Golf Stay 2 nights at Grand Hotel Struer

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Includes per person per stay:

  • 2 x overnight accommodation
  • 2 x buffet breakfast
  • 1 x 2-course menu *
  • 1 x 3-course gourmet menu *
  • 1 x green fee Struer Golfklub 1 x green (Levig, Skive, Holstebro, Storådalen, Trehøje or book an entrence tokurbad Limfjorden)

* at Restaurant Ved Fjorden per 01.03.23

* Please note surcharges may apply on some golf courses.

More about Grand Hotel Struer

Grand Hotel Struer is a modern hotel which upholds the old virtues, and naturally the guests are the main concern. The hotel is situated at the pedestrian street and the largest marina of the Limfjord, and it is a good starting point for exploring the exciting area. There are only 35 km to the roaring North Sea.

Smedegade 2, 7600 Struer
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Hotel facilities

  • Disabled-friendly
  • Free wifi
  • Pets
  • Public parking
  • Wellness
  • Airport: 43 km
  • Train: 200 m
  • Busstop: 200 m
  • Beach: 1,5 km
  • Fishing: 50 m
  • Golf: 8 km
  • 70 Rooms

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Attractions nearby of Golf Stay 2 nights

  • Photo: Struer Museum

    Struer Museum

    0.22 km

    Struer Museum

    Struer Museum is the ultimate place to delve into sound, listening, and local history. Besides being an architectural gem, the museum offers various exhibitions that tell stories about:

    Bang & Olufsen - Experience the radio and television adventure that put Struer on the world map.

    Buchholtz's House - Experience the author's home of Johannes and Olga Buchholtz.

    Sound Universe - Play, experience, and learn about the fascinating world of sound and hearing.

    Special exhibition BLUE - 44 turquoise glass beads found at Humlum in 1885, comprising the largest Danish pearl find of the Bronze Age.

    Special exhibition SPRING - An art exhibition by Pernille Kjær consisting of the animated short film SPRING.

    Struer Museum is more than just an impressive exhibition. It is a place where you can experience, play, and learn about the fascinating world of sound and hearing. This makes Struer Museum worth a visit for the whole family.



    For contact, opening hours or more information about Struer Museum: Struer Museum

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  • Photo: Struer Turistbureau

    The Railway Museum of Central- and West Jutland

    0.22 km

    The Railway Museum of Central- and West Jutland tells the story of the railways in the region. It also tells the story of the railway-town Struer, which became the railway-centre in the region. At the museum you see locomotives, wagons and exhibitions like waiting room, ticket office, post office etc.

    Guided tours in English are possible.

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  • Photo: Struer Turistbureau

    Johannes Buchholtz' Hus - Struer

    0.23 km

    Johannes Buchholtz' Hus (house) - Struer

    The house is open at 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. on all opening days for Struer Museum. The house is open for about 20 min.

    Johannes Buchholtz was a famous writer, a railway employé and a cultural activist in Struer from 1902-40. His house in Struer is most probably the best preserved interior of the 1920's and 1930's in Denmark, and is furthermore a very characteristic home of an artist.

    The house shows many artistic proofs of frequent visits from the great writers & painters of that time. Johannes Buchholtz' great love for antique furniture, old clocks and his funny ideas is seen everywhere in the house. The walls are painted in the characteristic ultramarine colour. Visits to be arranged with Struer Museum.

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  • Photo: Struer Turistbureau

    Struer Church

    0.33 km

    Struer Church

    Struer Church was consecrated 20 December 1891 and is situated beautifully high up over the houses of the city.

    The growth of the population was the reason that the church was expanded with 2 aisles in 1924/25. The church could then seat 550. The interior of the church was renovated during the period 1969-1985. A new organ was used for the first time 31 May 1970 and the church’s choir was given a new look in 1981. The choir decoration was made by the two artists Poul Høm and Lisbeth Munch-Petersen from Bornholm.

    The glass mosaic panes was made by glazier Hans Møller Sorth, Rø. 

    Struer Church has a carillon with 13 bells which plays tunes 3 times a day.  A work of art by Henrik Voldmester, Husby is placed at the northside of the church – the work of art is called “Skabelsens Port”.

    The church is open every weekday from 8.30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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  • Photo: Destination Limfjorden

    Cable Fun Struer

    0.62 km

    Visit Cable Fun Struer for at fun day on the water for all ages. Here you can for instance try Stand Up Paddle, Wakeboard, and water ski.

