Hotel Røde-Kro

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Hotel Røde-Kro is a family driven business, which is placed centrally near Aabenraa. There is a high focus on creating a good atmosphere, as well the coziness feeling with a strong professional approach. The location opens the opportunities to ramble. There's among other the path Gendarmstien along the coast, and more.

Vestergade 2, 6230 Rødekro

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  • South Jutland
  • South Denmark
  • Southern Jutland
  • Danish inns
  • Weekend stay
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Hotel Facilities

  • Disabled-friendly
  • Free wifi
  • Charging station
  • Free parking
  • Airport: 50 km
  • Train: 350 meter
  • Busstop: 350 meter
  • Beach: 8,8 km
  • Fishing: 2,7 km
  • Golf: 12,9 km
  • 29 Rooms

Stays and sleepovers atHotel Røde-Kro

The hotel run by family are placed centrally in the beautiful Southern Jutland. The hotel itself is place in Rødekro, but only with a very short distance to Aabenraa. Therefore there is both shopping facilities and experiential opportunities for you, and those who want it. Hotel Røde-Kro values and appreciates the good atmosphere, and the professional approach, at everything they do. But with a strong focus on putting the coziness high, so you can feel completely comfortable. 

In the kitchen, emphasis is on raw material foods and the perfectly taste. You should feel at home, and simply enjoy a quality assured evening in good company. The restaurant follows the Sharefood concept, which is a concept where you share the food between you, and the ones you are with. In this way different dishes can be served, so you and your fellow quests is given the opportunity on trying more different delicious and well prepared dishes. The purpose of this is to create a more social valued eating experience, focusing on the flavor impressions, the forms of aesthetic servings and honest food artisans. 

The history behind the hotel has a beginning already back in 1649, where the marksman Nis got an approvement to place an inn building at the bridge  over Røde river. Hereby the inn should of course be named Røde-kro, which translated means red-inn. However the family-owned business starts in 1923, when Margrethe and Jens Christian Hansen buys the place. The faith sadly wanted for Jens Christian Hansen to pass away only 14 days after the purchase, where his son Marius Hansen, adopted the operation at Røde-kro. Over the years followed Marius and his wife Anna have children, and the inn has thru years housed both dentists, union office and even soldiers from the second world war. Marius passes away in 1997, where by Anna tenants the inn. 

In 1990 Henning Jørgensen buys the hotel. Anna lived at the inn till 1991, where she in an age of 90 years old is placed at a nursing home. After a profound renovation for new rooms, a smaller hall, inn room and toilets, the inn at once finally opened up for real again. Subsequently a new kitchen where build, likewise more rooms and a bar, which in fact are placed where the inn used to house a dentist. 


Vestergade 2
6230 Rødekro

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Attractions nearby of Hotel Røde-Kro

  • Photo: Aabenraa Tourist

    Rise Kirke

    1.43 km

    Rise Church is a large, whitewashed church with Romanesque nave and chencel.

    Restored 1893-94 after a fire in 1893.
    Altarpiece and pulpit saved from original building, now housed in the museum at Gottorp Castle in Germany.
    The organ was built in 1894 by Marcussen & Son, Aabenraa and has been rebuilt during 1992 by the same firm, raising the number of organ stops from the present 12 to 22.
    An old district church situated close to The Old Army Road.

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  • Photo: Aabenraa Tourist

    Kunst Museum Panbo

    2.29 km

    We think it is Denmark's, Europe's, maybe even the World's First Sustainable Museum.
    Christian Panbo opened the Art Museum on Friday 30.03.2018 at Egelund 5, 6200 Aabenraa. It is on the same address where the company Christian Panbo A / S is located.
    The museum is externally build in the same sustainable wood plank / kernel tree from northern Sweden, from which all other wooden houses from the company are produced.
    The many exciting Eckersberg paintings, Skagen paintings and some other prominent painted works can now be seen by everyone.
    The works have so far hung on the walls of the company Christian Panbo A / S to the great pleasure of the employees, but now Christian Panbo has built his own Art Museum and hereby made it possible for everyone to access the beautiful paintings.
    Christian Panbo will most often be ar the museum himself and combines it with an additional desk and meeting table, so that he can still perform daily duties from the museum.
    There is a Cafe in connection with the Museum, where you can buy coffee and cake.
    Sandwiches can be ordered in advance, at least a few days before.
    You can pay with cash + mobilepay.

    Please check the Museums website for opening hours, just in case.

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  • Photo: Aabenraa Tourist

    Sikringsstilling Nord - Andholm Battery

    3.12 km

    The Andholm battery is part of the former fortification Sikringsstilling Nord which stretched from east to west with a total of approx. 800 bunkers. Andholm is one of the few batteries that was not blown to pieces. The post was on private land and the owner wanted to preserve a memory of the time. Today you can therefore see the three bunkers almost intact.

