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Magnificent forests, lakes and sports routes surround you here. The city and nature have inspired the hotel. A small village has been created here with winding avenues, green plants and sunshine. The rooms are suitable for families, business or couples on holiday.

Milnersvej 41, 3400 Copenhagen-Hillerød
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    Milnersvej 41
    3400 Copenhagen-Hillerød

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    Attractions nearby of Standard Rate

    • Photo: VisitNordsjælland

      The Danish Pharmaceutical Collection

      0.07 km

      The Danish Pharmaceutical Collection illustrates the operation of the pharmacies and the pharmaceutical industry, as well as the history of medicines over the past 100 years.

      A selection of apparatus and machines is workable, which enables us to demonstrate the manufacture of medicines.

      Opening hours

      The collection is open Tuesdays 1:00 – 4:00 pm. 
      The collection is closed in July and during the Christmas holidays. 

      Ticket price

      DKK 50 per person (U. 18 years admission free)
      Contact the reception at Pharmakon on arrival.

      Guided tours

      For larger groups, there is the possibility of enjoying a refreshment in the restaurant at Pharmakon. 

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    • Photo: VisitNordsjælland

      The Halbardiers

      0.82 km

      In 1571, King Frederik 2. of Denmark founded a corps of guards for his own protection. The corps was named Drabantgarden (The Halberdiers) and was to be his personal guard in war and peace.

      The Halberdier’s weapon was initially a halberd with a spear and axe. In 1703 the guard’s armament changed to flint guns.

      The kettledrum and bugle were the musical instruments of the Halberdier, and it was the job of the musicians to accompany the king on his travels and play for the king and his guests at court festivities, during which they also played other instruments.

      The Halberdier guard led the coronation procession of King Christian IV with their kettledrums, drums and flutes.

      Drabantgarden as it appears today was founded on 6 February 1971 - exactly 400 years after Frederik 2.'s foundation of the original guard.

      The guard consists a drum corps, pike bearers and a brass band, and is available for international tattoos, town marches concerts and company jubilees in both Denmark and abroad. Read more at


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    • Photo: VisitNordsjælland

      Elværket - Museum Nordsjælland

      0.83 km

      Today the beautiful turbine hall of the former power station houses temporary exhibitions focusing on culture, art and history of North Sealand. Elværket was built in 1909 by engineer J.P. Spangenberg. The neoclassical architecture with red bricks and white windows is remarkably well preserved. The harmonious building is a small historical gem in Hillerød.

      Practical information

      Hours: The museum is open in connection with changing special exhibitions and events. Read more about the activities at Elværket right now

      Admission: Adults DKK 25, children under 18 free.
      Group discount at +10 adults: half price.
      Friday free admission.

      Read more : Elværket - Museum Nordsjælland
    • Museum Nordsjælland – Local History for children and adults

      0.84 km

      When you plan a visit to Museum Nordsjælland, you need to decide where to go. You can go to Gilleleje, Hillerød or Hørsholm – visit one museum or all three, one at a time:

      When the Danish Jews fled from Gilleleje during World War II

      In October 1943, the Danish Jews had to take fast action. The police were told to incarcerate them and deport them to European concentration camps. Many Jewish refugees fled to Gilleleje and were sailed across Øresund to safety in Sweden by local fishermen. Learn about the dramatic events at the museum.

      Frederiksborg Castle played a significant part in the expansion of Hillerød town.

      Hillerød town was practically non-existing as Danish king Frederik 2. in 1560, Frederiksborg Castle was erected. With the castle, the town grew with servants, farmers, and merchants, serving and delivering food to the royal court. Walk into the exhibition to see the development of the town. Bring your children and leap ahead to the school of yesteryear. Try sitting on the old benches and writing with a stylus.

      An affair with the Queen of Denmark in Hørsholm

      Most Danes know the story of royal doctor Johann Friedrich Struensee and his affair with Danish Queen Caroline Mathilde in the late 18th century. A few years ago, it was portrayed in the critically acclaimed film, A Royal Affair, from 2012 with Mads Mikkelsen as the lead. Visit the museum to see documents and letters from the tumultuous days surrounding the execution of Struensee in 1772.  

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    • Photo: VisitNordsjælland

      Christel Kaaber | Goldsmith

      1.07 km

      Christel Kaaber Goldsmith is a small local workshop that creates jewellery with history and quality.

      All the jewels in the shop are manufactured in the studio in the back room.

      The unique technique "cire perdue" is used for the design of the jewellery – which gives them an unusual expression and a soft organic appearance.

