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  • Overnight accommodation
  • Buffet breakfast

More about Hotel Randers

Hotel Randers is one of Denmark’s oldest hotels. For more than 160 years the hotel has been an oasis with room for pleasure, peace and absorption.  The hotel was built in 1856, however in the autumn of 2016 it was reopened after being completely refurbished. You can sense the presence of history at the beautiful hotel.

Torvegade 11, 8900 Randers
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Hotel facilities

  • Bicycle loan/rental
  • Fitness Room
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  • Disabled-friendly
  • Free wifi
  • Pets
  • Charging station
  • Parking fee
  • Restaurant
  • Non smoking
  • Airport: 49 km
  • Train: 1,5 km
  • Busstop: 200 m
  • Beach: 36 km
  • Golf: 6 km
  • 84 Rooms

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Attractions nearby of Super Stay

  • Photo: Randers Kunstmuseum

    Randers Kunstmuseum

    0.19 km

    Some of the 19th century artists, such as L. A. Ring, Theodor Philipsen, Vilhelm Hammershøi and others are particularly well represented. The same applies to major names from 20th century art, including Vilhelm Lundstrøm, Sven Dalsgaard, Wilhelm Freddie, Asger Jorn and many others.

    Sven Dalsgaard, a lifelong native of Randers, is represented by over 1.000 works alone. It is also possible to experience the amazing mirror- and glass installation 'Det Kosmiske Rum' (The Cosmic Room) by artist Tróndur Patursson.


    Free admission to the museum's own collection of Danish art from 1800 to the present.

    Admission to special exhibition: Adults: 50 DKK. Groups (over 10 people): 40 DKK. There is free admission for children and young people under 18 years old.

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  • Photo: Museum Østjylland

    Museum Østjylland Randers

    0.18 km

    In the permanent exhibits, you can learn about life around Randers and the town’s vicinity dating all the way back to the first known presence of man 100.000 years ago and up until today.

    Middle Age Man

    The Middle Ages was an absolutely fascinating era, filled with drama that has brought about a large number of myths. At this permanent exhibition, you get to meet the proud knight on horseback, the poor shoemaker and his family, and the Helligåndsklostrets convent prior, who generously shared good advice on haemorrhoids, arthritis, and podagra. A lot of work has gone into creating various lasting sensory impressions that will take you back to times past. You can even let your children dress up as a monk or a noblewoman, try on the knights’ weapons, and join in on entertaining Medieval games.

    Museum Østjylland and its Many Museums

    Museum Østjylland was founded in 1872 and is one of the oldest and largest local museums in all of Denmark. Here, you will find changing exhibitions, fascinating digital exhibitions, activities for children and much more. Furthermore, Museum Østjylland has exhibitions and museums in Grenaa and Ebeltoft. 

    Admission is free to Museum Østjylland in Randers, which is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. all year round.

    The museum is closed on the 24th, 25th, 26th, and 31st of December, January 1st, May 1st, April 1st, May 20th, June 5th.

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  • Photo: Randers Regnskov

    Randers Regnskov - Tropical Zoo

    0.44 km

    Randers Regnskov Tropical Zoo – Great Experiences for visitors of all ages all year round!

    In the tropical climate of the rainforest with lianas, big waterfalls, amazing plants, and lots of free-ranging animals, you are sure to feel transported to a world that you usually have to fly for hours to see.

    The air is hot and humid and filled with the noises of the rich wildlife in the domes. In the treetops above your head, monkeys are jumping around playing, while the bats and sloths are getting a rest. On the forest floor, leafcutter ants are working tirelessly to carry heavy leaf bits down to their ant-hill while the manatees swim quietly around the water, and the Komodo dragons are lazing in a sunny spot.

    See the opening hours for the Rainforest right here.

    The Snake Temple

    Are you crazy about snakes, too? If so, you should visit the snake temple and walk around among real, live boa constrictors.

    Travel in Time on Tidsrejsen

    TIDSREJSEN will take you on a journey through the landscape from the birth of the country and up until today! See the hyena plain and the Neanderthal camp dating back to distant times before the latest Ice Age and play around in the mammoth trees and the elephant cemeteries. Pet the animals at the Stone Age village and stand face-to-face with a European lynx by the dolmen. Walk along a scenic path to moor used for offerings dating back to the Iron Age and enjoy a refreshment at the farm playground.

    The Jaguars Have Moved to Randers – and They Have Got Their Very Own Pool

    The luxuriant, South American rainforest is home to a cat so big that only the tiger and the lion exceed it in size. Its jaws are so powerful that it is able to crush the skull of even large mammals and easily bite through the shell of a land turtle and other armoured reptiles.

