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Since 1882 guests have enjoyed being pampered at Frederik VI's Hotel. Set amongst the beautiful Funen countryside in it’s own park with a system of forest paths and jogging trails right outside the door and only 10 km from Odense City centre, the hotel boasts tastefully furnished rooms and a highly regarded restaurant.

Rugårdsvej 590, 5210 Odense
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Hotel facilities

  • Bicycle loan/rental
  • Fitness Room
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  • Charging station
  • Free parking
  • Restaurant
  • Non smoking
  • Airport: 9 km
  • Train: 10 km
  • Busstop: 60 m
  • Beach: 25,2 km
  • Fishing: 5,4 km
  • Golf: 5,1 km
  • 62 Rooms

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Attractions nearby of Weekendophold

  • Photo: Ivan Møllebjerg

    Røde Mølle (the Red Mill)

    2.64 km

    The Red Mill Røde Mølle is an old water mill located close to Langesø Estate. The mill is located at the mouth of Sværup Mølleå, which flows into the river Stavids Å. The stream flows through the mill pond by the building.

    The strong current in the stream provides plenty of energy for a mill, and there have been several mills on the site. The building is first mentioned in 1571 as “then red mill”. The buildings at Røde Mølle were painted red, hence the name.

    Røde Mølle and the half-timbered farmhouse were built around 1825, and at that time it was a grain mill. The mill burned down in 1831 and was rebuilt as a sawmill under Langesø Gods, which had extensive forestry at the time.

    The mill was in operation until 1948, after which the mill was restored.

    From Red to White Mill

    Røde Mølle and the farmhouse are listed and have been restored several times. The Langesø Estate sold the buildings in 2015.

    Today, both mill and farmhouse are painted white. The current owners received Nordfyn Municipality's cultural heritage award in 2020 for their work in refurbishing the buildings, which today are home and holiday homes for the modern family.

    The mill is privately owned, and you can see the historic building from the road.

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  • Photo: VisitNordfyn

    Langesø Castle

    3.58 km

    The beautiful manor house, Langesø Castle, is situated next to a long, narrow lake, which has given its name to the place (which means long lake). The current building was built in 1774-78, but there was a manor house on the site already in the time of Queen Margrethe I in the 14th century. There have been many manor buildings on the site, forinstance Antonius Bryske built a main building with a tower in 1554. However, it only had a short life as it was built by the lake shore which sank under the heavy stones. At the end of the 17th century, a half-timbered building was built, and 100 years later the current main building in classicist style was added.

    The manor has had many owners, but the line of owners has been particularly dominated by the noble families Skinkel, Bryske and Berner. Under the Berner family, the manor was elevated to a barony by the king. In 1977, the last owner, baron Godske Berner Schilden Holsten, established the Langesø Foundation and donated the manor to it. The chairman of the foundation's board must always be a member of the Berner family.

    There is a large production of Christmas trees on the estate.

    The manor house is privately owned and can only be seen from the road.

    There are many hiking trails in the large forests around the castle, where it is nice to go for a walk. There are MTB tracks and riding trails in the forests. If you want to use them, it is necessary to purchase a license.

    It is also possible to see the castle from the lake side. Rent a boat and enjoy a sailing trip on Langesø with or without a fishing rod. Boats can be hired locally.

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  • Photo: Benjamin Dalby

    Odense Harbour & Marina

    7.98 km

    Odense Harbour was built in the beginning of the 19th century and a lot has happened since then. For 150 years it served as a busy industrial harbour, but now it's transforming into a new and exciting area with residential buildings, a culture house, The North Atlantic House, cafés and plenty of free sport-friendly activities. The area has obvious references to the past in the shape of the many preserved and “recycled” buildings.

    Over the last couple of years several sports facilities have been built at the harbour. On “The City's Island” you can play beach volley, pétanque, try outdoor crossfit & parkour, miniature golf and play indoor soccer at the “Football Factory”. Which is right next to our harbour beach, where you can enjoy a cool drink among the palm trees. Quite recently it became possible to go for a swim in the new harbour bath, which has all the modern amenities such as; changing rooms, an open air swimming pool, sauna etc. and attracts many locals on hot and sunny days.

    It's possible to buy unique glass art at The Glassworks, where you can also see the work in progress. If you're more into vintage, there is a flea market every Sunday during the summer months - get there early if you want to make a great find! 

    If you start to feel peckish, you have several choices: the restaurant at The North Atlantic House is open for brunch, lunch and dinner, and serves modern dishes inspired by the region. Only a few minutes walk from the harbour you'll also find a street food market in an old warehouse called Storms Pakhus

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  • Photo: Benjamin Dalby

    Byens Bro (City Bridge)

    8.22 km

    Byens Bro (The City Bridge) is a bridge for people on foot and by bike that want to cross the railway tracks at Odense Railway Station and the purpose of the bridge is to better connect the harbour area and the city centre for cyclists and pedestrians. Opened in May 2015, the bridge is 135 metres long and runs from Østre Stationsvej to VUC in Kottesgade. On the way, you cross 15 railway tracks and from the bridge there is access to three of the station's platforms via lift and stairs.

