4 lovely days at Hotel Falster

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Includes per person, per stay:

  • 3 x overnight accommodation
  • 1 x 2 course menu
  • 3 x breakfast
  • 3 x lunch pack
  • Please note restaurant closed on Sundays from October – April.

More about Hotel Falster

Hotel Falster in Nykøbing is centrally located in relation to the many attractions of the South Sea Islands and South Zealand. The hotel has the sole aim of creating a hotel that feels like a second home to guests. This applies to both the accommodation and the menu, but more importantly also to the staff.

150 Stubbekøbingvej, 4800 Nykøbing Falster
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Hotel facilities

  • Bicycle loan/rental
  • Disabled-friendly
  • Free wifi
  • Pets
  • Charging station
  • Free parking
  • Restaurant
  • Airport: 120 km
  • Train: 1 km
  • Busstop: 200 m
  • Beach: 12 km
  • Fishing: 3 km
  • Golf: 3 km
  • 68 Rooms

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150 Stubbekøbingvej
4800 Nykøbing Falster

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Attractions nearby of 4 lovely days

  • Photo: Visit Lolland-Falster

    Ejegod Mill

    1.07 km

    Ejegod Mill was located far out in the countryside on the Ejegod farm when it was built in 1816. Today, it is located in the northern part of Nykøbing Falster town. The buildings are unique since both the mill, the barn and the mill house are still to be found.

    The mill itself is a Dutch 8-sided mill with an onion-shaped hat, and it was used to grind grain. In 1936, Nykøbing Falter Municipality bought the farm, had the mill restored and from 1939 it has been the town's landmark.

    Next to Ejegod Mill is the mill house, which houses the Toy Museum with a large collection of historical toys.


    Visits to the mill are by appointment by calling or writing to the museum's mobile phone number.

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  • Photo: Guldborgsund Zoo

    Guldborgsund Zoo & Botanical Garden

    1.41 km

    Have a really nice day with the family
    The Capuchin monkeys Knud and Mona sit completely still and look at the day's guests. Soon they are jumping around in fun jumps from branch to branch. The armadillos are more concerned with digging passages underground and looking for exciting insects. Inside the meerkats, the sentinel keeps an eye on the situation while the rest of the flock digs burrows and enjoys life.

    On a tour of Asia and the rainforest
    At Guldborgsund Zoo & Botanical Garden, you get up close and personal with the animal world. The garden is divided into different areas, where you can experience the animals as close to their natural habitat as possible.

    In the Asia facility, all the Asian otters sit on the rocks with their eyes fixed on the zookeeper, who brings delicious mussels in a bucket. High up in the air hovers the turkey vulture Ib. With the skull monkeys, the field is fast-paced, the monkeys are full of mischief and very curious. They investigate nature, each other and the guests with great interest.

    In the rainforest, the humidity is high, and it is buzzing with life from both the treetops and the forest floor. High up in the treetop, the hornbills sing, while the little wig marmoset monkeys crawl around. Deep down in the forest floor, giant tortoises wander around while the tropical birds chirp. Suddenly, you're face to face with one of the free-living monkeys swinging around between the trees.

    At Guldborgsund Zoo & Botanical Garden, you can have many precious experiences with the whole family. There is also a nature playground with a cable car and climbing towers.

    A day at the zoo is really nice for the whole family!

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  • Photo: Visit Lolland-Falster

    Nykøbing F. Watertower

    1.55 km

    The water tower was built in 1908, and was Denmark's first reinforced concrete building of that size. The water tower is 43 meters high, there are 7 floors and 147 steps, and the viewing platform is at a height of 32 meters.

    In 2008, Multicentersyd took over the operation of the water tower, and has since been responsible for a total modernization of the tower. The water tower is now a branch of FGU Lolland.

    On the water tower's 4 exhibition floors, you can see changing art exhibitions. And from the top of the tower, you can see the fantastic view of the entire Nykøbing F and Guldborgsund.

    The water tower has become the city's landmark.


    Contact the exhibition manager

    Mai-Britt V. Skov

    FGU teacher

    E-mail: mask@fgu-lf.dk / esbr@fgu-lf.dk

    Phone: May: 51179953 / Espen :51179955

    Entrance in the tower

    10 DKK

    Opening hours

    Wednesday 10-16

    NOTE: The water tower is closed in July, and if there are courses in the water tower.

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  • Photo: Bente Pedersen

    Toy Museum Nykøbing F.

    1.46 km

    The Toy Museum in Nykøbing Falster is a place where time stands still, where the story of children's play through time unfolds in an extensive collection of toys from 1840 to the 1970s. Step into a world of dolls, doll carriages, teddy bears, model trains, cars, tin soldiers and much more - a true treasure trove of play and a piece of cultural history.

