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Hotel Sønderborg Strand is located directly on the beach in natural and historic surroundings only 250 meters from the center of Sønderborg.

Strandvej 1, 6400 Sønderborg
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  • Airport: 9 km
  • Train: 2.5 km
  • Beach: 0.1 km
  • 95 Rooms

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    Attractions nearby of Standard Rate

    • Photo: Kim Toft Jørgensen


      0.08 km

      The mill was built in 1875 and is placed with a beautiful view over the harbour.

      The brick-build mill is whitewashed.

      The top of the mill is form as a boat, and covered with millboards.

      The mill was use until 1926 as a wind mill, and a couple of years more with
      wind wheels.

      The mill is own by Sønderborg Municipality and can only be seen from outside.

      Read more : Slotsmøllen
    • Photo: ©Vibeke Fonnesberg Foto:Kim Toft Jørgensen

      Inge Adriansens Bænk - Forundringsparat

      0.11 km

      Awe-inspiring is a very apt term for Inge Adriansen (1944-2017) and Vibeke Fonnesberg has created a telling sculpture in bronze that embraces the culture and history of the border country.

      In the 45 years that Inge Adriansen was employed at the Museum at Sønderborg Castle, she has researched and given lectures on everything from duchies to the Southern Jutland coffee table and has been the author and co-author of many books on local and cultural history.

      Here sits the sculpture of this graceful lady on the bench - Inge Adriansen, Ph.d. in folklore science, museum inspector, knighted of the order of Dannebrog in 2006 and appointed adjunct professor at the university Syddansk Universitet in 2007, popular researcher and lecturer.

      This great long-term effort was celebrated in 2022, when on 4 December the sculpture, which she herself approved, could be unveiled on the bench by the seafront in Sønderborg.

      "With thanks and in respect for a lifelong research into the culture and history of the border country"

      Read more : Inge Adriansens Bænk - Forundringsparat
    • Photo: Helen Dalvig

      Helen´s Gallery and Picture Workshop

      0.19 km

      Helens Galleri og Billedværksted, Voldgade 2B (in courtyard), Sønderborg

      Over 200 pieces of water-colours, acryl paintings and Artmoney

      Open by telephone appointment


      Read more : Helen´s Gallery and Picture Workshop
    • Photo: Karen Willesen

      Karen Willesen's Showroom

      0.25 km

      Within a stone´s throw from Rådhustorvet and the city hall you´ll find the bight rooms of Karen Willesen Atelier & Galleri. Here she works with brushes and it is always open when she is in and visits by appointment are very welcome.

      Karen Willesen has an education as designer from TEKO in Herning, Århus Art Academy. Since 2007, creating art has been her fulltime job.

      To create modern abstract and expressive paintings and giving them a daring touch has always been the crux of my work. My aim with art is to create spellbinding, sensual works that makes an impression. Modern paintings to be remembered - long-time throughout the experience in the exhibition room.

      I work with oil on canvas in expressive colour combinations, where small elements, histories and emotions appear. The making of the paintings is spontaneously, emotional, intuitive, imaginative - and at a very high level of energy, leaving an obvious expression on the canvas of my drive.

      My inspiration is the trend at the time, new vibrations and tendencies in the upcoming. My eighteen years within the world of fashion provides me with a good sense of change within trends. Nature is, with its changing seasons and movement of light exciting my urge to capture the uncontrollable, an everlasting inspiration.

      Art Herning, Galleri Knud Grothe Charlottenlund, Galleri Dencker + Schneider ART GALLERY Berlin, Galleri X Rungsted, Galleri Hohmann Hannover DE, Nordisk Ministerråd København, Oticon A/S Ballerup, Aarhus Universitets Hospital, Sydbank Aabenrå.

      Broager Sparekasse Sønderborg, Domhuset Sønderborg, PWC Vejle, Aarhus, Bech-Bruun advokaterne København.