    In Randers Regnskov Tropical Zoo, you get to come close to these beautiful felines in the jaguar enclosure. They even have their very own pool, so come and see for yourself, when they frolic in the water. Find out more about the jaguars.

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  • Photo: Sct. Clemens Kirke

    St. Clemens' church

    1.54 km

    Sct. Clemens church

    The name probably derives from a church in Randers which was dedicated to the patron saint of the mariners, St. Clemens. The church is designed by the architects Inger and Johannes Exner and is from 1963. But the parish and church go much further back in history as the foundation stones show. The first foundation stone in the church's crypt is a granite ashlar stemming from Randers' oldest church, the first St. Clemens' church, which was demolished in 1540. The second foundation stone is a mediaeval large brick from St. Morten's church and the third foundation stone from St. Peder's church, the two parishes from which St. Clemens' church was separated.

    The siting of the church

    The siting of the church on a hillside facing south with a view of Gudenådalen (the Valley of the Gudenå River) has been used rather unusually as the church's choir with the large windows faces south. From the church's entrance facing north the buildings are not much to look at but seen from the south the bulding's three storeys jut out in the Vestpark as a stem. The interior of the church is pentagonal so that the choir section with the 17 piers and the windows from floor to ceiling end in an apex. The building material both outside and inside is yellow bricks, and the woodwork is pine tree.

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  • Photo: RAISFOTO

    Naturepark Randers Fjord

    2.57 km

    Randers Fjord is almost 30 km long and is the mouth of the river Gudenåen.

    Together with the fjord itself, the forests of reeds and beach meadows along the fjord are home to a rich bird life, and the fjord also contains a great variety of fish species.

    In several places in the area, tables and benches, shelters and bird watching towers can be found, which the guests in the area can freely use.

    In two places in Naturpark Randers Fjord, you have the possibility of crossing the fjord by ferry. The ferry sails across the fjord from Mellerup to Voer and at Udbyhøj. The Mellerup-Voer ferry service can boast of being the oldest royally licensed ferry service in Denmark dating back to 1740 and is also the smallest ferry in Denmark. Where Randers Fjord flows into Kattegat, you can take Denmark’s only cable-drawn ferry at Udbyhøj.

    Do not miss:

    1) The Activity Centre Kyst- og Fjordcentret near Voer

    2) Udbyhøj Yacht Harbour, the Equipment Base and the beach

    3) The Café Færgestedet in Mellerup

    4) Kanaløen (The Channel Island) - Boats can be rented on the Kyst- og Fjordcentret.

    5) The ferries at Randers Fjord

    Danish Nature Parks are a labelling scheme administered by Friluftsrådet for larger cohesive natural areas that focus on using and protecting nature in Denmark.

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  • Photo: Memphis Mansion

    Memphis Mansion

    3.12 km

    A tribute to the king of rock 'n' roll! 

    The building houses an American Diner Highway 51, Elvis Museum, a souvenir shop and party rooms. The museum is based on a large collection of things involving Elvis. The collection belongs to the owner of Memphis Mansion, Henrik Knudsen. Randers is the only place outside the USA that has its own Elvis museum. 

    Experience Elvis' Birth Place

    In 2013 a copy of Elvis’ birthplace was built, a small wooden house of approximately 50 square meters. Nowhere else in the world is it possible to experience in one and the same place, where Elvis was born, and where he lived from 1957 until his death in 1977, only 42 years old.

    Highway 51- Elvis would eat here

    Highway 51 Diner is All American - both in interior and food, that is made from recipies from the southern states. It is an unique in Denmark - Elvis would eat here! 

    Entrance is free for children under 12 years, when accompanied by an adult.

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  • Photo: Jakob Lerche

    Randers Deerpark

    5.25 km

    The Deerpark is open to the public year round. Paths have been established for pedestians, and it is requested that particularly in June and July when the does have fawns, the public does not go outside of the paths.

    Dogs are not allowed in the deer forest.

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  • Photo: Fussingø Slot

    Fussingø Castle

    11.9 km

    Fussingø Castle

    The castle is only open to the public during exhibitions and arrangements. However, it is possible to arrange a conducted group tour for 10-50 people by previous appointment. See the calender here for more information about the guided tours and other events at the Castle.

    The park is open to the public, and the forest provides good opportunities for walking tours. Enjoy for instance the beautiful view from Thomasbakke hill or see Fussing vandmølle (Fussing watermill), situated in beautiful surroundings by the dammed millpond. By Fussing Sø (Fussing Lake), there is a small, public bathing place with good possibilities for bathing. At the lake, there is also a place with benches and tables, drinking water and toilets (only in the summer half-year). For more information about Fussing Sø and the surroundings here.