    You will also find good facilities in terms of changing rooms, toilet, and the possibility to buy drinks and a small meal.

    Besides this, you will also find Struer FunPark, which is a huge playground on water for adults and older children. It is fun, activity and sport at the same time.

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  • Photo: Struer Turistbureau


    6.95 km

    Venø - the heart of the Limfjord

    5 km north of Struer and 256 meters from the mainland lies Venø – the heart of the Limfjord. It was given this name, as the northern part of Venø is shaped like a heart when seen from the air.

    It only takes 2½ minutes to sail to Venø with the ferry and this island will impress you with nature, cultural experiences, and its friendly islander.

    Venø is a result from the ice ages’ glaciers and the stone ages’ burns. This is also the reason why Venø is part of the Unesco Geopark Vestjylland.

    In spite of its size Venø offers a beautiful and very diverse scenery. Green fields and brown moors, steep slopes and lovely forest areas.

    To the north is the bay area of Nørskov Vig with a rich and diverse bird life. This reservation is closed for public access from April 1st to July 15th.

    In addition to many songbirds, waders, and gulls there are lots of pheasants and hares. Venø also has a considerable population of deer.

    Hiking on Venø

    Venø is a perfect place to hike. Try for instance the hike ”Around Venø”, which is a 20 km hiking route in a beautiful landscape on the island Venø, in the middle of the Limfjord. You can take the whole try, or just parts of it. You can read more about this specific hike here: Hiking ’Around Venø’

    Venø Inn

    In the west of Venø, in areas of natural beauty - close to the Limfjord and only 5 km north of the ferry landing and 200 m north of the harbour lies Venø Kro (Inn). Venø is rich in nature, wildlife, and is home to Denmark's smallest church.

    Venø Kro is known for "Venøbøffer" (Venø steaks) and "Rulleål" (rolled eel). As well as shellfish from the local waters, and beef from cattle who grassed the north tip of Venø.

    In the recent years Venø have been cooperating with Venø seafood, ensuring the menu will always have freshly caught shellfish and live lobster in our tank in the restaurant.

    In our specialties you will find our amazing shellfish platter with oysters, lobster, mussels, and crab claws, all directly from Limfjorden.

    For more information

    You can read about Venø on thier homepage:

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  • Photo: Visitnordvestkysten

    The Limfjord

    7.72 km

    At the Limfjord, life is pacted with the magnificent fjord landscape and the impressive views.

    Those interested in nature and cultural history can dive into the many cultural treasures of the Limfjord area, for example at Doverodde on Thy, which was an important trading place with grain and cattle trade and a weekly departure to London in the 19th century. Today the place has an exciting experience center. From the silo you get a magnificent view of the place and the Limfjord.

    The Limfjord towns of Lemvig and Thisted offer pleasant harbor environments with life on and at the harbor and an active trade life in the pedestrian zone of the city.

    Visit the cozy Handbjerg Marina - and just take the kids with you! Here is a beach, playground, shelters, restaurant and ice cream parlor, as well as the opportunity to rent sea kayaks, fishing nets and crab sticks in the summer.

    The busy small ferries sail locals and tourists back and forth between the islands of the Limfjord and the mainland and is an experience in itself.

    The Limfjord is known for its seafood. Distance from fjord to table isn't far in the Limfjord, which have both world-class oysters and clams. And don't forget the famous limfjord lobsters.

    Every year in week 37 you can enjoy the breathtaking view of old wooden ships gliding across the water on their trip "Tour de Limfjord" as they visit Løgstør, Thisted, Struer, Nykøbing Mors, Fur and Skive. As they dock, they are greeted by enthusiastic spectators who are allowed to board and gain an insight into life aboard between ropes and tar.

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  • Photo: Struer Turistbureau

    Klosterheden Woods

    13.01 km

    Klosterheden Woods

    The Klosterheden Woods are the largest planted woods in Denmark. They are a very popular destination for day-trips, as a network of paths has been established for ramblers, cyclists, horse riders and joggers.

    Read more : Klosterheden Woods
  • Photo: VisitVestjylland

    Traktormuseum Vestjylland

    12.99 km

    Welcome to a tractor museum with life and soul

     At Anders Poulsen’s, in Nørre Nissum in Lemvig, there has been built a large collection of vintage tractors throughout the last 20 years. Tractors, which all have been through a thorough restauration process, are presented shiny and impressive – almost like new. Spare parts and colours are pretty much all originals and every tractor is recreated with great respect of the originality, which leads the thoughts back through time.

