Age with a guided tour of the Fyrkat ring fortress. Discover what a ring fortress actually is and gain insight into the lives of the people who once lived here. Hear exciting stories about how the ring fortress was built and what has been learned about its significance so far.

    The tour is conducted in Danish and takes place every open day at 11 AM and 2 PM. The tour lasts 30 minutes. Read more here

    Rundvisningen foregår på dansk og finder sted alle åbningsdage kl. 11 og 14. Turen varer 30 minutter. Læs mere her.

    During the period from July 8th to August 4th, there will also be a daily English tour at 12:30 PM. If you have an admission ticket, the tour is free – this applies to both the Danish and English tours.

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  • Photo: VisitMariagerFjord

    The GAS Museum

    11.47 km

    The GAS Museum is a modern museum of energy, offering the opportunity to experience how gas has influenced the way we live, in both past and present - and learn more about how energy demands will be met in the future. 
    The introduction of the gas-energy in Denmark, marked a technological revolution, that dramatically changed both our lives and our society. 
    The various exiting exhibitions at The GAS Museum, allows you to grasp history in a whole new way. 

    Opening Hours 2024

    In May and June, you can visit the museum on the following Sundays from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm:

    • May 5th
    • May 19th
    • June 2nd
    • June 16th

    In July and August, the opening hours are:

    • Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm during weeks 27-33 (from July 2nd to August 18th). Closed on Mondays.

    For group bookings, GASmuseet is open daily throughout the year. To arrange a visit, please contact GASmuseet at gas2gas@gasmuseet.dk or call 5371 5120.

    Find opening hours and further information on www.gasmuseet.dk


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  • Photo: Jakob Lerche

    Randers Deerpark

    12.25 km

    The Deerpark is open to the public year round. Paths have been established for pedestians, and it is requested that particularly in June and July when the does have fawns, the public does not go outside of the paths.

    Dogs are not allowed in the deer forest.

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  • Photo: VisitAarhus

    Randers Nature Center and Gudenå Park

    12.76 km

    Randers Naturcenter

    At Randers Nature Center, you can enjoy a green day with many nature experiences and activities. Outdoors, there are dining areas, fire pits with accessible firewood, and you can meet different animals such as sheep, goats, chickens, rabbits, mice, and doves.

    The nature center Randers Naturcenter is also the base for the area's nature guides, who are responsible for nature communication as well as various events.

    The center is open on weekdays and selected Saturdays. 

    Gudenå Park

    Gudenå Park is not embanked, which means that the Gudenå River floods the area regularly. This provides growth conditions for moisture-demanding vegetation that is not found in dry and embanked areas.

    Walking along the narrow nature trails, you can get lost in the dense and tall vegetation, and you get the feeling of being in a jungle-like nature.

    The broadly laid out paths in Gudenå Park are perfect for long walks, runs, and bike rides.

    Gudenå Park is open 24/7.

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  • Photo: Randers Regnskov

    Randers Regnskov - Tropical Zoo

    13.38 km

    Randers Regnskov Tropical Zoo – Great Experiences for visitors of all ages all year round!

    In the tropical climate of the rainforest with lianas, big waterfalls, amazing plants, and lots of free-ranging animals, you are sure to feel transported to a world that you usually have to fly for hours to see.

    The air is hot and humid and filled with the noises of the rich wildlife in the domes. In the treetops above your head, monkeys are jumping around playing, while the bats and sloths are getting a rest. On the forest floor, leafcutter ants are working tirelessly to carry heavy leaf bits down to their ant-hill while the manatees swim quietly around the water, and the Komodo dragons are lazing in a sunny spot.

    See the opening hours for the Rainforest right here.

    The Snake Temple

    Are you crazy about snakes, too? If so, you should visit the snake temple and walk around among real, live boa constrictors.

    Travel in Time on Tidsrejsen

    TIDSREJSEN will take you on a journey through the landscape from the birth of the country and up until today! See the hyena plain and the Neanderthal camp dating back to distant times before the latest Ice Age and play around in the mammoth trees and the elephant cemeteries. Pet the animals at the Stone Age village and stand face-to-face with a European lynx by the dolmen. Walk along a scenic path to moor used for offerings dating back to the Iron Age and enjoy a refreshment at the farm playground.

