SDH Mini Break at Hotel Hovborg Kro

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Includes per person per night:

  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • 2-course menu (chef’s choice)

More about Hotel Hovborg Kro

Hovborg Kro is famous for its low-ceiled taprooms and for its splendid Jutland food. The inn has been here for at least 250 years and the thatched main building erected in 1790 is reverently preserved. Without ruining the atmosphere the owners have succeeded in “building in” modern facilities valued by today’s guests.

Holmeåvej 2, 6682 Hovborg, , 6682 Hovborg
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Hotel facilities

  • Free wifi
  • Pets
  • Charging station
  • Free parking
  • Restaurant
  • Airport: 20 km
  • Train: 10 km
  • Busstop: 50 m
  • Beach: 50 km
  • Fishing: 100 m
  • Golf: 10 km
  • 51 Rooms

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Holmeåvej 2, 6682 Hovborg,
6682 Hovborg

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Attractions nearby of SDH Mini Break

  • Photo: Visit Vejen Turistinformation

    Coast to coast Trail

    0.44 km

    The 130 km long marked nature trail leads you through landscapes formed by the latest Ice Ages. From Blåvandshuk to Bække, you walk in the flat landscape which was ice free in the latest Ice Age and which today consists of flat moorland and plantations. Near Bække you pass the ridge and towards Vejle you walk through the melt water valley which was formed under the ice cap of the latest Ice Age. Today hiking in the nature across Jutland along the Coast to Coast Trail offers a rich variated nature landscape, wide open spaces, and peace and quiet. Long sections of the trail are very close to the stream courses, which is unique.

    The Coast to Coast Trail is a hiking route offering versatile nature experiences with flora and fauna from meadows, woods, and fields. You can choose to walk the tour in one or more sections or to walk short tours or circular tours along the hiking trail. The trail course is well-equipped with primitive overnight accommodations. Map materials and guides for the hiking tour from coast to coast can be found here: (in Danish only).

    Following this link, you can find further information about locations where you can stay overnight along the middle part of the Coast to Coast Trail between Hovborg and Bække. 

    In Hovborg it is possible to shop or to buy a meal at Hovborg Kro (Inn). In the Hovborg area, primarily the large moorland plantations and their cultural history are interesting. Most of the plantations were established by rich men from Copenhagen, who would like to secure hunting ground and to support the national romantic afforestation after the loss of Southern Jutland in 1864. The Hedeselskabet was established here by Dalgas.

    Near Bække the Coast to Coast Trail crosses the national hiking route Hærvejen (Ancient Military Road). The Hærvejen has passed through Bække. We now this with certainty. In Bække you find shopping and overnight accommodation. The Coast to Coast Trail passes the historic Bække Monument, Klebæk Høje, where the traces of 3 periods of history can still be seen.

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  • Photo: Destination Trekantområdet

    Hejnsvig - Beautiful city near Billund

    10.61 km

    Hejnsvig on Top. That is the name of an organisation consisting of active participants from private companies, public institutions and local clubs and associations among others. Its goal is clear and simple. Promoting Hejnsvig outwardly while inwardly creating a solid framework for growth. 
    The name itself, "Hejnsvig on Top", refers to the fact that Hejnsvig is built on what is geologically known as a "hill island", formed during the last Ice Age. And not just any hill island, the highest in the Kingdom of Denmark, no less. 

    Hejnsvig has a rich history, stretching at least as far back as the 13th century, when the original version of the present church was built. And in many ways, the church embodies the very essence of Hejnsvig's history. The first church, built 800 years ago, was probably made of wood. Later, it was replaced by a tiny stone church, and Hejnsvig was mentioned in written accounts for the first time in the 14th century. Although the church was very small, the parish was the most important in the area right up to the 17th century. The church was greatly extended at the beginning of the 20th century, attaining its present size. The way the church was enlarged is typical for the region. And is very much part and parcel of the prosperity brought to the whole area by the railway. Hejnsvig had its own station from 1917 to 1968. 