      Read more

      Read more : Christel Kaaber | Goldsmith
    • Photo: VisitNordsjælland

      Goldsmith Charlotte Tijhuis

      1.11 km

      Charlotte Tijhuis makes handmade jewellery in modern Danish design.

      Her small shop and workshop is centrally located in Hillerød, in the cosy pedestrian street Helsingørsgade.

      Charlotte Tijhuis has among other things created bracelets for men in sterling silver and core leather, in cooperation with saddle maker Karina Sørensen, Hundested Harbour.

      Read more here

      Read more : Goldsmith Charlotte Tijhuis
    • Hillerød Church

      1.14 km

      Hillerod Church as it is today is a relatively new church, consecrated in 1987.

      Originally stood at roughly the same place a wooden church, which was destroyed in a storm in 1624-25. While waiting for the construction of a new church, the congregation was allowed to worship in the castle, at first in a former barn, later in the castle chapel. This temporary arrangement turned out to last for 363 years before Hillerød Church was finally inaugurated the first Sunday of Advent 1987.

      Read more : Hillerød Church
    • Gallery ArtTour | Gallery and cultural café in Hillerød

      1.26 km

      The gallery has emerged from some local artists' creative ideas and desires to create a colourful cultural site in Hillerød.

      Today, it presents art from both permanent artists and changing guest artists with a vernissage every 1st Saturday of the month. In addition, there is a café, a stage for changing events and an art school.

      The gallery's current permanent artists display paintings in oil, acrylic and watercolour, sculptures in bronze, ceramics, fibre concrete and glass, jewellery, unique clothing and much more.

      The Events page provides an overview of upcoming events. Tickets can be purchased in advance at Place2book or by the door.

      Read more : Gallery ArtTour | Gallery and cultural café in Hillerød
    • Atelier Art&

      1.36 km

      Artist Lene Sandvang runs atelier Art&

      Lene Sandvang is an experimental and curious artist. She works primarily with painting, acrylic on canvas, paper, cardboard and planks. Street Art inspires her - lines, motives, unpredictability and the vibrant art scene in the street is a new source of her drawings and paintings, as well as symbols and signs, are recurring elements.

      Atelier Art& is open when the sign is out on the street. You are welcome to call tel. + 45 6019 1820 first. 

      Read more : Atelier Art&
    • Photo: Tine Uffelmann

      Fantasiens Ø - The Island of Imagination

      1.5 km

      The Island of Imagination is a secretive place that appeals to your fantasy and imagination. The island is situated in a forest close to Hillerød - and it is packed full of fantastic stories.

      When Frederik Vll was the King of Denmark, he occasionally needed to escape his royal duties at Frederiksborg Castle. He did not care much for court life. Instead, he thrived in nature. He built his own little sanctuary; a light palace tucked away by the road on an island in Breddam Lake in the Præstevangs forest. Here he could fish and relax under informal norms, along with Countess Danner. The island was actually a peninsula, but the King had a canal dug so the couple could remain undisturbed.

      A romantic castle under the starry sky.
      The little light palace was built in 1859 in the romantic English garden style, in rough granite boulders with elegant arched windows. It measured 7.5 x 10 m and consisted of a large hall or dining room and a two-story annexe with a kitchen and four bedrooms. The ceiling of the hall was decorated with oyster shells and bottles in a pattern, which, when the light from 3 large oak chandeliers hit the glass, transformed the ceiling beam into a starry sky.

      Today you can only see a granite boulder gable with pointed window arches; you, therefore, have to use your imagination to see the palace itself. The Annex house was demolished in 1905, and the dilapidated main building was removed in the 1960s.

      On the left hand, before reaching the ruin, lie the remains of a stone hill. It was supposed to lead your thoughts to ancient times and the Nordic mythology, in which Frederik Vll was very interested. However, the hill had a practical purpose; it hid the island's toilet.

      Today you can also see a large bowl-shaped stone, which the King claimed was the old baptismal stone from the Ebelholt Monastery, but it was, in fact, a water trough for horses. To the right is a stone with the King's monogram.

      Landscape design
      The design of the Islands of Imagination was by no means random but carefully planned. E.g. all species of Danish trees are represented on the island, and there are several historical and architectural references.

      Do you want to know more?
      Listen to the interesting story about the Island of Imagination, with even more details on the audio guide, tel. +45 9940 0515.

      Where do you find the Island of Imagination?
      Breddam Lake in Præstevangen is located in the northern part of The Great Deer Park (Store Dyrehave). Free hiking leaflets over The Great Deer Park with references to the Island of Imagination can be downloaded from 

      Read more : Fantasiens Ø - The Island of Imagination