    The footbridge over the railway tracks was designed by Gottlieb Paludan Architects, who won the competition to design it in 2012. The bridge is beautiful and impressive, especially in the dark with lights on.

    The name Byens Bro (The City Bridge) was chosen through a competition with more than 1300 local participants.

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  • Photo: Pernille Greve

    Art Museum Brandts in Odense

    8.29 km

    You will find the art museum in the area 'Brandts Klædefabrik', a cultural centre in Odense. The museum is housed in the old factory buildings, which exude soul and atmosphere and, surrounded by an urban atmosphere, they form an exciting contrast to the art displayed inside. Discover the museum's comprehensive collection focusing on 250 years of Danish art, or immerse yourself in one of the 8-10 annual special exhibitions. With experiences on five floors, there are plenty of reasons to stop by Funen's largest art museum.

    Art at children's level
    Don't miss the museum's traditional sensory exhibition, which is a real treat for you and your children. For 30 years, children have been taking their parents along for critically acclaimed art experiences at children's level. Plus, the creative family workshop is always a hit.

    Art café and shop
    Explore the museum shop, a great experience with a large selection of designer goods, crafts, posters, books and original lithographs. During your visit, you can also treat yourself to a drink at the Brandts Art Café, where you can quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger between art experiences. It serves seasonal cakes, delicious salads and sandwiches, coffee, tea, wine and speciality beers. The café is set in inspiring surroundings and decorated with atmospheric sculptures and a large mural by Malene Landgreen. The café overlooks the cosy Amphi Square.

    Admission is free to both the shop and café. See opening hours, prices and current exhibitions at brandts.dk

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  • Photo: Johan Joensen

    Kongens Have (King's Garden) in Odense

    8.43 km

    The King's Garden was laid out as a Baroque garden in the 1720s according to a plan by architect Johann Cornelius Krieger. Of course, many changes have been made to the garden since then, due in part to the Dutch elm disease, but parts of the old garden can still be seen. There are also a number of sculptures in the garden, including Gottfred Eickhoff's Lover's Struggle and Aksel Hansen's equestrian statue of Christian IX.

    Especially in summer, the garden is often used as a setting for various outdoor cultural events like outdoor concerts and festivals.

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  • Photo: Ard Jongsma

    The Danish Railway Museum

    8.45 km

    Let your imagination soar and play engine driver in the cabs of the impressive steam locomotives.
    Take a seat on the uncomfortable benches in the old passenger carriages, peek inside the royal saloon carriages and admire the snow plough from back in the days of ice winter. You can also set the little model trains in motion and study the fascinating ferry models.

    Hop aboard the mini train
    At the Danish Railway Museum we have our own miniature train. The mini train takes you through the Danish cultural landscape and past child-sized railway history environments. The train departs several times a day

    Experiences for the little ones
    Younger visitors will love the Locomotive Master Bus's workshop and the Children's Railway Station - a child-sized railway station with a ticket office, control tower and space to play. Also visit the outdoor playground where you can explore the large steam locomotive and slide from the top of the water tower.

    Ride a vintage train
    It's a very special experience to stand close to the steam locomotive, enveloped in smoke, steam and the smell of coal. At the Danish Railway Museum, we have our own railway tracks and station on the museum grounds. You can take a trip on the vintage train on selected days throughout the year. We operate both railcars and steam trains. Rides at the museum can be seen on our website under "Activities".

    All activities at the museum are free of charge. Children under (0-17 years) always have free admission

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  • Photo: 24Copenhagen

    Odense ZOO - Zoological gardens

    8.64 km

    A zoo for the whole family
    Odense ZOO is a zoological garden for the whole family – with lots of experiences for both little ones and adults. When you visit the zoo, you will surely get a nice and educational day filled with different experiences and lots of fun. While the younger ones play, the adults can enjoy a nice meal or a cup of coffee. Afterwards you can continue the tour around the garden which offers adventures for the whole family with many kinds of animals.

    Experience the different animals
    In Odense ZOO there are many different animals – maybe some you already know and maybe some more exotic ones. In the garden you can experience all kinds of animals like the Siberian tiger, exotic birds and the manatee below the water. When you tour the garden and see all the animals, you will experience a quite unique atmosphere and scenery which is a perfect fit according to which animals you come across – from the tropical South America to the Antarctic cold. You will also see the zebras and giraffes on the savannah and the turtles in The House of Darwin. There are many different animals in Odense ZOO, both the dangerous and wild and the smaller and softer animals.

