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Includes per person per stay:

  • 14-16 : Afternoon coffee and cake
  • from 17:30: Mortensaften buffet in the cafe (drinks not included in rate)
  • Overnight accommodation
  • Breakfast

More about Fjelsted Skov Hotel & Konference

Welcome to Fjelsted Skov Hotel and Conference - a unique refuge in the midst of nature. We offer an exclusive experience where tranquility and charm blend with modern comfort surrounded by the breathtaking Fjelsted Skov. The ideal place for both business travelers and holiday guests.

Store Landevej 92, 5592 Ejby
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Hotel facilities

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  • Disabled-friendly
  • Bar/lounge
  • Pets
  • Free wifi
  • Charging station
  • Free parking
  • Restaurant
  • Non smoking
  • Airport: 62 km
  • Train: 5 km
  • Busstop: 5 km
  • Beach: 11 m
  • Fishing: 3 km
  • Golf: 14 km
  • 70 Rooms

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Attractions nearby of Mortens Aften stay

  • Photo: VisitMiddelfart

    Humlemagasinet in Harndrup

    3.19 km

    Humlemagasinet is a large museum on the edge of the municipality of Middelfart. 

    Museum featuring gardens and a doll collection with over 100 royal porcelain figurines, including one of King Christian IV.

    The museum also include an impressive beer collection from both home and abroad, including traditional local beer as well as the more modern beers that we know today. Thus, The Hop Museum tells the story of beer and beer production from both near and far.

    Each year the museum chooses a new theme and the displays/exhibits are changed accordingly. There are two buildings that also house a doll museum, café, Sigfred Pedersen museum (a local poet and songwriter from Harndrup) as well as 10 acres of beautiful gardens.

    The Hop museum displays a beer collection as well as fascinating pictures illustrating local beer production over 100 years.

    Definitely worth a visit.


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  • Photo: VisitNordfyn

    Ditlevsdal Bison Farm

    13.17 km

    Ditlevsdal Bison Farm is Europe's largest bison farm housing about 400 animals. Come and have a wonderful experience and enjoy the genuine prairie atmosphere among the large animals.

    Guided tours

    Get a good look at the great bison on close hand on a safari tour among the great animals!  

    It is a good idea to book tickets.

    Restaurant and farm shop

    All year round, the restaurant and the farm shop are open.

    You can enjoy a great meal in the restaurant with bison on the menu. 

    And you can buy souvenirs, delicacies and the delicious bison meat in the farm shop.

    It is also possible to have parties, birthdays, meetings and conferences on the farm. You can of course plan many exciting activities as well as a bison safari. 

    You can find opening hours for Ditlevsdal at

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  • Photo: Casper Hansen

    Galleri 55 - Keramik

    14.87 km

    Galleri 55 is a gallery with a very good reputation where you can see ceramics by Danish and international artists. There are successive exhibitions throughout the year - take a look and see what the the gallery has put on show right now!


    Opening hours:

    May 2-30. September

    Monday-Friday at 10-17

    Saturday at 10-14

    Sunday at 11-16

    October 1-30. April

    Thursday-Friday at 13-17

    Saturday at 10-14

    Sunday at 11-16

    During the Easter week and during the spring holidays, Galleri 55 is open as in the summer.

    It is not open between Christmas and New Year's Eve.

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  • Photo: Estate Nordfyn


    14.87 km

    Visit the nicest market town of Denmark with about 4000 citizens. It is a very nice place for a walk along the idyllic old houses and the brook, which winds through the town.

    Bogense - an old town

    Bogense is a very old town, and it was granted its rights as a market town in 1288. The oldest house was built in 1543. The church was built in the middle ages and is dedicated to the patron saint of sailors, Saint Nicholas. As befits its saint, the church is placed on a cliff off the coast, and the tower has functioned as a seamark. Right next to the church is the old market place Torvet, where you can find the smallest house in Denmark.

