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Includes per person per night:

  • Overnight accommodation
  • Buffet breakfast

Please note that access to The Thermal Baths & Thalasso Spa is not included In the stay. This must be booked in advance on receptionen@hotelvejlefjord.d

More about Hotel Vejlefjord

Due to the beautiful location near the fjord and in the beech forest, Hotel Vejlefjord is often referred to as “The castle in the forest ". The hotel spa and wellness facilities and the thermal baths are unique and compares favorably with the best in Northern Europe. Enjoy the 20 km forest tracks.

Sanatorievej 26, 7140 Stouby
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Hotel facilities

  • Fitness Room
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  • Disabled-friendly
  • Free wifi
  • Charging station
  • Restaurant
  • Wellness
  • Airport: 30 km
  • Train: 20 km
  • Busstop: 6 km
  • Beach: 0 km
  • Fishing: 0 km
  • Golf: 12 km
  • 116 Rooms

Other stays atHotel Vejlefjord

  • Summer Stay 1 night

    Arrival 21.06.-18.08

    Includes per person per stay:

    • Overnight accommodation
    • Breakfast buffet
    • Entrance to The Thermal Baths and Thalasso Spa from 02.00 pm on arrival day
    • 3-course menu (chefs choice)
    • You can enjoy the baths until 01.00 pm on departure day (check out before 10 am on week days and 10.30 pm in weekends)
  • Summer Stay 2 nights

    Arrival 21.06.-18.08.

    Includes per person per stay:

    • 2 x overnight accommodation
    • 2 x breakfast buffet
    • Entrance to The Thermal Baths and Thalasso Spa from 03.00 pm on arrival day
    • 2 x 3-course dinner (chef's choice)
    • You can enjoy the baths until 02.00 on departure day. Check out before 10.00 am on week days and 10.30 am in weekends
  • Romantic stay

    In the room: Wine and chocolates, Hotel Vejlefjord signaturolie.

    Includes per person per night:

    • Overnight accommodation
    • Buffet breakfast
    • 3-course dinner
    • Cocktail at an optional time
    • Free admission to The Thermal Baths & Thalasso Spa from 01.30 pm on day of arrival to 01.00 pm on day of departure included free fruit, water and coffee/tea.
  • Super Stay

    Min. 3 days / 2 nights

    Includes per person per night:

    • Overnight accommodation
    • Buffet breakfast

    Please note that access to The Thermal Baths & Thalasso Spa is not included In the stay. This must be booked in advance on

  • SDH Mini Break

    Minimum 3 days / 2 nights

    Includes per person per night:

    • Overnight accommodation
    • Breakfast
    • 2-course menu (chef’s choice)

    Please note that access for The Thermal Baths  & Thalasso Spa is not included In the stay. This must be booked in advance on

Attractions nearby of Standard rate

  • Photo: Hotel Vejlefjord

    Træskohage Lighthouse

    1.03 km

    The beacon of Vejle Fjord

    If you have ever had the opportunity to sail around Vejle Fjord, you will definitely recognize the characteristic Træskohage Lighthouse, which is standing proudly amidst the beautiful nature on the northern side of Vejle Fjord.  The 13-metre-high lighthouse was built in 1904, but has been renovated in the last couple of years and looks as good as new, thanks to local enthusiasts. The lighthouse is open for the public. When visiting you have the opportunity to climb the stairs and enjoy the beautiful view from the balcony. Træskohage lies on a headland, which makes it possible for you to see most of the fjord and all the way to the island of Funen.  By the lighthouse lies a small beach, were you to go for a swim.


    Explore the area's wellness paths

    Træskohage Lighthouse lies near the popular hotel, Hotel Vejlefjord, which offers spa and wellness treatments of high quality. In the hotel park, which is open for the public, you will find the historical wellness paths, where you will experience the picturesque area. Along the wellness paths, you will find 20 "thinking benches", each of them with their own quote inscribed.  One of the wellness paths, the yellow route, follows the coast and ends at Træskohage Lighthouse. The path leading to the lighthouse has been renovated to create a safe path to the lighthouse for wheelchair users.


