2 Nights Stay at Hotel Pinenhus

Includes per person per stay:

  • 2 x overnight accommodation
  • 2 x breakfast buffet
  • 1 x 3-course dinner (chef's choice)
  • 1 x 5-course dinner (chef's choice)

More about Hotel Pinenhus

Enjoy the most beautiful view when you stay at Hotel Pinenhus. In the garden you can try the mini golf course, and you can enjoy dinner in the panoramic restaurant at the hotel. In the evening, there is the option of a game of pool while you enjoy an evening drink. Take a walk in the beautiful natural surroundings.

Pinen 3, 7870 Roslev
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Hotel facilities

  • Disabled-friendly
  • Free wifi
  • Pets
  • Charging station
  • Free parking
  • Restaurant
  • Non smoking
  • Airport: 63 km
  • Train: 25 km
  • Busstop: 1 km
  • Beach: 100 m
  • Golf: 6 km

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Attractions nearby of 2 Nights Stay

  • Photo: Morsø Turistbureau - Destination Mors

    The Sallingsund Brigde

    1.24 km

    The Sallingsund bridge was erected in 1978. The total cost of the bridge, incl. all it's connections at land was DKK 221 millions. This money has yielded the province a very long bridge. The bridge is 1.730 m long distributed among 17 sections at 93 m and two sections in each end at 51 m. The maximum height of the bridge in relation to the sound is 30.5 m, and where the bridge connects to land it's 25 m above water level. The bridge is 16 m wide with two sidewalks, two bike paths and two lanes. There's a sturdy railing on each side, that are partly sealed at specific heights because of the strong north western winds.

    The vertical clearing for ships is 26 m between the 8th and 9th pillar, like the 9th and 10th, where the depth of water is 15 m. The amount of building material has been large. For the substructure alone was used 12.000 sq. m. of concrete, 1.700 tonnes of reinforcing and 900 tonnes of so called prestressed reinforcement. The Sallingsund bridge has been equipped with storm flaps in consideration of traffic safety - thereby obscuring the view when driving. Therefore, it's advised to park the car at the parking space in Legind Bjerge and walk out on the bridge.

    Her royal highness queen Margrethe the 2nd opened the bridge for the public, Tuesday the 30th of May 1978.

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  • Photo: Ruslan Merzlyakov

    Dark Sky spot - Sallingsund

    1.43 km

    Right between the Legind forest and Limfjord you will find a big picnic area, which is great visiting for stargazing. The place fits perfectly for experiencing of shooting stars and the Milky Way that appears as a bright pillar in the Southern part of the sky from August till November. And you should definitely be here, when the year’s greatest Perseids meteor shower lights the night sky up with more than 100 shooting stars per hour!

    In the pectin area you will find tables and benches that can freely be used if you would like to enjoy a hot drink with the heavenly view. The area is handicap friendly.

    • Well-adapted for experiencing: Milky Way, Meteor showers, Moonrise

    • Facilities: Tables, benches

    • Parking: Picnic/parking area under Sallingsund Bridge

    Dark Sky in the Limfjord's country will take you on a time travel through billions of stars, offer an ease for your souls and non the less create lots of unforgettable memories of the fascinating night sky phenomena.

    You can read more about Dark Sky in Destination Limfjorden here: Dark Sky in Destination Limfjorden


    Being outside at night

    It is our common responsibility to respect natural environment, especially as many animal species are active during night time. It is important to switch the light off, when there is no need for using it – doing this will help you to avoid affecting your night vision and others in the area. Remember not to leave anything but your footprints out in the nature.


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  • Photo: Skiveegnens Erhvervs- og Turistcenter

    Glyngøre Church

    2.16 km

    Glyngøre church is the youngest church in the Salling-region. In 1884, as the Skive-Salling line established a terminal station in Glyngøre, the town on the point grew bigger during the following two decades. Naturally, as a result, the new town had to have its own church. The church was built of bricks, shaped like mediaeval large bricks, and was consecrated in 1919.
    It consists of chancel, with trilateral end facing east, nave, tower and porch.
    The alter piece, depicting the Good Shephard, was painted by Peter Skovgaard, son of Joakim Skovgaard.

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  • Photo: Morsø Turistbureau - Destination Mors

    Legind Bjerge

    2.3 km

    Legind-Højriis is a magical area where the landscape seems to change with every step one takes. Almost 900 hectares of land are preserved here and not only with regard to the nature of the area, but with regard to your opportunities as visitor, as well. 