    Besides its proud history, Hejnsvig has a flourishing business community with several industrial enterprises, and an exceptionally pretty golf course with very special buildings. You can read more about them in the section on local buildings of interest.
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  • Photo: LEGO House

    LEGO® House - Have the greatest playdate in the world in Billund

    17.77 km

    LEGO® House is the world’s best play date for the whole family – adults, children at heart and actual children. Here you can unleash your imagination among millions of LEGO bricks. Build your own creations and watch them come to life. Race with your family and see which LEGO vehicle is the best. And eat in one of the LEGO inspired restaurants, when you get hungry.

    LEGO House has six Experience Zones, a cosy LEGO Square and topnotch outdoor playgrounds. Start the world’s best play date at the Tree of Creativity. It is 15.68 metres tall. And then move on to the Masterpiece Gallery to see some of the craziest LEGO masterpieces before you continue into the Experience Zones.



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  • Photo: LEGOLAND

    LEGOLAND Billund - Go to Legoland and have a day full of fantastic experiences in Billund

    18.68 km

    Hop aboard the LEGO® Canoe and prepare yourself for a roaring waterfall at the end of your trip into the wilderness, or hurl yourself from the Eagle Rock 11 metres above the ground at a terrific speed past the wild LEGO® animals of the Flying Eagle. Take a trip on thin ice with the penguins and feel your body tremble in the chilling Polar X-plorer, where the ice breaks below you and you fall 5 metres down!

    If you’re in the mood for something more relaxing, you can explore LEGOLAND® as seen from above in the LEGOTOP®, or experience the whole world in miniature built out of more than 20 million LEGO® bricks in Miniland in the heart of LEGOLAND®.

    We cannot wait to feel the rush with you - of course, in a completely safe and secure environment!

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  • Photo: VisitVejle

    Old grocer’s shop Bindeballe Købmandsgård

    20.9 km

    Bindeballe Købmandsgård is a heritage grocer’s shop founded in 1897, the year of the opening of the Vejle-Vandel railway. Bindeballe Købmandsgård is also a living general store where you can by classic local specialities, such as Bindeballe Bjesk (aquavit) and bitter. 

    Denmark’s largest merchant museum, Bindeballe Købmandsgård features collections of traditional merchandise from bygone times and old store signs and interiors. More than 5000 different items are on display, the oldest more than a century old.    

    The old grocer’s shop has more than 100,000 annual visitors.

    You can buy coffee, buns and cakes in the café. Please notify the museum of the arrival of groups of more than 10 people and also pre-order coffees and cake.

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  • Photo: Visit Vejen Turistinformation

    Freedom Brige - Kongeåen

    21.82 km

    A concrete construction from 1924, Frihedsbroen (Freedom Bridge) crosses the river of Kongeåen, allowing wayfarers to travel between Københoved and Askov.

    Next to the bridge, the characteristic red-and-white fencing (the Danish national colours) has been preserved. This kind of fencing was used by locals between 1864 and 1920 to show affinity and loyalty to Denmark.

    Freedom Bridge is named after the stone house located just north of the bridge, namely the house made of fieldstones built in 1870 by H. D. Kloppenborg from Københoved. He was one of the pioneers of the region’s struggle for reunification with Denmark. When he built the house there was also need for a bridge. The original ford, which allowed wayfarers to cross the river before the bridge was built, was located further west.

    The three bridges
    Frihedsbroen (Freedom Bridge) that crosses the river of Kongeåen actually consists of three bridges. To the far north, a bridge over the river; in the middle, a bridge under which mainly cattle roam, one that crosses a wellspring that heads east (in the opposite direction of Kongeåen); and to the south, a bridge crossing an agricultural irrigation canal.

    Irrigation canal
    If you stand on Freedom Bridge and look southwards downstream, you'll see a dike that runs parallel to the embankment. This is the remains of an irrigation channel system. The channel, dating from the years after 1874, is 8 km long and runs parallel to the river from Knagemøllen, about 3 km to the east where there was a dam. The water was originally used to irrigate the low-lying meadows between the channel and the river through a distribution system of irrigation ditches. The water was nutrient-rich and enhanced the yield so local farmers could better see through the winter.