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  • Photo: VisitMariagerFjord

    The Italian Garden

    17.92 km

    The Italian Garden is privately owned by Benny, who lives and breathes for his beloved garden. Here you can find up to 500 different perennials, 500 rockery plants, 75 rhododendrons, 40 different water lilies, 40 azaleas, and alpine plants.

    In The Italian Garden, you will also find large white sculptures, 5 large water basins with fountains, goldfish, and water lilies.

    Diverse summer flowers and heavy sculptures adorn the garden.

    There are guided tours in the rococo-style rooms of the main house, furnished with English, German, French, and Italian furniture. There are both new and old items, and several antique pieces.

    Coffee is served in the garden, and there is a large dining room for 65 people where you can enjoy your own food. Guest toilets are available, and the garden is wheelchair accessible.

    The Italian Garden is only open by appointment (1st May to 1st September). Admission is DKK 80, including a guided tour.

    To visit the site, please call Benny Knudsen in advance at phone number 98 55 50 69.

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  • Photo: Mariager Saltcenter

    Mariager Saltcenter

    21.91 km

    Experience Our World Of Salt

    Ever wondered what your life would be like if you did not have salt? How your food would taste, how many products you would miss? Now you can find out at Mariager Saltcenter, located right at the harbour in the city of Mariager.

    Since the Middle Ages, people in this region have been extracting salt. And now we have made it possible to explore the history, feel the magic of the ‘White Gold’, learn more, play, taste, feel – and even buy great salt products in our store.

    When you enter our world of salt, you will experience an attraction based on interesting facts, history, geology and activities designed to make you think. Dress in your swimwear, dive into our Dead Sea and feel the healing effect of wellness with salty skin care. Come enjoy your body floating like never before. Have a seat in our cinema. Explore our seething master as he makes salt in our brand-new seething hut. Explore the virtual ride ‘138 meters down’ in the mineworkers’ elevator – and round out your experience by enjoying a great meal served on the dock.

    Café Salt

    After your bath, you can enjoy a delicious meal at Café Salt. The café offers several tasty lunch dishes such as sandwiches, delicious salads, and much more. Enjoy your lunch on the terrace outside, perfectly situated by Denmark's most beautiful fjord.

    Even on a rainy day, you can sit outside on the terrace without getting wet. There are four greenhouses where you can enjoy your meal and the view of the water - sheltered from the Danish summer weather.

    If you want to relax and spend some time here, we suggest you take a walk around the city of Mariager. You will love the quiet pace in this Cittaslow city with its interesting character and its people dedicated to improving the quality of life. Go shopping and you will be amazed by the old houses, the cobbled stones, the roses and the friendly people ready to guide you and make you feel welcome.

    Just wait and see.

    Visit the Salt Shop

    Conclude your visit with a trip to the salt shop, where you can buy the famous Mariager flavored salts, among other things. In the shop, you'll also find salt cellars, crystal soaps, salt lamps, and more delightful gifts for any festive occasion.

    The Salt Shop is also available online, so you can always order salt to your home - for example, as a lovely hostess gift.

    Find opening hours and learn more about the possibilities at

    Right outside the door, you'll also find the Tour Boat "Svanen" and the Mariager - Handest Vintage Railway.

    Just like the beautiful hiking route "Mariager Rundt" of approximately 11 km passes right by the Mariager Salt Center.

    Eco-friendly Travel by Bus and Train in Northern Jutland

    Getting around in Himmerland and the rest of Northern Jutland is easy with public transportation. Plan your journey by bus, train, and Plustur on

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  • Photo: VisitMariagerFjord

    Bramslev Bakker

    23.62 km

    Bramslev Bakker is a 300 hectares preserved area right by Mariager Fjord, with access through marked trails. 

    The view from the parking place at Bramslev Bakker is one of the most spectacular sights in Northern Jutland. The steep slopes are an abrupt distinction from the more level and higher placed agricultural area which surrounds the fjord.

    The fjord is a so-called tunnel valley, whose formation was finally completed by colossal meltwater streams under the ice 20,000 years ago. However, studies suggest that a valley existed here already in the Tertiary period over 1 million years ago, and that this valley was deepened by the advancing ice.

    In 2017 a new path was established - the Panoramaroute - a certified route, awarded for it's spectacular nature (among other things). Along the route, you'll find Bramslev Bakker Camping and Hotel BramslevGaard if you are in need for a refreshment. 

    Below Bramslev Bakker is a lovely beach, awarded the White Flag. Here, bathing is possible from the water's edge and the bathing bridge. The White Flag is a replacement for the Blue Flag and is still a sign of a good bathing spot with clean water - it also means that dogs are welcome.

    During the summer, Bramslev Bakker is also where the paddle steamer, Svanen moors, before a trip round Mariager Fjord.


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