Whiskey Stay at Hotel Thinggaard

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Includes per person per stay:

  • 1x Tour and Tasting at Thy Whisky & Gyrup Gård (15 min drive in your own car)
  • 1x 3-course gourmet menu
  • 1x Coffee/tea with Thy Whisky after dinner
  • 1x Overnight accommodation
  • 1x Large buffet breakfast.

More about Hotel Thinggaard

If you wish to combine magnificent nature experiences in Denmark’s first national park in Thy with nostalgic pampering in a modern hotel you should visit Hotel Thinggaard in Hurup in the middle of Thy – between the foaming North Sea on the one side and the twinkling coves of the Limfjord on the other.

Jernbanegade 5, 7760 Hurup Thy
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Hotel facilities

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  • Disabled-friendly
  • Free wifi
  • Pets
  • Charging station
  • Free parking
  • Restaurant
  • Wellness
  • Airport: 81 km
  • Train: 0 m
  • Busstop: 0 m
  • Beach: 6 km
  • Fishing: 6 km
  • Golf: 1 km
  • 32 Rooms

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Attractions nearby of Whiskey Stay

  • Photo: Thy Turistforening

    Hurup Kirke

    0.58 km

    Originally, Hurup Church was without a tower and aisles.

    In the church, you notice, among other things, the altarpiece, divided into four pictures, which Sven Havsteen-Mikkelsen has been responsible for. The altarpiece was inserted in 1981. The old altarpiece from around 1850 can now be seen on the wall in the organ room.

    The church's Romanesque baptismal font is probably as old as the church itself.

    The runestone in the cemetery outside the porch

    The runestone appeared when the dike was breached to make room for a new chapel. The inscription can (perhaps) be interpreted as follows: "Thormod, a well-bread "boy", raised this memory after N.N. his father (or brother)."

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  • Photo: Thy Turistforening

    View Point Ashøj Plantation

    1.82 km

    Ashøje is with its 93 meters Thys highest point. And from here you can count as many as 17 of Sydthy's churches. Remember to bring your camera, because you will never forget this view.

    In the plantation below the lookout tower you can also see "Den Frie Talerstol", made of granite by the artist Knud Højrup. And of course Denmark's biggest troll, Ask from Ashøj, which was performed by the artist Thomas Dam in the summer of 2020.

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  • Photo: Destination Nordvestkysten

    Troll Ask of Ashøj

    1.86 km

    Up on the hill Ashøj, which with its 93 meters is Thy's highest point, there is a troll hiding in the forest.

    In a secret place, in the middle of a clearing, sits the troll Ask from Ashøj with a stone in one hand and a stick in the other. Through a treasure hunt of tracks in the forest, you can find out where Ash sits.

    The troll must entice both guests and locals out and experience the beautiful nature, which is also part of Thy and very nice, even though it is not part of National Park Thy.

    The troll was created by the international artist Thomas Dambo and represents the forces of nature. "If you treat nature badly, the trolls will come and beat you, eat your children or kill your hamster. But if you behave properly, it may help you build a nest, get up a tree or over the pelvis, "says Thomas Dambo.

    Especially for families with slightly older children, treasure hunting in the green is a fun activity. And the adventurous tree creature not only serves as a destination for a walk in the green, but is also meant for climbing.

    You will find the exact location and the tax card for it on Trollmap.

    And when you are in Ashøje Plantage, finally visit the lookout tower and enjoy the view of beautiful Thy.

    Also visit the giant troll WildEmil in Tinkerdal near Holstebro
    Try if you can find the sleeping giant troll WildEmil, who takes a nap in a warm nest in Thinkerdal Skov just outside Holstebro. Read more about VildEmil and how to find him here.

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  • Photo: Thy Turistforening

    Heltborg Museum / Sydthy Kunst- og Kulturcenter

    2.21 km

    Tools, reconstruction and revitalization

    The Cultural History Department houses a large collection of agricultural implements from the first half of the 20th century.

    Outside the museum, a reconstruction of an Iron Age house has been erected, the dimensions of which are taken from an archeological excavation nearby.

    In the summer, there is a revival and children's activities on the Iron Age site for the benefit of the visitors every year in the month of July.


    Sydthy Art and Culture Center

    Heltborg Museum's art department houses several artists associated with Thy. Their works are exhibited occasionally. Paintings, drawings and lithographs by Jens Søndergaard (1895-1957) and works by Leo Estvad and Ellen Raadal, and sculpture exhibition by Erland Knudssøn Madsen are a regular part of the exhibition.