    The exhibitions offer a unique journey through the history of toys, where you can explore toys from the Danish prisons, produced under the name "Dansk Leksaksfabrik" (Flag Mark) from 1905 to the mid-70s. Also experience the early Lego and other fascinating productions that have shaped children's play universe over the decades.

    The Toy Museum not only has toys, but also an impressive collection of children's clothing, costumes, and outdoor toys such as toboggans and bicycles. Explore children's world through time and create memories with your own family as you explore the past and rediscover the magic of play at the Toy Museum in Nykøbing Falster.

    The museum is usually open on the first Saturday of every month, but special openings can be arranged by contacting them.

    In connection with the visit to the museum, it is suggested that you pay the old mill next to a visit.

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  • Photo: Visit Lolland-Falster

    The abbey church

    1.61 km

    The Abbey was built in the fourteenth century.

    Made of medieval large bricks. 'Graabroederkirken' was originally a monastery, but in 1532 it became a protestant church.

    The church's most significant furnishings are:

    Dowager Queen Sophie's 33 sqm Mecklenburg pedigree. Denmark's largest church treasure. Dowager Queen Sophie was Northern Europe's richest woman at the time of her death, and her loans financed all of her son's, Christian IV's, construction projects and wars.

    The church also has a painting by Lucas Cranach, as well as a carillon with 26 bells.

    The church also has a herbal garden.

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  • Photo: Visit Lolland-Falster

    Nykøbing F. Firemuseum

    1.8 km

    The fire museum in Nykøbing is for anyone who loves beautiful red fire engines. Here you can also see the long rescue ladder up close, study different uniforms and learn about other historical fire equipment.

    See the fine vehicles here.


    The museum is often staffed by former Falck employees or retired firefighters who surely have a good story to tell.


    Special openings can be arranged by appointment.


    The fire museum shares address with a hairdressing museum, photography museum and radio museum.

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  • Photo: Fuglsang Kunstmuseum

    Fuglsang Art Museum

    8.03 km


    Fuglsang Art Museum houses Danish painting and sculpture from the period ca. 1780 - 1980 with works by the Funen Painters, Jais Nielsen, Jens Juel, Kristian Zahrtmann, Olaf Rude, P. C. Skovgaard, the Skagen Painters and Vilhelm Lundstrøm.

    There is always a selection of own artworks on display as well as changing special exhibitions.

    The museum also has various inspiring offers for families that involve children and adults in the wonderful world of art. 

    Children and young people (under 26 years old) have free admission to the museum.

    The museum is handicap-friendly and a member of the 'Good Access' label.

    The museum's award-winning architecture is beautifully harmonized with the atmospheric manor house environment and the scenic surroundings, such as Fuglsang Garden, an extensive estate landscape and the protected salt meadow Skejten facing Guldborgsund.


    Café and shop 

    Take an art break in the café for lunch or coffee. And visit the museum shop, which sells selected design and art supplies, books, toys, and local delicacies.

    The café and shop can be visited without an entrance ticket.


    Fuglsang Art Landscape

    Explore nature through art in Fuglsang Art Landscape. The museum has expanded its collection to include outdoor art. The common heading for the works is "landscape dialogues", and they are located around the museum and the manor.

    The works, which are by Lea Porsager, Ditte Gantriis, Ragnhild May and Lulu Refn, can be found along the blue hiking trail, which starts in front of Fuglsang Art Museum. See more on the page about Fuglsang Art Landscape, where you will also find a map of the route.

    With a visit to Fuglsang Art Museum and Fuglsang Manor, you are guaranteed magnificent experiences. Fuglsang is a highlight of any holiday on the South Sea Islands, whether you are interested in award-winning art or looking for some of Denmark's most beautiful nature.

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  • Photo: Danmarks Traktormuseum

    Denmarks Tractor Museum

    8.91 km

    The Danish Tractor Museum in Eskilstrup on the northern part of Falster is an impressive old 3-storey building dedicated to the history of agriculture and technology.

    The museum has an almost complete collection of the Danish-made Bukh tractor with prototypes and special editions, as well as 9 stationary Bukh engines from 1925-1937. The museum also has larger collections of Bolinder-Munktell, Volvo, International and Ferguson tractors.

    The tractor collection provides a broad picture of the range on the Danish market, as well as a few that have never been used in Denmark.

    Along with the many agricultural machines, the museum also tells a piece of post-war history about how a condition of Marshall Aid was that tractors were now imported from USA.

    In addition to tractors, the museum also features a number of engines and a steam engine from 1901.

    The museum's striking building is also quite interesting in itself. It was built in 1918-1919 as a seed cleaning centre and is therefore suitable for storing heavy items such as tractors. The building was the first on Falster to use reinforced concrete for the construction of the basement.