    One can experience the delightful play between the Limfjord, the wooded ridges crowned with burial mounds and the open ravines of the heath with ancient sunken roads.

    The first trees were planted in 1893 by local citizens and the area quickly became one of the favourite recreational areas for the islanders. In the area, there is a festival area and
    open air theatre.

    Legind Bjerge has many great trails for both hikers and mountain bikers. A special brochure over these is available at the Morsø Tourist Office.

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  • Photo: Glyngøre Vandpark

    Glyngøre Vandpark - the Largest Water Playground in Scandinavia

    2.4 km

    About 50 metres off the coast in Glyngøre you find the largest water playground in Scandinavia – complete with a water slide, bouncing castle, trampoline, climbing wall and balance training equipment. The water around the playground is a couple of metres deep.

    Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult and must be able to swim 400 metres. Safety jackets are mandatory. Safety jackets and wetsuits are available free of charge at the shop SuperBrugsen against a deposit of DKK 300.-.

    The Glyngøre Water Playground is open all summer till the end of August.

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  • Photo: Morsø Turistbureau - Destination Mors

    Jesperhus Feriepark - Flowerpark

    3 km

    The largest flower park of Scandinavia is filled with perennials, roses, various summer flowers of the world, succulents and giant flower figurines. You can also witness the fairy tale garden of H.C. Andersen with various characters from the famous stories.

    At the center of the park the Pirate land is located, with lots of attractions and carousels. There's a western land, bouncer, mini trains, boats, motorcycles, shooting range, mini cars, trampolines and ponies.

    See opening hours and prices at: www.jesperhus.dk

    The entry ticket can be exchanged to a season pass, for a price. Children under the age of three: no charge.
    A Jesperhus season pass grants free entrance and discounts at various other attractions, among other thngs. Check the homepage for additional information.

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  • Photo: Skiveegnens Erhvervs- og Turistcenter

    Nautrup Church

    3.22 km

    Nautrup Church is a Romanesque ashlar church. The tower and porch were added in 1931. Altarpiece and pulpit in Renaissance style. The church bell is from the beginning of the 12th century. Idyllically situated.

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  • Photo: Morsø Turistbureau - Destination Mors

    Legind Lake

    3.24 km

    In 1991 the island regained one of its largest lakes. After 65 years, Legind Lake was re-created as a 27 hectare fresh water lake. The lake and the meadows have become an important habitat for wild plants and animals on Mors, as well as for bird life.

    During the spring and fall the area is visited by many migrating ducks and water fowl.

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  • Photo: Skiveegnens Erhvervs- og Turistcenter

    Sæby Church Skive

    3.64 km

    Romanesque ashlar church without tower. Bell frame with two bells: one from the 15th century and a new one from 1996. Renaissance altarpiece with new painting, made by Ingolf Røjbæk in 1952. Beautifully situated. Nice and well-groomed churchyard.

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  • Photo: Museum Mors

    Dueholm Monastery

    5.74 km

    Experience the atmosphere in the old convent, which tells a story about monks and nuns, brave knights and fair maidens. See the many old and well-preserved items that generations of locals have protected and, thus, today are irreplaceable treasures in the museum’s collections.

    Here you will find anything from the vikings’ sword to the finest China and glassware from our great-grandparents time. In other words, there’s something for everyone. The museum’s great collection of toys could easily be named Children’s Paradise. See every boy’s dream and every girl’s highest wish, and tell your own children or grandchildren about the time when their grandfather was a child. 

    There are many activities at the museum throughout the year. From special exhibitions to shows by people who demonstrate their skills for a day. 

    Dueholm Kloster is a part of the Museum Mors.

    When you have paid the entrance fee you can visit Dansk Støberimuseum, Fossil- og Molermuseet og Skarregaard for free.


    Opening hours

    See opening hours for Dueholm Monastery on: Dueholm Monestery's webpage

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  • Photo: Morsø Turistbureau - Destination Mors

    Hama Safari Park

    6.63 km

    Visit the small cozy "park" where all the figures are made in pearls.

    From 01.05 - 15.10 the park is filled with exotic pearl animals. In the winter season there are figures that fit the season.

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  • Photo: Skiveegnens Erhvervs- og Turistcenter

    Den røde sten (Red cliff)

    11.55 km

    A large red cliff on Fur's north coast.
    The red rock is a rust-red sandstone rock that stands out at the beach edge below the cliff. The red rock is always red because it is washed clean by the salty water, which further reinforces the rust content of the iron content in the surface.

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