    At Heltborg Museum, the local poet Hans Bakgaard has his own memorial room. He was a good singer and dreamed of a singing career. Therefore, he went to America, but he returned home disappointed and settled on his childhood home at Ydby. He became a poet and even published his own collections of poems and dilettante pieces. For some years he also arranged hometown concerts in Ydby.


    Activity all year round

    During the year there are various activities for all age groups.


    Heltborg Museum is part of Museum Thy.

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  • Photo: Thy Turistforening

    Vestervig Church

    6.65 km

    Vestervig Church was built 1140-60 in Romanesque style and dedicated to Sankt Thøger. the church has undergone many changes over time.

    Canonical sundial, of which there are only 2 similar in all of Europe.

    Organ with 52 voices, which can be experienced at the many church concerts.

    Attached to the church is the legend of Little Kirsten and Prince Buris, an unhappy love story. Little Kirsten, who was half-sister to Valdemar the Great, had a love affair with Prince Buris, brother of Queen Sofie.

    When Valdemar discovered the relationship, he let Little Kirsten dance to death. She was buried in Vestervig Cemetery. Prince Buris was blinded, gilded and chained to the church so he could just reach Little Kirsten's grave. When he died, he was buried in the same grave as Liden Kirsten.

    It is still customary for brides to lay a bouquet on the grave.

    PHOTOS AND TEXT: Niels Clemmensen

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  • Photo: Destination Nordvestkysten

    Klostermøllen (Windmill)

    7.03 km

    Klostermøllen was taken out of operation in 1960 and protected in 1964. The following year, Vestervig Håndværker- og Borgerforening bought the mill to preserve it as a cultural monument.

    The mill was completely restored in 1992.

    At the parking lot there is a small house with information boards about Klostermøllen.

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  • Photo: Destination Nordvestkysten

    Lodbjerg Lighthouse in Thy National Park

    12.45 km

    As a visitor, you can access the lighthouse for a modest fee.

    From the top of the lighthouse you have a fantastic view of a rugged landscape, dominated by the dune plantation, the dunes and the rugged sea dunes. You have a view the Limfjord to the south, far inland to the east and let your gaze glide over unspoiled nature to the north.

    Lodbjerg Lighthouse was restored in 2019 and has a beautiful exhibition with the lighthouse's history from the beginning of construction until today.

    In the lighthouse keeper's residence, volunteers run a small café, which offers coffee and cake.

    An automatic door opener / shutter has been installed in Lodbjerg Lighthouse. This means that the lighthouse is open every day from 07:00 - 21:00.

    Information house about National Park Thy at Lodbjerg Lighthouse
    When you visit Lodbjerg Lighthouse, you can meet the volunteer lighthouse keepers and hear them talk about life at the lighthouse in different periods, the dune's rare plants and much more about the lighthouse's history and the area's nature.

    Thys National Park's volunteer lighthouse keepers receive guests at the lighthouse on Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays through October.
    You will find the lighthouse keepers in the courtyard between 11.00-16.00.

    At 11.30 they invite guests on a guided tour around the lighthouse.

    Activities in Thy National Park
    The lighthouse is the starting point for walks out into Thy's most pristine natural landscape - the dunes between Lodbjerg and Lyngby.

    A marked path leads to the high dune Penbjerg. East of the path are 9 Bronze Age mounds, which are very difficult to spot.

    Close to the lighthouse there is a cozy campfire site and shelter.

    Travel sustainably in North Jutland
    Getting around North Jutland with public transport is effortless. Plan you trip with bus, train or ‘Plustur’ on rejseplanen.dk. If you book a ‘Plustur’, you will even be driven from the station straight to your doorstep.

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  • Photo: Lemvig - Thyborøn Turistforening

    Thyborøn Church

    14.29 km

    The modern church is built around the five meter high and three meter wide altarpiece by Niels Østergaard "The Blessed Day".


    Church decoration

    Painting by Peter Mock with the title Towards the light measures 485 x 215 m and is painted in oil on canvas with a few fields of gold leaf, which are connected to the altarpiece. Central to the image is the light, where the lighthouse and light rays form a cross, which is located on rocky ground - here the hip stone.

    To the left are ships on the dark sea, the compass rose and celestial bodies. Via the LED LIGHT you lead to the right side, to the safe harbor with the hometown's well-known silhouette.

    The idea of the picture is to depict the basic conditions of the fishing community in finding their way at sea - as well as through life.


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  • Photo: Kristian Amby

    Nationalpark Thy

    23.28 km

    Where the North Sea hits Thy with full force, where sandstorms raged for centuries, where the expanses are greater and nature is wilder, Denmark's first national park lies. Full of unique nature experiences.

    Nationalpark Thy is Denmark's first national park, inaugurated on August 22, 2008. The national park covers 244 square kilometers and contains the largest concentration of dune heath in Europe. It comes with responsibilities.