    Today, Bogense is a tourist centre with modern facilities and a large area with holiday apartments. The town has an active cultural life, and there are many good shops where you can buy all sorts of things. You can also buy your groceries at one of the 3 supermarkets. Or enjoy your dinner at one of the nice cafés and restaurants.

    Bogense Harbour

    The old harbour is full of life. There are no longer any fishing boats, but you can now find some of the best restaurants and some nice shops. You should also pay visit to the marina and admire the large boats there.

    What's going on in Bogense?

    What's happening in Bogense and on North Funen when you're there? Check out VisitNordfyn's activity calendar and find activities and events!

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  • Photo: Fotograf Andreas Schnalke

    Skoda Museum Denmark

    17.18 km

    Skoda Museum Danmark

    The museum's collection is from the first mass-produced Škoda 420 Popular from 1937 to Skoda Felicia 1996 which was the first car in collaboration with VW.

    All the cars in the museum are a result of enthusiasts love for the brand Škoda. The cars have been privately owned for generations, is built from scratch and last but not least, all cars is a part of an incredible history. 

    Opening hours:
    May and September:
    weekends and public holidays 13:00 to 17:00

    June, July and August
    Tuesday-Sunday 13:00 to 17:00

    Fall break
    Open every day from Saturday in week 41 until Sunday in week 42 13.00 pm. 17:00.

    Adults: DDK 55,00
    Joint ticket with Flax Weaving Museum: DKK 115.00
    Children under 12 years: Free

    Groups all year round by special arrangement.

    Please contact the Skoda Museum for further details.

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  • Photo: Fotograf Thomas Mølvig

    CLAY Museum Of Ceramic Art Denmark

    18.24 km

    Welcome to the new CLAY Ceramics Museum Denmark, which has undergone extensive renovation and extension through the last two years. The result is beautiful.

    CLAY MUSEUM OF CERAMIC ART DENMARK (previously known as Grimmerhus Ceramic Museum) specializes in ceramic art and design. It now has one of Europe’s most outstanding collections of ceramics, when back in 2010, Royal Copenhagen donated a unique collection of more than 50,000 items of ceramics – porcelain, stoneware and faience – to the museum. This collection has never been exhibited before and represents more than 235 years of ceramic design and craftsmanship created and produced by the three renowned Danish ceramics factories: Den Kongelige Porcelainsfabrik, Bing & Grøndahl and Aluminia.

    There has been enormous interest, from both young and old, for ceramics throughout the world. From China to the USA, the three blue waves symbolise the very essence of Danish design and craftsmanship. After considerable renovations and extension to the building, CLAY Museum of Ceramic Art Denmark is once again open. The impressive collection of royal porcelain attracts visitors from both Denmark and abroad.

    CLAY is home to various events and changing exhibitions with focus on ceramics. A visit to the Museum of Ceramic Art Denmark will introduce you to the fascinating art of ceramics. Enjoy refreshments at the museums café and look around the museums shop, which has a wide variety of unique ceramics, art and crafts.

    In addition, the architecture of the building and the surrounding sculpture park with its amazing view over the Little Belt is in itself worth a visit. The new annex, that is partially built underground, has been designed with respect for the impressive architecture of Grimmerhus. The unique Grimmerhus was built in 1857 and is now a listed building.

    Name change from Grimmerhus to CLAY Museum of Ceramic Art Denmark

    It is not by chance that the name was changed from Grimmerhus to CLAY Museum of Ceramic Art Denmark. The name has its roots back in the 1980s, when a group of Danish art enthusiasts became members of an international organisation called Clay Today. They needed a suitable place for a ceramics museum and Grimmerhus was chosen (dower house from 1857).

    This is where the name stems from. The name CLAY Museum of Ceramic Art Denmark was chosen because it gives the museum a new identity that is closely linked with its past.


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  • Photo: Destination Trekantområdet – VisitFredericia

    Bridgewalking – An unforgettable experience

    19.54 km

    Bridgewalking across Little Belt

    Go on a bridge walk on the Old Little Belt Bridge with Bridgewalking Lillebælt and experience Little Belt and the surrounding area from a whole new angle. Bridgewalking is a very special activity that can only be tried in four places in the world, and the only place in Europe is on the old Little Belt Bridge, which links Fredericia and Middelfart, Jutland and Funen. Book your next outing with Bridgewalking Lillebælt for an unforgettable experience.

