Spa getaway 1 day at Hotel Faaborg Fjord Spa Konference

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Includes per person per stay:

  • Free entrance to Spa & Wellness during your stay
  • Bathrobes
  • 4-course menu (chef's choice) in the Restaurant Vinoteket
  • Overnight accommodation
  • Buffet breakfast
  • Children below 16 years of age are not allowed in the spa.

More about Hotel Faaborg Fjord Spa Konference

If you wish for a weekend away or a mini break from daily stresses, then a stay at Hotel Faaborg Fjord is good for the soul. Here you find fresh air, light, life and play for young and the young at heart.

Svendborgvej 175, 5600 Faaborg
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Hotel facilities

  • Fitness Room
  • Green Key_V3 Green Key
  • Free wifi
  • Pets
  • Charging station
  • Free parking
  • Restaurant
  • Wellness
  • Airport: 136 km
  • Train: 40 km
  • Busstop: 64 meter
  • Beach: 0 km
  • Fishing: 0 km
  • Golf: 7 km
  • 128 Rooms

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Attractions nearby of Spa getaway 1 day

  • Photo: Jørn Ungstrup


    1.06 km

    Three long barrows in the woods - Alléskov, about 50 m from the road.
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  • Photo: Brian Schiødt Carlson

    Walking path Faaborg Lucienhøj

    1.46 km

    In December 2016, the new footpath between Faaborg and Lucienhøj was opened at Pipstorn Forest.

    The footpath is 2.1 km. long and goes from Kalekovej at Faaborg Miniby along the veteran railway track to Lucienhøj stepping board. Here you will find tables and benches, but if you want to continue your walk, you can go up to the viewpoint and further into Pipstorn Forest. At the view at Lucienhøj there are also tables and benches, a toilet, parking spaces for cars and busses as well as a campfire.

    Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality has, in collaboration with Holstenshuus, which owns Pipstorn Skov, established shelters, campfires, a small playground for the little ones and a mountain bike course. The brochures 'Pipstorn Skov' and 'Fortidsminder' are available at Faaborg Tourist Office.

    With past memories that show traces of 6000 years of Danish cultural history, you can embark on a fantastic time travel on your hike and with the brochures in hand.

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  • Photo: Faaborg Turistbureau

    Faaborg Minitown

    1.74 km

    Welcome to Faaborg MiniTown. We are working on an english version of our website, and therefore you can only get this introduction page at the moment. At Faaborg MiniTown you can visit a historically and size-wise correct representation of Faabog Town anno 1890, in 10:1 scale. You can see more than 140 houses built after original architect drawings, and hand crafted down to the smallest detail. Come by, and have a fun, exciting and educational day. See how we built the houses and hear stories about the original inhabitants of the house. You are very much wellcome to bring your food and consume it on our terrace, under the roof or in open air. We have toilets for handicaps also.

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  • Photo: Faaborg Turistbureau

    Faaborg Museum

    2.01 km

    Faaborg Museum is a Gesamtkunstwerk featuring painting, sculpture, architecture and furniture design – and the overall interactive result is extraordinary. The stunning building boasts magnificent mosaic floors, walls in striking colours, columns and a multitude of corridors and rooms.Alttogether a complete experience sure to kindle your fascination. This goes for the history of the museum, too, which is anything but ordinary. 

    Mads Rasmussen, a local manufacturer of tinned foods, had lost his heart to art, and he became a key figure for the Funen Painters. Faaborg Museum was a joint project and a patron of the arts, Rasmussen financed the acquisition of the works by local artists. This kind of close collaborative relationship between the artists and the museum was quite unique – and the numerous artists chose the works they wanted to be part of the collection and helped hang the pictures for the opening exhibition to celebrate the inauguration of the new building in 1915. 

    High ambitions and farsighted visions led Mads Rasmussen and the atists to embark on a collaborative project with the architect Carl Petersen. This resulted in a stunning museum building still representing landmark in Danish classicist buildings. 

    Carl Petersen began a collaborative venture with the architect Kaare Klint to design furniture for the museum, and the Faaborg chair, which was custom made for Faaborg Museum, now represents a major work within Danish furniture design. Still in production, it serves as inspiration for numerous furniture designers. 

    In 1916, the architect, designer, and printer Knud V. Engelhardt designed the museum´s elegant logo taking his point of departure in the old seal of Faaborg – and he also designed the elegant brass plates that are mounted on the picture frames indicating the works´index numbers. 

    The Funen painters are inseparable from Faaborg Museum. The painters Peter Hansen, Johannes Larsen, Alhed Larsen, Fritz Syberg and Anna Syberg, as well as the sculptor Kai Nielsen and many more helped create the collection that now constitutes the permanent exhibition at the museum. Special exhibitions are staged regularly highlighting older art, contemporary art, design etc. 

    We always have exciting things to do for children, and there is much to explore for adults and children alike. Beside paintings, drawings and sculptures, there are the patterns in the stunning mosaic floors, the columns and the multitude of corridors and rooms. Visit our café and the lovely garden that are open during the summer months.

    Adults: 100 DKK
    Children / young people under 18 years: Free entry 
    Students: 65 DKK
    Groups (min. 10 pers.): 90 DKK per person

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  • Photo: Michella Lyngbye Kornager

    Viking Ship

    2.53 km

    Artist: Erling Tingkær (1948 - )

    Installed in 1990 by PKA, the developer and owner of Vikingegården. The Viking ship sails with "foam for the bow" directly towards the harbour and Faaborg Fjord. The flagpole of the residential complex is to act as the ship's mast. The hoist is missing. It had to be abandoned for island reasons and was replaced by a natural stone.

    Height: 3,5 m Width 3,5 m, Depth 4 m
    Waves: Height 55 cm, Width: 3,75 m Depth 22 cm

    Translated with (free version)

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  • Photo: Faaborg Turistbureau

    Grubbe Mill

    5.56 km

    GRUBBE MØLLE is located near Faaborg at the southern part of the Danish island of Fyn. It comprises an old watermill and a dutch windmill, both of which are fully functional. The history of the mills is described during guided tours. It is also possible to stay overnight in one of the two charming bed & breakfast rooms.

    Autumn holidays: Come, see and experience the wind and water mill. If you fancy, you can join an exciting treasure hunt! Saturday, October 12 and 19, at 1 p.m. till 4 p.m. Free - but DKK 20 to participate in the treasure hunt. Sign up - just show up!

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  • Photo: Jørn Ungstrup

    Rododendronparken, Korinth

    8.1 km

    At the end of spring, you can experience the rhododendron in full bloom, in the park of Brahetrolleborg Castle in Korinth (the way - Spanget). A beautiful sight surrounding the area of the manor.

    The garden is open all year from 8a.m. till sunset.

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  • Photo: Faaborg Turistbureau

    Brahetrolleborg Castle

    9.16 km

    No public admission to the castle, but admission to the Rhododendron park, entrance from the Street Spanget in Korinth.

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  • Photo: Faaborg Turistbureau

    Lyø Church

    9.16 km

    The only cirkular church yard in Denmark. Very well kept. 1,5 KM. from the ferry to Faaborg.
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