    Combine an excursion and a picnic

    Hotel Vejlefjord offers the opportunity to order a nice picnic basket, which you can bring with you, when you are out and about enjoying nature. In the area, there are many nice places to enjoy your lunch – whether it is in the beautiful park, by the water or in the tranquility of the forest.


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  • Photo: VisitFredericia

    Birkegården nature reserve

    7.48 km

    Birkegården is a small nature reserve which was listed at the suggestion of the landowner Inga Nielsen in 2011. The purpose of the preservation is to protect and improve the conditions for plant and animal life in the area.

    Birkegården is located in the village Bøgeskov (Bøgeskovvej 30). The small area contains fine grasslands and several springs, which run down towards a natural stream.

    There is public access in the area. You can follow Inga's path around the area and discover the area's beautiful nature.

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  • Photo: Lars K. Bak

    Trelde Næs Nature Centre

    8.72 km

    Visit the Nature Centre at Trelde Næs

    The Trelde Næs Nature Centre is Trelde Næs' information and activity site. The Nature Centre is located in a former sawmill just a few minutes' walk from Trelde Næs' car park.

    The Nature Centre has many offers that you can take advantage of when visiting Trelde Næs. In the centre you can read more about Trelde Næs' plant and animal life and see an exhibition about the area's exciting history.

    You will also find suggestions for activities in the area and how you can experience Trelde Næs on your own. You can even pick up a special log card for mushroom hunting. Use the card to go foraging with and see if you can spot some of the area's many mushrooms. The Nature Centre also has an equipment bank available.

    Borrow equipment from the equipment bank

    When you visit the Trelde Næs Nature Centre, you can make use of the centre's equipment bank. The bank contains equipment for various nature-based activities and includes crab lines, fishing nets and boat gear/twist bread sticks. Like the Nature Centre, the equipment bank is open during the day.

    Practical information

    Free parking: You can park for free at the Trelde Næs car park. The address of the car park is Trelde Næsvej 290, 7000 Fredericia.

    Toilet facilities: Public toilets are available at the Trelde Næs Nature Centre. The toilets are generally open all year round but may be closed during periods of severe frost due to the risk of frost damage. The disabled toilet is located in the farmhouse by the car park and is also open all year round.

    Opening hours: Trelde Næs Nature Centre is open every day of the week:

    From April to September from 8.00 to 21.00

    From October to March from 10.00 to 17.00

    The Trelde Næs Nature Centre is one of the places where you can pick up your free outdoor pass, the Outdoor-Pass. Read more about "10 things to try before you turn 10" here!


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  • Photo: Jonas Schou

    Skærup Zoo

    11.82 km

    There are plenty of places in Skærup Zoo where you can enjoy your picnic. And you can also purchase food and beverages from the kiosk. You can feed many of the animals with fodder purchased at the kiosk. Animal feed: DKK 20

    During weekends and on public holidays there are pony rides and animal feeding.

    The zoo’s educational service for schools, institutions and other groups can help tailor your visit to requirement. You can even spend the night in the zoo!

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  • Photo: VisitVejle

    The Vejle Bridge

    11.94 km

    Towering above Vejle Inlet, the impressive Vejle Bridge connects Mølholm in the south with Nøremarken in the north. The Vejle Bridge can be experienced close-up from Dyrehaven (the deer park) in Nørreskoven or from Vejle Marina.

    Construction of the Vejle Bridge began in 1975, following fierce lobbying from local politicians and citizens in Vejle. In the past, traffic was routed through Vejle town itself along the old dual carriageway No. 10. Up through the 1960s and early 1970s, traffic became increasingly congested in the town centre. In 1974, the Danish parliament decided to construct a new motorway from Kolding to Vejle, which included the bridge over Vejle Inlet, and on 1 July 1980, the much-needed motorway bridge could be inaugurated. Price: DKK 350 million.