    The museum welcomes larger groups throughout the year by appointment. See the website for activities and opening hours.

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  • Photo: Krokodille Zoo

    Crocodile Zoo

    9.64 km

    Your visit

    In Crocodile Zoo you can experience crocodiles of all sizes and greet snakes, monkeys and giant turtles, and as the only place in Denmark you can also see tree leopards! Visit the Crocodile Zoo and get an exciting experience, which gives an understanding of how amazing crocodiles are and how necessary it is to preserve them.

    Meet the Giants

    Have you felt the rush in your stomach when you suddenly face Europe's largest crocodile Sobek at more than 5 meters? Have you ever met Medusa? The giant snake weighing over 100 kg, which requires 8 men to lift her 6 meter long body! Or have you seen the huge frog Storm of 2 kg?

    Behind the façade

    Crocodile Zoo is a matter of the heart that is based on passion and a strong set of values with an absolute focus on crocodile and nature conservation. Crocodile Zoo is an important and major player in the fight for the conservation of crocodiles.

    Make a difference

    When you buy a ticket, you simultaneously support the conservation of crocodiles. Crocodile Zoo releases 200 Orinoco crocodiles annually in Venezuela. Learn much more about the different projects and what it is you support when you visit the Crocodile Zoo.


    See the crocodiles by night or some of the animals that you don't see during the day.

    Read more here.

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  • Photo: Jonas Bonde

    Golf & Fun Park

    11.58 km

    Golf in every form

    At the Golf & Fun Park, you can enjoy any kind of golf: 9 and 18 hole adventure mini golf on an amazing course with lakes and streams, football golf, frisbee golf, handball golf, Japanese park golf or even, last but not least, the covered driving range, where you can hit golf balls at 100 kilometres an hour.

    At 2 kilometres long, the scenic course used for football,-frisbee- and handball golf is the longest in Denmark.

    Bumperball, segways and padel tennis

    Ever tried playing football while wearing an inflatable Bumperball? It means you can play football, bump into your friends and roll around the pitch. It's thumping good fun! You can also play soccer pool, take a ride on the fun segways, or play padel tennis.

    Escape Rooms

    Solve the mysteries and find your way out of the exciting Escape Rooms. You can try to solve the mystery in the House of the Spirits, Da Vinci or Millions. You have 1 hour to solve the puzzles.

    And for younger children

    For younger children, the Golf & Fun Park has a great ‘western town’ with gold-digging and a teepee, an amazing playground, trampolines, climbing frame, bumper-boats, electric cars and an activity house. When you’ve had your fill of fun, it's time for a little refreshment in the shade of the covered terrace or garden, where you can buy ice cream, food and something to drink. Alternatively, you can enjoy your own food and make use of the site’s barbecues.

    The Golf & Fun Park is always the place for a fun-filled day out.

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  • Photo: Pajor

    The Motorcycle Museum of Denmark

    15.57 km

    The Danish Motorcycle Museum is Northern Europe's largest vintage motorcycle museum with a versatility and quantity that will impress most people. The over 200 motorcycles have been produced over two centuries, from the well-known iconic models to the more unknown but equally impressive.

    The Radio Museum became part of the museum in 1982 and here you can see the development of radios, televisions and gramophones from 1900 to the present day. The museum includes the world's oldest loudspeaker.

    The museum is very child-friendly, but welcomes anyone with an interest in mechanics, speed and engines.

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  • Photo: Knuthenborg Safaripark

    Knuthenborg Safaripark

    24.84 km

    A wild experience

    The 1,000 and more different animals living on the savannah in Knuthenborg set the pace as you drive safely among them through the park. In some areas, you may be able to leave the car to greet these impressive animals; in other areas, they are experienced only from the car. Watch the feeding of the animals and participate in other exciting activities, and don’t forget to pay a visit to the newly built facility for former circus elephants who now enjoy their retirement in the open air.

    The giants of the past

    Travel back millions of years in time in the Dinosaur Forest, where you can meet some of the largest animals that have ever roamed the planet. Laugh and learn as the giants of the past emerge from the primeval forest.

    Fun and adventure in the Limpopoland amusement park

    If you’re hoping for butterflies in the stomach, Knuthenborg’s Limpopoland is the place to visit. Climb the African volcano Kilimanjaro, feel the wind rush through your hair on the waterslide and rollercoasters, and explore the whimsical adventure playground.

    Eat face to face with the animals and spend the night on the savannah

    You will find tables and benches for enjoying a picnic all over the park, and food is available to purchase at one of the cafés or Restaurant Flintehuset.

    Stay overnight in luxury tents on the savannah, just like on a real safari, and wake up to a view of the animals and the calls of lions and monkeys. See the many exciting accommodation options here.

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