    In addition to the three bunkers, one can also see the hole where a railway brisk cannon should have been erected.

    From the car park opposite Ribevej 25, there is a couple of hundred meters walk to the three bunkers.

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  • Photo: Aabenraa Tourist


    4.81 km

    In connection with parcelling out sites for industry in 1980, Haderslev Museum examined the area more closely, due to several burial mounds there being ploughed up.

    The largest was found to be made in four stages, and had been used as a burial place from the end of the stone age up to the bronze age, changing its appearance with each funeral.
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  • Photo: Aabenraa Tourist

    Kongens Forhøjning

    4.95 km

    In Hjelm Forest, there is a small elevation by Hessel Stream known as the " Kings Rise".

    It said that King Valdemar Sejr sailed to this place after his crusade in Estonia in 1219, on his way to Urnehoved Moot, where the assembled population saw the flag Dannebrog for the first time.
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  • Photo: Aabenraa Tourist

    Øster Logum Church

    5.15 km

    Romanesque chancel and nave. Brick altar table with excellent Late Gothic cabinet, altarpiece from early 1500's.
    Beautiful Renaissance pulpit from 1562.
    Organ built 1980 by Bruhn and Son, Aarslev, Roedekro.

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  • Photo: Camilla

    Nørreskov Dog forest

    5.2 km

    From the parking lot on Camma Larsen-Ledets Vej, or from Høje Kolstrup School, there is access to the forest. In the forest there are various loops you can walk, both major gravel roads and small nature trails.

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  • Photo: Aabenraa Tourist

    Jacob Michelsen's House

    5.39 km

    The history of Jacob Michelsens House dates back to the early 16th century. In 1847 the Michelsen family took ownership of the small holding and made it into a vibrant small local museum showing kitchen supplies and old working equipment for stable, field and woodland.

    The museum Jacob Michelsens House is now a place where guests are able to see how baking used to be done and various other handicrafts.


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  • Photo: Aabenraa Tourist

    H.P. Hanssens house

    5.83 km

    H.P. Hanssen is known for raising the issue of Nordschleswigs embedding into Denmark in the German Reichstag in October 1918. Furthermore, he became the chief architect of the Reunification in 1920.

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  • Photo: Aabenraa Tourist

    Sct. Jørgens Church

    5.93 km

    Built as an independent church in 1903-04 by architect N. Jacobsen and used, since 1923, as an auxiliary parish church under the Danish state.

    A gilded wooden cross adorns the altar.
    The extension was built in 1988 by architect E. Lehn Petersen.
    Relief by Nikolaus Wehding representing a sacrificial scene from The Old Testament.
    Crucifix by Niels Helledie in the glass passage connecting the church and extension.
    In the Havsteen Room is a 6-sided oil painting by Svend Havsteen-Mikkelsen depicting Christ's Passion.
    In the grounds behind the extension is a sculpture by Nikolaus Wehding.
    In 1992, 3 glass mosaic panels by Svend Havsteen-Mikkelsen were installed in the choir of the church.
    All the church's works of art were purchased by special funds and collections.
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  • Photo: Aabenraa Tourist

    Glas Workshop Eskjær Aa

    5.97 km

    The owner of the Glass Workshop, Jette Eskjær Aagaard, has worked with glass since 2005 and had her own workshop from 2007. You can order her products and by them from her address.

    In addition to working with the glass, she organizes glass courses for private individuals.

    She also organizes courses for business customers, where, in addition to working with the glass, emphasis is placed on communication and collaboration.

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  • Museum Sønderjylland - Kunstmuseet Brundlund Slot

    6.15 km

    The artists in the museum's collection of older art are mainly artists from Sønderjylland or artists with connections to Sønderjylland. Thus, North Schleswig, but also South Schleswig artists are represented, as well as Danish-minded German and German-minded Danish artists. These include Franciska Clausen, C.W. Eckersberg, Ditlev Blunck and O.D. Ottesen.

    In the park you can enjoy the sculptures, the surroundings and the old castle from the 15th century. In the café you can enjoy a good cup of coffee and other refreshments. During Summer you can take a seat outside and enjoy the castle park.

    April - October:
    Tuesdag - Sunday 11.00 - 17.00*

    November - March:
    Tuesdag - Sunday 12.00 - 16.00

    *Open on Easter Monday and Whit Monday from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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  • Photo: Museum Sønderjylland

    Museum Sønderjylland - Cultural History Aabenraa

    6.28 km

    Set sail at Cultural History Aabenraa. The museum reflects the proud maritime tradition that characterized Aabenraa in the age of sail, which later became an important element of the city's identity. Here you can experience one of the largest Danish collections of ship portraits, which used to hang in captains' homes.

    Opening hours:

    22nd of March until October 31st.

    Only from Thursday until Sunday. 

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