    The Little Belt Bridge experience

    An adrenaline rush and spectacular views of Little Belt, Fredericia and Middelfart are guaranteed when you're at the top of the Old Little Belt Bridge, 60 metres above sea level.

    Each bridge walk is led by a guide from Bridgewalking Lillebælt, who will tell you about the bridge’s construction, the area’s history and the surrounding scenery. If you're lucky, you might even spot a few porpoises – Little Belt's very own little whale. Little Belt is home to one of the world's densest populations of porpoises. Bridgewalking also brings you up close to the special steel construction of the Old Little Belt Bridge, and you'll feel the whole bridge vibrate as heavy freight trains and fast express trains pass beneath you on the bridge's railway tracks.

    Try bridgewalking alone or together

    Bridgewalking is a fantastic activity for individuals, couples and groups of all sizes. On a Bridgewalking Lillebælt bridge walk, visitors are sent onto the bridge in groups of up to 20 people, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t get a more intimate experience with your friends, partner, spouse, or whomever else you have chosen to share the experience with. Even if you walk in a group for safety reasons, bridgewalking doesn’t have to feel like a group activity. Time on the bridge is spent enjoying the experience and listening your guide's captivating stories! You can therefore easily do a bridge walk on your own.

    Bridgewalking Lillebælt: The perfect group activity

    Because visitors go bridgewalking in groups, a bridgewalk on the Old Little Belt Bridge with Bridgewalking Lillebælt is the perfect destination for your next group trip. Go bridgewalking as your next family outing, friends outing or company outing, or walk across Little Belt as part of your corporate event or teambuilding trip. The options are endless, and Bridgewalking Lillebælt and their guides are always on hand to create the perfect setting for your trip.

    Read more about bridgewalking as a teambuilding activity here!

    Bridgewalking all year round

    Bridgewalking Lillebælt arranges trips all year round, so there is plenty of opportunity to experience Little Belt in all the seasons. Try bridgewalking in autumn, when the leaves from the many trees on both sides of the belt cover the coastline in an explosion of reds, or see how nature appears more rugged from the top of the bridge in winter.

    If you've already tried bridgewalking, there's no reason why you can't enjoy a completely new and unique experience every time you go on a bridgewalk across Little Belt. As Bridgewalking Lillebælt's guides themselves say: No two trips across Little Belt are the same, and there are always more stories to tell!

    Information about bridgewalking

    Your walk on the bridge starts at Bridgewalking Lillebælt's welcome centre at Galsklintvej 2 in Middelfart. Here Bridgewalking Lillebælt's knowledgeable tour guides will welcome you and prepare you for the fantastic trip you are about to embark on. Together you'll walk from the welcome centre to the Old Little Belt Bridge, where you'll be connected to a safety system – and then it's uphill from there!

    The walk is about 2.5 km long, and it is a requirement that participants are in reasonably good physical shape, as there are some steps along the way. No items are allowed on the bridge, and all pockets must be emptied. You are therefore not allowed to bring phones or cameras on the tour – but don't worry, your guide will bring a phone and will take photos of you along the way, which you can download afterwards. You can lock your small belongings, such as your wallet, keys or phone, in a safety box while you're on the bridge.

    Read more about what happens before, during and after the bridge walk here!

    Tickets, prices and parking

    Tickets: Tickets can be purchased at the welcome centre and online. We recommend that you buy tickets online to make sure you get the tour you want. Tickets can be purchased here or via the blue box on the right.


    Children under 16 (over 140 cm): DKK 255

    Adults: DKK 315

    Free parking: Parking is available at Galsklintvej 2, 5500 Middelfart, right next to the welcome centre. Read more about parking and public transport options here!