    Up close
    There are lots of options when you want to get totally close when seeing the different kinds of animals. In Odense ZOO you can handfeed the big giraffes and during the summer holidays you get to visit the island of the lemurs where you will participate in feeding the perky animals. You can of course also watch as the zookeepers feed and train the animals in the zoo. as you can imagine, there are many opportunities for you to listen, see and learn when you visit the zoological garden with the very special and cozy atmosphere.

    Go tree-top-walking
    When visiting Odense ZOO, you have got an incredible opportunity to go to Bøgetoppen (top of the beeches). The trip in Bøgetoppen offers a walk in the canopy of the beautiful beech forest. In the canopy there are nine different platforms which are all connected by suspension bridges. Here you will get to experience a trip in a height of six to twelve meters above the ground! A very fun experience for the whole family when you get take the 250 meters long walk in the trees. A walk which offers both a beautiful view and maybe even some challenges. On the trip you will get to test your trivia knowledge in a digital quiz about Danish nature. In the quiz you might get some new information or maybe you get to beat your family in the fun game of who has the most knowledge about animals and insects in the canopy or the forest floor below.
    And the best part of it all: Odense ZOO is open all year round – so bring your family and get an experience of a lifetime!   

    Prices and tickets

    Daily Programme

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  • Photo: Ukendt

    The Butterflies in the lake

    8.64 km

    In Munke Mose you can find this fine sculpture/decoration of coloured butterflies floating above the water in the small lake. The inspiration for the sculpture comes from Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale about Thumbelina sailing on a water lily leaf pulled by a butterfly after she has escaped from the toad. The colourful butterflies in Munke Mose are part of the fairy tale playground nearby.

    Munke Mose is one of the most popular parks in Odense, and the fairy tale playground attracts many visitors daily. The large, colourful butterflies decorate the area around the small Thumbelina-inspired playground, where you can balance on big water lily leaves, slide down a large "cliff" or play by the stream.

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  • Photo: Anja Panduro

    Hans C. Andersen's Childhood Home

    8.74 km

    The house opened to the public in 1930. The cobblestone street sets the stage for a visit to the past.

    The house contains the very humble rooms which comprised the home of the great fairy tale writer and to which his dearest memories of childhood are attached. Don't confuse this house with the actual museum in the historic quarter, which you can visit also. The rooms mimic Hans Christian Andersen's descriptions in his autobiography and give you a good impression of the poverty that marked his early years.

    The charming backyard garden, which was established in 2018, is filled with plants and flowers that Andersen mentioned in his writings, like docks, an elderflower bush and more. The garden is small and surrounded by brick walls separating you from the neighbours. The atmosphere is calm, and it is hard to remember that you are standing in the city centre of Denmark's 3rd largest city.

    The Hans Christian Andersen Childhood Home is free for children under 18. Please note that opening hours may differ during holidays, visit the website for further information.

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  • Photo: Johan Joensen

    The Walking Street Quarter - Odense City

    8.67 km

    The dedicated walking streets of Odense’s city centre are reserved for pedestrians and their leisure, as they are filled with opportunities for shopping and eating out. Odense has such an abundance of restaurants that; per capita, no other Danish city has more restaurants available, with the majority of them lining the walking streets.

    This quarter also houses a great amount of history, one example is the historically significant Cathedral (Domkirken), which is known for being the site where Canute the Holy (then Canute IV), was slain by rebels along with several of his followers. He was the first and only Danish king to be canonised by the church; the act of being chosen as a saint, and one of only five Danish saints in total.

    Right across from the Cathedral is the city’s historical city hall, which still houses the municipal offices and faces the historical market-square “Flakhaven”. Flakhaven means flat field and the square has functioned as a market square since the 1200s, at times even the biggest in the country.

    Behind this section is the Monastery Garden (Klosterhaven), which showcases natural herbs and medicinal plants, handed down and cared for by monks of the past who acted as the city’s healers.

    Around the corner of this garden is the Fairy Tale Garden (Eventyrhaven), which is devoted to Hans Christian Andersen and displays an array of fairy tale sculptures along with a diverse arrangement of flowers and a water fountain. This garden also hosts the H. C. Andersen Parade during the summer.

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  • Photo: Andreas Bastiansen

    Odense Cathedral - St. Canute's Church

    8.8 km

    It is named after the king Canute the Holy, who was murdered here in 1086. His bones are on display in the crypt. King Hans and Christian II are also buried in Odense Cathedral.

    The magnificent altarpiece dating back to the 1500s and carved by Claus Berg is well worth examining in detail.

    On Wednesdays, due to noon prayers, it is not possible to move around the church from 11.45 to 12.30.

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