    There was some initial resistance to the project. It was feared that the bridge would become an eyesore in the beautiful natural landscape surrounding Vejle Inlet. The architects therefore chose to design the bridge in a very neutral style, so that the bridge was naturally suited to the wooded surroundings around Vejle Inlet.

    The bridge over Vejle Inlet is a classic example of a beam bridge, where the bridge deck rests on a number of pillars. In this case, the bridge deck rests on 15 pillars and each of the intermediate bridge sections has a length of 110 metres. The crossing height is 40 meters. The Vejle Bridge is 27.6 metres wide and has a total length of 1,712 metres, making it Denmark's sixth-longest bridge.

    Since the bridge opened, the traffic on the Vejle Bridge has increased so much that today the bridge is Denmark’s busiest motorway bridge. Figures from the Danish Road Directorate show that, on an average day, about 50,000 cars cross the bridge.

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  • Photo: Mads Hansen

    Nørreskoven Forest and Dyrehaven deer park, Vejle

    12.5 km

    The nature and history of Nørreskoven Forest

    Nørreskoven Forest on the north side of Vejle Inlet is one of the most frequented forest in the area – one that invites you to enjoy many outdoor experiences. The very versatile piece of nature offers grave mounds, dried out springs and monuments. Nørreskoven is particularly well-known for the large beech trees from the early sixteenth century. Also enjoy a stroll in Dyrehaven (deer park). See the forest from above in the treetop climbing park, Gorilla Park Vejle, or challenge yourself to the forest trails by the sports college, Vejle Idrætshøjskole.

    Nørreskoven comprises the areas known as Forkobbel, Bagkobbel and Polakkerskoven.
    The former ski jumping hill is one of the curiosities of the Bagkobbel area. It was built during World War 2 in connection with the very cold winters. 

    Polakkerskoven got its name from some Polish mercenaries, who roamed the forest during the Swedish War in the years 1658-60. The citizens of the city captured the Polaks and built their skulls into the north gable of Saint Nicolai’s Church, where they are still seen.   

    Far into the seventeenth century, the holy spring of Helligkilden was visited by sick people on May 1 and on Midsummer Day.  In 1905, the spring was restored, but has since dried out.   

    Deers in Nørreskoven

    Deer in Nørreskoven Forest. Foto: Mads Hansen

    What can you experience in Nørreskoven Forest?

    • The Dyrehaven area
      Dyrehaven (deer park) stretches over a 30-hectare area in the south-eastern part of Nørreskoven. The motorway cuts through the heart of the woodland, but there is a passage between the two sections under the arches of the Vejle Bridge, where you can also admire this huge construction. It is possible to get very close to the 2 deer species fallow deer and bead. Please note: it is not allowed to feed the deer.
    • Obstacle course, mountain bike trails and disc golf
      At Vejle Idrætshøjskole (sports school) in the northeastern part of Nørreskoven, there are mountain bike trails, an obstacle course, and a disc golf course. The area is accessible from Nørremarksvej via Ørnebjergvej east of the school.
      The very hilly Nørreskov is ideal for mountain biking, and on the five-kilometer established mountain bike trail, everyone can participate. The trail is shaped like a figure-eight with two different difficulty levels. The surface is firm, so the trail can be ridden year-round, regardless of weather conditions.
      The challenging 600-meter-long OCR obstacle course (OCR stands for obstacle course race) with 15 different exercise tools is built from the forest's materials.
      In the area, there is also a disc golf course, which can be booked through the sports school's course center.
    • Gorilla Park Vejle
      Gorilla Park Vejle offers obstacles of varying difficulty levels. Everyone can try out the more than 100 climbing elements between trees and treetops. Read more about Gorilla Park Vejle via this link: Gorilla Park Vejle (