    Food and drink at Bridgewalking Lillebælt

    You can buy hot and cold drinks to enjoy before or after your walk on the bridge. These are sold at the welcome centre, where you can also see a small exhibition about the area surrounding Little Belt and the Old Little Belt Bridge and buy various souvenirs from Bridgewalking Lillebælt. The welcome centre also has tables and benches where you can enjoy a packed lunch, a fire pit with seating and a large nature playground. It is not possible to buy food from Bridgewalking Lillebælt.

    Do you have any other questions? Find answers to frequently asked questions here!

    Experience more: Fredericia, the fortress town in the heart of Denmark

    If you're looking for dining, experiences, or accommodation during your visit to Bridgewalking Lillebælt, these are just a stone's throw away! From Bridgewalking Lillebælt, there's a short distance to the fortress town of Fredericia.

    In Fredericia, you'll find inviting restaurants and cafes, great shopping opportunities, and charming pedestrian streets. There are plenty of good accommodation options, so you can easily plan your excursion for bridgewalking.

    Read more about Fredericia here!


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  • Photo: 24Copenhagen

    Odense ZOO - Zoological gardens

    25.37 km

    A zoo for the whole family
    Odense ZOO is a zoological garden for the whole family – with lots of experiences for both little ones and adults. When you visit the zoo, you will surely get a nice and educational day filled with different experiences and lots of fun. While the younger ones play, the adults can enjoy a nice meal or a cup of coffee. Afterwards you can continue the tour around the garden which offers adventures for the whole family with many kinds of animals.

    Experience the different animals
    In Odense ZOO there are many different animals – maybe some you already know and maybe some more exotic ones. In the garden you can experience all kinds of animals like the Siberian tiger, exotic birds and the manatee below the water. When you tour the garden and see all the animals, you will experience a quite unique atmosphere and scenery which is a perfect fit according to which animals you come across – from the tropical South America to the Antarctic cold. You will also see the zebras and giraffes on the savannah and the turtles in The House of Darwin. There are many different animals in Odense ZOO, both the dangerous and wild and the smaller and softer animals.

    Up close
    There are lots of options when you want to get totally close when seeing the different kinds of animals. In Odense ZOO you can handfeed the big giraffes and during the summer holidays you get to visit the island of the lemurs where you will participate in feeding the perky animals. You can of course also watch as the zookeepers feed and train the animals in the zoo. as you can imagine, there are many opportunities for you to listen, see and learn when you visit the zoological garden with the very special and cozy atmosphere.

    Go tree-top-walking
    When visiting Odense ZOO, you have got an incredible opportunity to go to Bøgetoppen (top of the beeches). The trip in Bøgetoppen offers a walk in the canopy of the beautiful beech forest. In the canopy there are nine different platforms which are all connected by suspension bridges. Here you will get to experience a trip in a height of six to twelve meters above the ground! A very fun experience for the whole family when you get take the 250 meters long walk in the trees. A walk which offers both a beautiful view and maybe even some challenges. On the trip you will get to test your trivia knowledge in a digital quiz about Danish nature. In the quiz you might get some new information or maybe you get to beat your family in the fun game of who has the most knowledge about animals and insects in the canopy or the forest floor below.
    And the best part of it all: Odense ZOO is open all year round – so bring your family and get an experience of a lifetime!   

    Prices and tickets

    Daily Programme

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  • Photo: Ard Jongsma

    The Danish Railway Museum

    25.68 km

    Let your imagination soar and play engine driver in the cabs of the impressive steam locomotives.
    Take a seat on the uncomfortable benches in the old passenger carriages, peek inside the royal saloon carriages and admire the snow plough from back in the days of ice winter. You can also set the little model trains in motion and study the fascinating ferry models.

    Hop aboard the mini train
    At the Danish Railway Museum we have our own miniature train. The mini train takes you through the Danish cultural landscape and past child-sized railway history environments. The train departs several times a day

    Experiences for the little ones
    Younger visitors will love the Locomotive Master Bus's workshop and the Children's Railway Station - a child-sized railway station with a ticket office, control tower and space to play. Also visit the outdoor playground where you can explore the large steam locomotive and slide from the top of the water tower.

