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  • City Break

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More about Hotel Eyde - SDH Partner Hotel

A hotel with soul and history all back to 1839. Quality is the key word at Hotel Eyde, and everything is made from scratch, so you get the best dining experience. The hotel is centrally and conveniently located in Herning, and you therefore have the inner city as a great starting point.

Mindegade 1, 7400 Herning
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Hotel facilities

  • Fitness Room
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  • Disabled-friendly
  • Free wifi
  • Charging station
  • Restaurant
  • Non smoking
  • Airport: 25 km
  • Train: 300 m
  • 136 Rooms

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    Attractions nearby of Standard Rate

    • Photo: VisitHerning

      Fuglen (The Bird)

      0.03 km

      The sculpture is built in granite in 1986. It is located in Herning city center. 


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    • Photo: VisitHerning

      Tegn 2 (Sign 2)

      0.08 km

      Ole Christensen was a Zealand artist, who already as a 19-year-old in the beginning of the 50’s embarked the decorative art. Through his art, he has worked with opposite; thick against thin, large against small and not least feminine and soft shapes opposite masculine pillars. “Tegn 2” or in English “Character 2” is a typical feminine work due to its soft shapes. It has distinct features in common with “Stenbukken”, which is also located in Herning. The sculpture is shaped in granite and carved in a way that allows the stone's character traits to shine through.

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    • Photo: VisitHerning

      Double Form

      3.16 km

      Aage Damgaard came to the town with great dreams and started Hakkelsesskæreriet with his brother Mads. In the 1930s two productive men from the country took over the rooms and started building the first textile industry in the middle of Jutland. They spent their success and new-found wealth buying art and attracting artists to Herning. One of the artists that Aage Damgaard managed to attract here was the Dutch artist Carel Visser, who made the sculpture Double Form. 

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    • Photo: Jannie Nyegaard


      0.08 km

      Herning is a town that is less than 200 years old. As a town, Herning arose in the latter half of the 19th century around a road and railway junction in the extensive moorland.

      However, the area was without a prison and a courthouse. Until now, Hammerum Herred's court had been held at the inn in Lund. In 1825, bailiff Christian Landt takes over. He was of the opinion that such a large area as Hammerum Herred should have a courthouse and a detention center. He had just taken over the farm Laulund on what is now Silkeborgvej in Herning. From here he sold a plot of land by a deserted country road west of Laulund, where the court and arrest house was built in 1827 at Østergade 8, where the current library in Herning is today.

      However, the courthouse from 1827 was not satisfactory in the long run. Because arrestees had no difficulty in breaking out. In 1857, a new one was therefore built directly opposite the old one - at Østergade 9. However, the new courthouse quickly proved to be of poor quality, and it was quickly attacked by fungus.

      The construction of the 3rd courthouse was therefore initiated on the same site as the 2nd courthouse. The 3rd and current courthouse was completed in 1894. The courthouse was listed in 1982. In the courthouse, Herning Museum also started on a small scale in 1896 with a few borrowed attic rooms, before the museum was moved to Museumsgade.

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    • Photo: VisitHerning

      Livsglæde af Børge Jørgensen (Joy of life)

      0.09 km

      In his early work, he worked in granite, but had a fundamental desire to create sculptures in a more easily accessible material. In the 50’s he therefore started doing sculptures in plate iron. Subsequently developed it into steel and glass in various reliefs and sculptures that creates an exciting material contrast. Jørgensen has a desire that the sculptures from his hand, should play together with their surroundings. With an interaction between lightness and gravity, as well as sharp and soft surfaces, Jørgensen wants to express something life-affirming, as the title also refers to.

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    • Photo:

      Global Goal 16 - Herning

      0.16 km

      LYD PORT is a cross-aesthetic artist duo created by Mai Ane Pil Siedentopp and Morten Schmidt in 2017. LYD PORT premiered their music-dramatic performance Macro Plastic at Den Fynske in 2020 in a field between sound art and new classical music, where plastic became the subject of experiments in everything from crackling plastic sound to costumes and scenography made of plastic. The duo is concerned with creating sensory experiences in everything from musical drama to sound installations and sculptures, in works that touch on themes that artistically process themes such as plastic pollution, conspiracy theories, and the limitations and freedom of humans and machines, and at the same time connectedness and disconnection with nature.

      The duo LYD PORT processes in the work Condition, World Goal No. 16 about freedom, justice and strong institutions. Freedom has many meanings, from the very close to the very large features of world society. With their thoughts about freedom, the citizens of Herning have contributed to a large, common poetic text, which now forms the basis for a completely new sound work. The work celebrates both inner, outer, private and collective freedom, and will forever stand for a freedom manifesto about Herning citizens' thoughts on freedom anno 2022.

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    • Photo: VisitHerning


      0.19 km

      Column is the name of the art piece.

      Column is 7 metres high with a diameter at 73,34 centimetres.

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    • Photo: Jannie Nyegaard

      Lys og tværs

      0.21 km

      The sculpture is made of aluminum, it is 3 meters high and 5 meters long.

      The sculpture is especially beautiful in the evening, where it lights up in the dark. 'Lys og tværs' can change colors depending on what is current. It can e.g. be for a national match where it can be programmed to glow in white and red.

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    • Photo: Jannie Nyegaard

      Herning Kirke (Herning Church)

      0.22 km

      The big organ fra 1949 has 33 voices and rings nicely in the church. The alterpiece is made by Joakim Skovgaard and pictures Jesus in the Nazaret Synagog. The churchs original alter can be seen in the sacristy.

      The church recieved on its 100th birthday chimes with 48 bells, that play at 8, 10, 12, 15, 18 and 22 o'clock. 

      For further information.

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