    Mountainbiking in Nørreskoven

    Mountainbiking in Nørreskoven. Foto: Roar Paaske

    Routes in the area

    Green route, 3 km: This route passes by the old and new stadiums and a stretch where you find old beech trees. Where possible, the old giant trees are left standing. Dead trees - both standing and lying - are allowed to remain in the forest. They are home to many fungi and insects that break down the dead wood. Find the route online by following this link: Kløversti-grøn - Udeliv Vejle (only in Danish)

    Blue route, 3,5 km: This route goes through Nørreskoven from Vejle Stadium. You pass by Helligkilden and the festival area, which is a large flat area in the forest. People celebrated here on Walpurgis Night and Midsummer's Eve, as the water in the spring was nine times stronger on those days than usual! The route also takes you past the hut, Sneglehuset, Dyrehaven, Gorilla Park Vejle, and Hundeskoven. Find the route online by following this link: Kløversti-blå - Udeliv Vejle (only in Danish)

    Red route, 6 km: On this route, you go through parts of Nørreskoven, Dyrehaven, and Skyttehushaven. In Dyrehaven, there are particularly many old giant beeches from the early 1700s. Find the route online by following this link: Kløversti -rød - Udeliv Vejle (only in Danish)

    Black route, 10 km: On this tour, you go around the entire Nørreskoven. On the route, you find two Bronze Age burial mounds that appear as small elevations in the landscape near Bybækvej. Find the route online by following this link: Kløversti-sort - Udeliv Vejle (only in Danish)

    See all hiking routes in Vejle and surroundings at
    Link to the online map of Vejle's hiking routes - Udeliv Vejle (only in Danish)

    Map of the hiking trails in Nørreskoven

    Map of the hiking trails in Nørreskoven Forest
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  • Photo: VisitVejle

    Knowledge and exhibition centre Økolariet

    14.41 km

    The Ecolarium offers many learning experiences. You can travel through the exciting exhibits that feature film, living organisms, interactive knowledge tests and eye-opening experiences.

    Touch, feel, move, try tests and draw your way through lots of interactive experiences. You will learn how the world is affected by human consumption and how research today affects our lives tomorrow.

    The Ecolarium is located in central Vejle and everyone is welcome to drop by. Free admission to the exhibition spaces.

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  • Photo: Vejle Kunstmuseum

    Vejle Art Museum

    14.8 km

    Special Exhibitions 2024
    BODYIMPOSSIBLE BODYINCREDIBLE - Plaster Casts and Ancient Body Ideals in Modern Artistic Embrace. (10.02.24 - 15.12.24)

    CREATURES - Japanese Graphics. (17.11.23 - 01.09.24)

    Art that Leaves an Impression
    Vejle Art Museum invites everyone to art experiences that are based on life and everyday existence. The themes are recognizable and offer a different perspective on the world around us. Sometimes it's grand, other times it's small, but there's always something that leaves its mark!

    In the permanent exhibitions, you can experience a large collection of graphic works, art that challenges our conventions about the body, constructed realities of the Golden Age, portrait art in various forms, and much more.

    Sensory Zone
    The Experience Zone "Sanseværk" is a different art experience where curious children and adults explore together through senses, play, and fun activities. Here, you can listen to the green, smell the blue, feel the yellow, and much more.

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  • Photo: VejleMuseerne

    Cultural Museum

    14.87 km

    Special Exhibitions 2024
    MAD – A pantry filled with Danish history for the whole family. (Until 25.08.24)
    CAMPING – Pack the tent and go on a holiday in the past. (01.06.24 - 29.09.24)
    THE FIRST KINGS – The first, forgotten chapter in Denmark's history (Opens 10.10.24)

    Fascinating Bog Body
    Meet one of the world's best-preserved bog bodies: Haraldskær Woman. In the atmospheric exhibition, you step into the bog where she was sacrificed and held in place with hooks over 2,000 years ago.

    In the museum's eight-meter-long archaeological sandbox, children can excavate skeletons and go on a treasure hunt with a metal detector. The many fascinating objects from the Iron Age tell the story of the time when the first villages emerged.