    Hiking route The Ancient Road Hærvejen 0 km
    Cycling route The Ancient Road Hærvejen 0 km

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  • Photo: Elliott Hope Studio

    Engelsholm Castle

    26.74 km

    The History of Engelsholm Castle

    The Renaissance castle Engelsholm is beautifully situated on the shores of Engelsholm Lake, surrounded by forest and park. The castle was built by Knud Brahe - the brother of Tycho Brahe - in 1592. The very regular building is rectangular in plan with square towers featuring onion domes embedded in each corner.

    The inspiration was drawn from the castle Ancy-le-Franc in Burgundy, France. In the 1730s, Gerhard de Lichtenberg began an extensive restoration and remodeling of the castle. He added the distinctive onion domes, constructed a large three-winged farmyard, and laid out the park in the French style. The castle still contains furnishings with painted Chinese scenes from the renovation.

    Gerhard de Lichtenberg also left his mark on the nearby Nørup Church, which belonged to Engelsholm Castle from 1586 to 1935. The Romanesque church is richly decorated with Baroque-style furnishings and, like the castle, features onion-shaped domes.

    The castle burned down in 1952 but was immediately restored to its original form.

    The Recent History of Engelsholm Castle

    Since 1940, Engelsholm Castle has been operated as a folk high school and is today owned by the independent institution "Engelsholm Højskole." The castle is not open to the public, but it can be viewed from the outside from the southern part of the park. In addition to the other buildings, which regularly host public events such as classical concerts. Click on the link to read more - Engelsholm Castle events | Music & Culture.

    Surroundings of the Castle

    The castle is located in beautiful surroundings on the shores of Engelsholm Lake, surrounded by forest and park. The castle park was likely established by Knud Brahe in the years after it was built, thus as an herb and rose garden.

    In addition to the symmetrically laid out beds, lawns, and ponds, the park features clipped trees and bushes as well as terrain shifts in the form of embankments and staircases. The park is now 6 hectares in size. The main elements in Engelsholm's park are the terraces with clipped trees and the moat. The castle on an island in a moat at the edge of a larger lake is also something quite special for Engelsholm. The park is open to the public year-round. To learn more about the castle park: Click on the link and read more about Engelsholm Castle Park.

    Walking Routes Nearby

    Around the castle, there is a beautiful walking route of 5 km that takes you through the lovely forest and past Engelsholm Castle.

    Click on the link to see the route: Vesterskoven 5 km.

    Additionally, you can find other walking and cycling routes in the area on the Vejle municipality's website:

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  • Photo: Eliza Danesi

    The Ravning Bridge

    26.73 km

    What purpose the bridge served when constructed by Viking King Harald Bluetooth is unknown. The bridge was most probably only in active use for a few years and there are no indications that it has ever been repaired.

    Some archaeologists theorise that the bridge was built to quickly transport troops across the river valley; others believe that it was constructed for traders crossing the swampy area.

    One thing is certain, however. It required enormous resources of oak timber and manpower to build the bridge, whose foundations consisted of 1,800 wooden piles up to six metres in length and with a diameter of 30 x 30 cm. Close to where the Ravning Bridge once stood, you can now see a reconstruction, which lends a good impression of the dimensions of the impressive structure.

    Ravning Station, a former train station on the Vejle-Vandel Railway located close to the reconstructed bridgeheads, features exhibition about the bridge and the archaeological excavations. You can also learn more about the railway and the station itself.

    The Ravning Bridge is part of Vejlemuseerne. Find information on all exhibitions and events at

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  • Photo: Varde Kommune

    Minibyen in Varde

    28.34 km

    Varde Miniby is a miniature version of Varde town as it looked around the year 1860. The town is built in the size ratio 1:10, and every single building is listed as a faithful copy of the original. Despite the fact that Varde is an old town, it is a minimal part of the original buildings that still stand today, as the Vardens have historically had bad experiences with fire. In the city, there are more than 300 buildings in the small putt version, all built by the so-called mini-masons. These mini-masons are made up of 12 retired, skilled and dexterous men who meet year-round to build the small, millimeter-accurate replicas of the old buildings. The buildings are compiled with home-cast roofs and bricks, window sections, trusses and downspouts.