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  • Photo: Morsø Turistbureau - Destination Mors

    Jesperhus Feriepark - Flowerpark

    24.52 km

    The largest flower park of Scandinavia is filled with perennials, roses, various summer flowers of the world, succulents and giant flower figurines. You can also witness the fairy tale garden of H.C. Andersen with various characters from the famous stories.

    At the center of the park the Pirate land is located, with lots of attractions and carousels. There's a western land, bouncer, mini trains, boats, motorcycles, shooting range, mini cars, trampolines and ponies.

    See opening hours and prices at: www.jesperhus.dk

    The entry ticket can be exchanged to a season pass, for a price. Children under the age of three: no charge.
    A Jesperhus season pass grants free entrance and discounts at various other attractions, among other thngs. Check the homepage for additional information.

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  • Photo: Thy Turistforening


    32.32 km

    Klitmøller has always been known as a popular holiday village, and now it is also world famous because of it's fantastic windsurfing and surfing conditions, the area is known as "Cold Hawaii". 

    Nystrup Camping has special housing facilities for surfers.

    In Klitmøller you will also find specialty shops with surf equipment, delightful dining options ranging from the food from the grill, home smokehouse, pancakes, pizza or gourmet restaurant.

    Klitmøller also has a small regional museum that bears witness to the heyday of fishing from shore. The well preserved, old fishing houses in Klitmøller indicate the great period of trade in the past.

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  • Photo: Thy Turistforening

    Bunker Museum Hanstholm - Denmark's largest bunker museum

    42.86 km

    It consists of Hanstholm's unique 2500m2 museum bunker, where several of the rooms have been restored to their original appearance, so you can see how the soldiers lived. In the bunker there are also some exciting exhibitions.

    The battery was built in 1941 together with a similar battery at Kristiansand in Norway, blocking the entrance to the Skagerrak, to keep the English fleet out. The battery consisted of four large 38cm guns, each of which had a weight of 110 tons. The guns could fire a distance of 55km... almost halfway to Norway!

    Interactive exhibition
    The exhibition center on top of the bunker houses the exhibition "Enemy & Neighbour - Hanstholm occupied!" The exhibition is about life in Denmark's strongest fortress during World War II. With the people in focus, the story is told by both the German soldiers and civilian life in the shadow of the fortifications, and how the occupiers and the occupied lived together.

    On tour with the ammunition train
    Hop on the museum train and take a tour in and around the battery where you pass through an ammunition bunker and one of the bunkers that housed the 38cm cannon. The museum train will take you through the historic terrain along the original narrow gauge track that the Germans built to transport the heavy ammunition to the cannons. The train runs every day during the summer and also in week 42 (Autumn Holiday). The trip is one kilometer long and lasts about ten minutes.

    Scenic walks in the occupants footsteps
    At Bunker Museum Hanstholm you will find a beautiful and varied forest that was before, just a bare and rugged dune landscape and home to many of the german army’s bunkers. Today you can go on wonderful walks in the nature here.

    Explore the many bunkers scattered across the landscape, some underground, others built as lookout points whose foremost role was to spot the enemy. During the year, there are also several guided bunker walks which are free to participate. The dates for the bunker walks can be found on the museum's website or facebook page.

    Hanstholm 1 Open-air Museum
    In the sand dunes south of Hanstholm you will find the open-air museum Hanstholm 1, which is one of the best preserved coastal batteries in Denmark. The Open-air Museum Hanstholm 1 is also part of the Bunker Museum Hanstholm, so start or end your museum day with a visit to the sand dunes. It’s a great experience for the whole family to walk around the hilly bunker landscape.

    Explore the beautiful, undisturbed surroundings and see if you can find all 19 bunkers. They are pretty much all open, so you can go inside and imagine what it was like to lie there and guard a part of the Skagerrak from land.

    The Atlantic Wall in North Jutland
    In collaboration with other bunker museums in North Jutland, and out of approx. 100 local WWII bunker locations, we have selected 24 of them which we think are really worth a visit. There is an info board at the locations, giving information about the site and its history. Using a QR code on the poster, you can enter the new website via your smartphone and find more information, maps, historical photos and more. You can also use the link here: www.atlantvolden-nordjylland.dkk

    Facebook Follow us on Facebook and get updates about what’s going on at the museum as well as interesting stories and pictures from WW2, Hanstholm and the surrounding area.

    Travel sustainably in North Jutland
    Getting around North Jutland with public transport is effortless. Plan you trip with bus, train or ‘Plustur’ on rejseplanen.dk. If you book a ‘Plustur’, you will even be driven from the station straight to your doorstep.

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