    Work Life and Night Life
    Experience how industrialization shaped the world we know today, with freedom, abundance, and a global climate crisis. And join the journey to Crazy Daisy from 1990-2010 in the exhibition on the history of nightlife!

    Play with History
    All museum exhibitions have fun activities for children. The indoor backyard invites play for children and the young at heart. Here, you can jump, climb, and play with everything. Climb the scaffolding, operate the crane, and use the cotton scale.

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  • Photo: David Jervidal

    Glud Museum

    19.91 km

    Visit the exciting open-air museum

    Glud Museum is an open-air museum where you can experience 350 years of village history. Here, among other things, there is a timbered house built around a square, a small fisherman’s house and smallholdings to explore. The museum tells of life in the small rural communities from the 17th century up to the 1950s.


    The old farm

    The many historic buildings each tell their story. Come into Rasmus Thomesøn’s farmhouse from 1662, where you can have a look in the dark living rooms where alcoves, fireplaces and long tables stood close. In the small fisherman’s house, fishing nets hang in the living rooms and the mattresses are stuffed with seaweed. In the tall transformer tower, you can experience what a revolution electricity was.


    Visit the master painter’s house

    The local master painter, Søren Knudsen, founded Glud Museum in 1912 and the museum also has Søren Knudsen’s home, Hildesheim, where you can go behind the museum’s history and in many ways, the unusual life of the museum founder.


    The history of forgotten things

    In the big exhibition hall there hides stories of children’s births, the fire service and everyday many pursuits. Here you can see mail carriages, butcher’s blocks, alderman batons and maternity pots, objects that were once an important part of society but are now almost forgotten.


    Life in the village

    There are many exciting events throughout the year. Old livestock breeds takeover the museum for the Day of the Animals, the harvest comes in house for Harvest and Market Days, and Christmas is celebrated with the ancient traditions of Christmas in the village. During the summer there are holiday activities for the whole family, and you can meet blacksmiths, wooden turners and weavers when the many skilled volunteers demonstrate the old trades and handicrafts.


    Live summer activities

    You can take part in the pleasant family activities during the afternoons on Mondays to Thursdays during the summer holidays. Come and join in the old games, try playing skittles and walking on stilts. So, take the family by the hand and spend your afternoons with the many cosy activities at the museum. Every Tuesday-Thursday and Sunday afternoon our skilled volunteers demonstrate the trades and handicrafts in the working workshops. Here you can have a chat with the wood turner, experience the blacksmith working at the glowing forge, see the finest lace work and get an insight into how the white ruffed collars of priests are made.

    You can see the full schedule of this year's summer activities at Glud Museum on their website (In danish). 

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  • Photo: Jesper Rais

    Horsens Art Museum

    20.99 km

    A centre of contemporary Danish Art

    The beautiful and striking building housing Horsens Art Museum is located at the top of the park Caroline Amalie Lund whose beauty draws you in.

    The focal point of the museum is contemporary Danish art and its collection gives you an insight into what is happening within Danish art. The collection includes works by major new Danish artists and has an experimental character ranging from the beautiful to the grotesque and through-provoking. The works give rise to dialogue, wonder and reflection.

    So take your family and talk about art, beauty, life and society while touring the bright and welcoming galleries.

    Experience vast collections of e.g. the following artists:

    • Bjørn Nørgaard
    • Erik A Frandsen
    • Michael Kvium
    • Nina Sten-Knudsen
    • Christian Lemmerz
    • Cathrine Raben Davidsen
    • Rose Eken


    Denmark’s largest Michael Kvium collection

    One of the central artists of the museum is the Horsens-born Michael Kvium, whose art has a whole gallery dedicated to it. The museum’s large collection of works is continuously rotated, so that you experience something new every time you visit. Kvium’s grotesque, fascinating and sometimes repulsive representation of the human body has made him one of the country’s most significant and popular visual artists. Kvium’s art parts the waters.