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  • Photo: Ribe Domkirke

    Ribe Cathedral - Denmark's oldest cathedral

    32.91 km

    Ribe Cathedral is visible for miles across the flat landscape, and it is amazing to think that travellers have been met by this sight since the middle of the 13th century when it was completed. Ribe Cathedral is the oldest cathedral in Denmark.

    Vor Frue Kirke (The Church of Our Lady), as the cathedral is actually called, became the only five-aisled cathedral in Denmark following numerous alterations and additions. The present-day building is characterised by a wealth of different styles and interesting details. There are sepulchral monuments to some of the most powerful men of the town and the nation as a whole, as well as the oldest sepulchral monument in Scandinavia, erected by King Valdemar the Conqueror to a son who died in 1231.

    Borgertårnet (The Commoners’ Tower), which dates from the 14th century, functions as the town’s watchtower and storm tower and provides amazing views of the marshes. The 52-metre-high tower is entered through the cathedral (please note that children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult). At the foot of the Maria Tower, which houses the cathedral bells, stands a statue of Hans Tausen (1494-1561) - monk, Lutheran and protagonist of the Danish Reformation, appointed Bishop of Ribe in 1542. Next to Tausen stands a statue of the hymn writer Hans Adolf Brorson (1694-1764) - Pietist, rural dean in Ribe 1737, appointed Bishop of Ribe in 1741. On the south side of the cathedral stands the sculpture of Ansgar, made by the artist Hein Heinsen in December 2015.

    The cathedral’s carillon bells play the tune to Brorson’s hymn “Den yndigste rose er funden” (Now found is the fairest of roses) at 08.00 and 18.00, and the popular folk song about Queen Dagmar at 12.00 and 15.00.

    Bishop of Ribe
    It was around 860 that Ansgar, known as the Apostle of the North, was given permission to build a church in Ribe and to let a Christian priest reside there. It is only from the year 948 onwards, however, that can we say for certain that Ribe has had a bishop and therefore a cathedral.

    Michelin Travel Guide
    Ribe Cathedral has been awarded top marks by the French Michelin Travel Guide for sights and attractions. The cathedral was awarded two stars. Read more

    Carl Henning Pedersen
    The chancel features a series of colourful paintings and mosaics by Carl Henning Pedersen (added between 1982 and 1987).

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  • Photo: Givskud ZOO


    34.54 km

    Look forward to an exciting safari experience where you can either explore the savannahs in your own car or take the safari bus on a tour through GIVSKUD ZOO and get up close to giraffes, zebras, antelopes and lions. You can also explore on foot along up to 6 kilometres of walking trails and experience gorillas, rhinos, giant otters and Europe's largest penguin enclosure, where the lively Humboldt penguins waddle around on land and almost fly through the water.

    GIVSKUD ZOO is also home to Europe's largest spectacled bear enclosure, where you can meet the spectacled bear twins, who were born in early 2023. During the walking safari, you can also take a brave journey millions of years back in time and come face-to-face with life-size dinosaurs, including the fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex and the 40-metre-long Argentinosaurus!

    You can also learn more about nature, the environment and life with the park's educational special exhibitions such as Plastic Planet, Inspiratorium, Global Goals Park and Death's Hut.

    Bring a packed lunch or order food from one of the park's restaurants and relax with the little ones in the Babycare Centre while the kids have fun on the playgrounds. There is also play equipment for children with disabilities.

    Prepare for your visit by downloading the free audio guide for the safari tour, check out the day's programme and try educational quizzes. There are plenty of experiences for the whole family.

    GIVSKUD ZOO is only 70 km from Varde and 20 km from Billund and Vejle.

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