    The Jaguars Have Moved to Randers – and They Have Got Their Very Own Pool

    The luxuriant, South American rainforest is home to a cat so big that only the tiger and the lion exceed it in size. Its jaws are so powerful that it is able to crush the skull of even large mammals and easily bite through the shell of a land turtle and other armoured reptiles.

    In Randers Regnskov Tropical Zoo, you get to come close to these beautiful felines in the jaguar enclosure. They even have their very own pool, so come and see for yourself, when they frolic in the water. Find out more about the jaguars.

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  • Photo: Mariager Saltcenter

    Mariager Saltcenter

    13.73 km

    Experience Our World Of Salt

    Ever wondered what your life would be like if you did not have salt? How your food would taste, how many products you would miss? Now you can find out at Mariager Saltcenter, located right at the harbour in the city of Mariager.

    Since the Middle Ages, people in this region have been extracting salt. And now we have made it possible to explore the history, feel the magic of the ‘White Gold’, learn more, play, taste, feel – and even buy great salt products in our store.

    When you enter our world of salt, you will experience an attraction based on interesting facts, history, geology and activities designed to make you think. Dress in your swimwear, dive into our Dead Sea and feel the healing effect of wellness with salty skin care. Come enjoy your body floating like never before. Have a seat in our cinema. Explore our seething master as he makes salt in our brand-new seething hut. Explore the virtual ride ‘138 meters down’ in the mineworkers’ elevator – and round out your experience by enjoying a great meal served on the dock.

    Café Salt

    After your bath, you can enjoy a delicious meal at Café Salt. The café offers several tasty lunch dishes such as sandwiches, delicious salads, and much more. Enjoy your lunch on the terrace outside, perfectly situated by Denmark's most beautiful fjord.

    Even on a rainy day, you can sit outside on the terrace without getting wet. There are four greenhouses where you can enjoy your meal and the view of the water - sheltered from the Danish summer weather.

    If you want to relax and spend some time here, we suggest you take a walk around the city of Mariager. You will love the quiet pace in this Cittaslow city with its interesting character and its people dedicated to improving the quality of life. Go shopping and you will be amazed by the old houses, the cobbled stones, the roses and the friendly people ready to guide you and make you feel welcome.

    Just wait and see.

    Visit the Salt Shop

    Conclude your visit with a trip to the salt shop, where you can buy the famous Mariager flavored salts, among other things. In the shop, you'll also find salt cellars, crystal soaps, salt lamps, and more delightful gifts for any festive occasion.

    The Salt Shop is also available online, so you can always order salt to your home - for example, as a lovely hostess gift.

    Find opening hours and learn more about the possibilities at www.saltcenter.dk.

    Right outside the door, you'll also find the Tour Boat "Svanen" and the Mariager - Handest Vintage Railway.

    Just like the beautiful hiking route "Mariager Rundt" of approximately 11 km passes right by the Mariager Salt Center.

    Eco-friendly Travel by Bus and Train in Northern Jutland

    Getting around in Himmerland and the rest of Northern Jutland is easy with public transportation. Plan your journey by bus, train, and Plustur on rejseplanen.dk.

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  • Photo: Verdenskortet

    The World Map "Verdenskortet"

    15.7 km

    Discover the whole world in miniature, with lakes, rivers, mountains and flags! Widespread as an atlas, The World map lies at the shores of the lake with beautiful green open spaces ...

    Activities for the whole family

    There is a playground, activities and puzzles for the entire family. You can go sailing in the Pacific, try pony riding or a horse-drawn carriage in the summer season, mini golf and much more.

    There is shop, cafeteria and picnic area with a view of the whole world. The glass pavilion can be reserved for groups. 

    Guided tours are available upon request. 

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  • Photo: VisitMariagerFjord

    The Danish Circus Museum

    25.87 km

    Unleash your inner clown, balance plates on a stick, or dive into 200 years of Danish circus history. At the old winter quarters of Circus Miehe in Rold, visitors are welcomed into a magical world where they can experience both the glamorous life inside the ring and the tougher life outside.

    Circus wagons, glittering costumes, old posters, and circus artifacts are on display, and in a special area, equipment and costumes are available for visitors to play circus performers themselves. Right next to the museum is the more than 100-year-old, twelve-sided riding hall - built in wood with a real circus ring.

    Visit nordmus.dk to learn more about events and the possibility of hosting children's birthdays at the museum, which also has a lovely little shop offering everything a true circus enthusiast could desire.


    For opening hours and more, please see here.

    Read more : The Danish Circus Museum