    Exciting special exhibitions

    Every year, Horsens Art Museum presents two special exhibitions as well as a number of smaller exhibitions of invited artists and the museums own vast collection. Why not by a year pass? That way, you can experience it all.


    Bring along the young ones

    You can take the entire family to the museum, including the children who can explore the art on their own terms. The museum has endeavoured to also create material for the youngest target group.


    Much more than just a museum

    Every year, Horsens Art Museum organises a number of concerts, events and talks for both adults and children. By way of example you can go detecting or go on a city walk and explore the street art.

    You are also welcome to use the art museum as a living room. Read one of the many exciting books from the shop that has a selection of art supplies and gift ideas.


    Sculptures in the park

    In the park surrounding the museum, the Caroline Amalie Lund, you find several interesting sculptures. Have a look at Bjørn Nørgaard’s main work The Human Wall (DK: Menneskemuren) and Christian Lemmerz’ Gestalt (Todesfigur). Combiner your visit to the museum with a walk through the cosy park which is a popular oasis amongst local residents and guests alike. Here, you also find a playground and Horsens Museum which you can visit for free.


    The Museum Pass: Visit four museums in seven days

    Experience four museums in Horsens with just one ticket.

    The Museum Pass gives you seven days’ access to FÆNGSLET, Denmark’s Industrial Museum, Horsens Art Museum and Horsens Museum. With the Museum Pass in hand, you can look forward to lots of exciting experiences and stories – and then you save money on entrance fees and also get two cups of coffee or tea.

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  • Photo: Museum Horsens

    The Prison Museum

    21.68 km

    Experience the dramatic award-winning museum

    The walls of the old Horsens State Penitentiary could tell many violent, fantastic and fascinating stories. As a guest at the museum, you are guaranteed to have a unique, thoughtful and memorable experience you will never forget.

    As soon as you enter Europe's largest prison museum, all your senses are brought into play. The exhibitions offer experiences that can be seen, heard and smelt. Precisely for this reason, a tour of the fantastic building is a great experience for both children and adults. And this is why the museum has repeatedly won awards for its exciting exhibitions. You are given the exceptional opportunity to get behind bars and meet former inmates as shadows on the walls. Life in the PRISON and the story of the Danish prison system are also told through the use of screens, telephones and intercoms.

    On the walls, doors and closets, you can read the sometimes vehement, sometimes humorous messages from the inmates painted or drawn as an eternal reminder of their time in the state penitentiary. Together with the digital tools, they help to tell the authentic story of life behind bars.


    Lorentzen’s incredible escape tunnel

    Experience the impressive, 18-metre-long tunnel by escapee Carl August Lorentzen that led from his cell to freedom. Digging such a tunnel required an enormous amount of hard work, dedication and perseverance. The inspiring story of Lorentzen was then on everyone's lips and it taught the Danish people that "Where there is a will, there is also a way".


    The dark dungeons

    The underworld - this is what the prison museum calls its most recent exhibition which can be viewed in the old dungeons. The dark cellar was once used for punishing, executing and disciplining the inmates and this is your chance to see the gloomier side of the prison with its painful tools for punishment.


    The many exciting stories

    Learn about Horsens State Penitentiary's role during World War II. And get to know Werner Best - the leader of the German Armed Forces who was sentenced to death after the war and served time in Horsens.

    See where and how inmates sentenced to death were executed in the early days of the prison in the 19th century. And how did you go about things when inmates got married and wanted romance?

    The Prison Museum is filled with captivating tales. But do not worry, the prison no longer holds inmates. So, unlike the great escapee Carl Lorentzen who always dreamt of freedom and thus dug his way out of the Horsens State Penitentiary, you are free to leave again.


    Do also visit the city’s other exciting museums

    Experience four museums in Horsens with just one ticket: The museum card gives you seven days’ access to the Prison, The Industrial Museum, Horsens Art Museum and Horsens Museum. Learn more here.

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