    Ride a vintage train
    It's a very special experience to stand close to the steam locomotive, enveloped in smoke, steam and the smell of coal. At the Danish Railway Museum, we have our own railway tracks and station on the museum grounds. You can take a trip on the vintage train on selected days throughout the year. We operate both railcars and steam trains. Rides at the museum can be seen on our website under "Activities".

    All activities at the museum are free of charge. Children under (0-17 years) always have free admission

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  • Photo: Ard Jongsma

    The Funen Village - Open Air Museum

    26.52 km

    All buildings date from the 18th and 19th centuries and are sourced on Funen. Most are built in half-timbering and with thatched roofs. The village is surrounded by fields and gardens, and you can meet livestock in stables, on pasture or in the fields, ploughing the arable land with the farmer. The Funen Village tells the story of both past and future, sustainability and community.

    A village with inspiration for the future
    The Funen Village is an attraction that shows how people lived and what they did in the 18th and 19th centuries. In addition, The Funen Village places great emphasis on sustainability, recycling and community, which is demonstrated through the village's activities and stories. It is a historical museum that tries to use the history of the past to change the future - precisely by focusing on sustainability and community. The Funen Village shows life in the past, when people were in closer covenant with nature, to inspire you and your family, arouse your curiosity and make you wiser about the past and the future.

    An experience for the whole family
    The Funen Village has something for all the family, young and old. Children and young people under 18 don't have to pay admission, so get going! Throughout the season you can enjoy activities such as horse-drawn carriage rides, various village tales, travelling theatre and many other exciting activities. You can also learn how to milk cows, make clothes from flax, how honey is made in the village and much more. You can always find the whole year's programme here:, so you can choose the activities you want to experience.

    History programmes and summer evenings
    When you visit the Funen Village, you can listen to stories told by the volunteers. They perform the roles of cooks, coachmen, field workers, candle drippers, goose maidens and other village residents. As you listen to the stories, you can watch the characters as they go about their daily chores. This creates a unique and special atmosphere for you to experience what it was like to live in the 18th century. In addition to the many volunteers and activities, the Funen Village is open every Thursday in July, where you can enjoy the summer atmosphere of the village.

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  • Photo: Egeskov

    Egeskov - the most beautiful garden and Park

    43.81 km

    Egeskov - The Living Castle in Funen 

    Egeskov is no ordinary castle – it is one of Europe’s finest Renaissance buildings, featuring a real moat, spires, a knight’s hall and ghastly creatures in its masonry.  You are more than welcome to take a look inside the castle! The family loves having guests at the castle, in the park, in the big PlayForest and at the many inspiring exhibitions in the castle’s beautiful farm buildings. Take your family on fun excursions in the forest or scenic walks in the park, where you can explore the pristine gardens as the children enjoy themselves for hours. 

    Egeskov is also a PlayForest, where children and youthful souls can enjoy themselves for hours – on the ground or up in the trees in Tree Top Walking. 

    Plan a full-day visit to Egeskov’s many interesting exhibits, featuring veteran cars, dolls, aeroplanes, historic dresses and roaring motorcycles. 

    Get a close up look at the world’s biggest and most wonderful dollhouse! A unique dream palace with more than 3000 pieces created for Titania, queen of the fairies, prince consort Oberon and their seven fairy children. 

    Treat yourself to a visit in one of Europe’s most beautiful historic gardens, which in 2012 received an honorary award from The European Garden Network. 

    Egeskov is for the whole family. Europe’s most impressive historic garden and the best preserved moat castle in Europe. Exhibitions satisfying everyone, and a playground that will take your breath away. A place for a great family day out! 

    To find out much more and to buy tickets please visit

    "Egeskov Castle - 2018 TripAdvisor Cerificate of Exellence"

    "European Garden Award 2012" and
    "Best European historic garden 2012"

    Nominated by CNN Travel as one of the 12 most spectacular gardens in the world.

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