      Read more : Karen Willesen's Showroom
    • Photo: VisitSønderborg

      Queen Dorotheas Chapel

      0.27 km

      Queen Dorothea sat in a widow's seat at Sønderborg Castle after King Christian III's death in 1559 at Koldinghus. In the years 1568-70, Queen Dorothea arranged a renaissance church room in the north wing of Sønderborg Castle.

      The wing altarpiece was made around 1550-60 by Frans Floris, Antwerp. The baptismal font is made of black limestone, flamed marble and figures of alabaster, it was ordered by Christian III in 1557 at Cornelius Floris, Antwerp.

      After the death of Queen Dorothea in 1571, Duke Hans took over the Younger Sønderborg Castle and from his time the pulpit, the thrones and the three figures on the organ originate, these parts were made by a local sculptor, Niels Tagesen.

      From Duke Hans' time also comes the incredibly beautiful portal epitaph, which surrounds the locked door to the crypt with the ducal family.

      The epitaph made of black marble and alabaster shows Duke Hans the Younger, kneeling with his 8 sons on one side of a resurrection relief and on the other side kneeling his first wife Elisabeth of Braunschweig-Grubenhagen and their 6 daughters.

      The church has only served the nobles and after the ducal family leaves the castle in 1667 the regular church services end and the last known act is the funeral of Louise Augusta in 1843.

      For opening hours, see the Museum at Sønderborg Castle.

      Read more : Queen Dorotheas Chapel
    • Photo: VisitSønderborg

      Sønderborg Slotspark

      0.27 km

      Open park at Sønderborg Castle, beside the water. Direct to the beach promenade leading to yacht harbour and forest.
      Read more : Sønderborg Slotspark
    • Photo: Kim Toft Jørgensen

      The Museum at Sønderborg Castle

      0.27 km

      Sønderborg Castle is the setting for many historical events. At the castle you can experience princely chambers from the 16th century, including the great knight's hall and Queen Dorothea's chapel, which is the oldest preserved Renaissance room in the Nordic region.

      The castle also has exhibitions of historical collections, especially the history of Southern Jutland after 1800, as well as the Schleswig Wars, the Reunification in 1920, World War I and cultural history, especially from Sundeved and the island of Als.

      The café in the old castle kitchen is open in July-August and during the school holidays in weeks 7 and 42. During this period, food and drinks can be enjoyed in the castle park. During the rest of the year, you can enjoy packed lunches in the castle kitchen and refreshments can be purchased at the ticket office.

      The museum shop is located in connection with the ticket office and offers a wide selection of historical literature and souvenirs.

      Read more : The Museum at Sønderborg Castle
    • Photo: VisitSønderborg

      Sønderborg Castle

      0.27 km

      The castle was founded before 1200 and was from 1550-70 rebuilt into a four wing Renaissance castle.
      The museum tells about the history of North Slesvig from the Middle Ages to the present with the main focus on the wars of 1848-50, 1864, 1914-18, the plebiscite and the reunification of North Slesvig with Denmark in 1920.
      Large culture-historical collections with furniture, textiles, crafts and art from North Slesvig.

      Openinghours: See "The Museum on Sønderborg Castle"

      Read more : Sønderborg Castle
    • Photo: VisitSønderborg


      0.27 km

      Horse and rider in bronze on a granite plinth. Artist: Hans Pauli Olsen.

      The 2.25 m high and 1.90 m wide.

      The statue was purchased by the Tilting at the Ring Committee and given to Sønderborg Municipality on 10th July, 1998.

      Read more : Rytterstatue
    • Photo: VisitSønderborg

      Der Butt im Griff

      0.31 km

      Der Butt im Griff (Halibut in grip) is a bronze sculpture.
      Artist: Günther Grass (1927-2015).

      The sculpture is 2.3 M and shows an arm, whose hand holds a halibut which symbolizes experience in life and wisdom.

      The sculpture Der Butt im Griff was presented by the crown prince couple on the 29th July 2004.

      Read more : Der Butt im Griff