    The large collection of tractors has, among others, well-known models from Ford, Ferguson, Lanz Bulldog, Bukh, John Deere, Volvo and Massey Harris. Even a David Brown tractor, which was built in England during World War II and originally designed to pull aircrafts of war, and Vestjyden, which is a Vety combine harvester and baling machine, which was designed and built in Lemvig in Denmark.

    Anders and his wife, Erna, have lived on the farm since 1961, where they for many years ran a farm with pigs. Now however, the animals have been traded in for the vintage tractors.

    Opening hours

    Every Wednesday from 2.00-5.00 p.m.

    In the summer period extra open from week 25: Monday 20 June up to and including week 34 Monday 22 August at 2-5 pm.

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  • Photo: Holstebro Turistbureau

    The Old Town Hall

    14.66 km

    The Old Town Hall was built in 1846 after drawing of architect Nebelong. The stones from Nørre Vosborg Brickwork were sailed on horse-drawn barges up Storå. At the festive opening of the town hall a cannon was fired, but the unfortunate cannon exploded and the person responsible for the firing was killed.

    The building served as a property and a detention house. The building was consecrated in 1960 and is together with the Toll House - Bomhuset - and Nyboes Gaard the only protected buildings in Holstebro town.

    The decoration in the staircase was performed in 1957 by artist Albert Emiel - locally known as Albert Emil Christensen. The  Fresco paintings "Market Days in Holstebro" show scenes from life in Holstebro, where industry replaced agriculture as the main business.

    On each side of the entrance door you will see the two memorial plates received by Holstebro in 1966 and 1980 when the city was designated City of the Year. In addition, a memorial plate from 2006, when Holstebro was voted Denmark's Best Trade City, and a memorial plate from the Danish Cultural Heritage Agency.

    At the municipal assembly in 1970, the city council expanded from 15 to 21 members, and the number of seats in the City Hall was expanded. The city hall stands as when it was used until 1986, when the new town hall was taken into use.

    During summer in week 27 - 32 there are tourist information at the Old City Hall. It is also from here that the free guided tours on Wednesday at 1 pm in July and August start.

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  • Photo: Destination Nordvestkysten

    The Church of Hjerl Hede Open Air Museum

    16.77 km

    The museum church at Frilandsmuseet Hjerl Hede near Vinderup is constructed as a reconstruction of the Romanesque church type that was built in the country in the 12th century. The model for this was Tjørring Church north of Herning.

    The dimensions of the nave are 40 x 25 Roman feet, while the choir measures 19 x 19 Roman feet.

    Inspiration from across Denmark

    In the center of the floor stands an original East Jutland baptismal font from the 13th century, painted in strong colors. The painting in strong colors is an experiment from 1992, as are the lime paintings from 1985, which are part of a series of experiments with lime paintings. The motifs for the lime paintings are taken from Råsted Church near Randers. On the altar are a pair of candlesticks from Visby as well as a figure of Christ, a copy of a crucifix in Åby Church.

    The church bell is a replica of Denmark's oldest bell, found in Smollerup. The church is located at Frilandsmuseet Hjerl Hede and can be visited during the museum's opening hours. On closing days, access to the church is not possible, but for 40 DKK, you can visit the museum and view the church and all the other buildings from the outside.

    The old village on the heath

    Frilandsmuseet Hjerl Hede is a collection of small cultural landscapes where you can explore regional variations of construction. Among other things, the museum also houses Jutland's oldest known farmhouse, Vinkelgården.

    During peak season, summer holidays, and Christmas, the museum comes to life with over 100 people working in houses and workshops. Throughout the year, there are changing activities in the museum.

    Plan your visit

    Hjerl Hede is located on the Jutland heath just outside the town of Vinderup. The museum is easily accessible by car, camper, and bus. There are good, free parking facilities and three Pintrip spots for campers. Hjerl Hede is only an hour's drive from the North Sea and a fifteen-minute drive from the Limfjord.

    Restaurant Skyttegaarden is located on the museum grounds, where you can buy classic Danish dishes, old-fashioned ice cream wafers, and more. The restaurant follows the museum's opening hours.

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  • Photo: Destination Nordvestkysten

    Nees Japanske Have

    26.02 km

    You can enjoy beautiful trees, bushes and flowers. The garden gives you peace in soul and mind.

    The Japanese Garden in Nees is open both in the summertime and in the winter. There are a lot of events for example concerts and church services.

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