Minibreak 4 days at Bechs Hotel

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Includes per person per night:

  • 3 x overnight accommodation
  • 3 x breakfast buffet
  • 3 x 2-course menu

More about Bechs Hotel

Bechs Hotel in the heart of Tarm is one of West Jutland’s best restaurants, and especially the many fish dishes are popular. Right outside the door you will find Skjern Å and the North Sea with fine possibilities of angling, lovely walks, bathing and bird watching.

Storegade 4, 6880 Tarm
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Hotel facilities

  • Fitness Room
  • Disabled-friendly
  • Free wifi
  • Pets
  • Free parking
  • Restaurant
  • Airport: 20 km
  • Train: 500 m
  • Busstop: 200 m
  • Beach: 25 km
  • Fishing: 1 km
  • Golf: 10 km
  • 38 Rooms

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Attractions nearby of Minibreak 4 days

  • Photo: Destination Ringkøbing Fjord

    Flyvergrav by Tarm

    1.14 km

    On the evening of March 12, 1945, an English Lancaster bomber with a crew of 7 was shot down by a German fighter jet near Lyne. The plane crashed between Vallund and Østergårde, and before the crash, 5 men parachuted out and were hidden with Danes in the area and then smuggled quickly to Sweden.

    The 2 crew members who died in the crashed plane got local people out and transported the bodies to Tarm Hospital. The Germans came the next day and demanded that the bodies be handed over. The bodies were driven out into the plantation, and buried without marking a burial site. The local haulier who had driven this transport was able to designate the site, which was marked with flags and square stonework on the day of liberation on 5 May.

    On 14 June 1945, the parish council decided to donate the area for the construction of 2 burial sites, and maintain it in the future. The burial site was constructed for funds raised, and the circular ring wall of cobblestones was erected at the same time as the demarcation of the burial site.

    On Sunday, August 12, 19455, there was a church funeral service at the cemetery.

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  • Photo: Destination Ringkøbing Fjord

    Egvad Church

    2.54 km

    From about 1150-1200. The church is made from granite. The pulpit and the altarpiece are from 1600. The ends of the chairs are with carved wood from 1500. You also find arches in the church. The church is open, when the sexton is present.

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  • Photo: Destination Ringkøbing Fjord


    5.04 km

    "The Super egg is a geometric innovation in this century and appear as a beautiful,harmonious and timeless sculpture, signal Skjern as a dynamic and progressive town.Such sculpture will place Skjern on the art map of Denmark."
    Such wrote manufacturer Th. Skjøde Knudsen in 1994, when he in connection with conservation associations competition for decoration of the roundabaut Bredgade/Søndergade in Skjern first time proposed the superellips as decoration in the roundabaut in Bredgade, but the idea won then no response.

    The reasons for choosing "The Super egg" was, that Piet Hein hat some connection to Skjern, from which his eggs from " The Super Egg World Center" were sold to over 30 countries."The egg production" was then a successful collaboration between Piet Hein and Th. Skjøde Knudsen.

    Some years later,as the roundabaut Arnborgvej / Ringvejen was made, the idea was taken up again by then-City Manager Erik Lorentzen. They got permission to use Piet Hein´s Superellipse, and applications were send to local firms, Banks and various foundations.

    The Sculpture by Ringvejen is made of silver bronzed fiberglass, over 4 meters high and has cost about 400.000,- kr.

    Roundabout east, Arnborgvej/Østergade/Ringvejen, 6900 Skjern.


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  • Photo: VisitVesterhavet

    Skjern Å

    7.38 km

    This century, in the Skjern Å river valley, major invasive actions were taken against the rivers natural flow. After a series of isolated attempts at building dams and thereby controlling the river, in the 1960s, a very large drainage project was set in motion. The winding river was forced into straight canals and pumping stations were built, to lead the water away from the river valley. 4000 ha of meadows and bogs were transformed into agricultural lands, which was then in shortage; the damp meadows, haystacks, and livestock were replaced with productive grain fields and agricultural machinery.

    However, today – about 50 years later – the meadows and wetlands have been restored. The Skjern Å Nature project includes approximately 2200 ha or about half the area which was drained in the 1960s. The project in the Skjern Å river valley is the largest nature restoration project in northern Europe and it was begun in 1999 – after years of planning – and finished in 2003. The restoration has made the area a unique piece of nature of international importance and it is the only nature area in Denmark to receive the European award Europa Nostra, because it has become such a thriving piece of nature and wildlife, which benefits animals and people equally.

    Thanks to Real Dania’s project ’Stedet Tæller’, three of the pumping stations were restored into fully functional pumping stations. The project is about enhancing the experience of the area, as well as the accessibility. The pumping station to the south east, between Tarm and Lønborg, has been equipped with viewing platform; Pumping Station East has had an extension built on the roof, and Pumping Station North has been equipped with an elevator to its tower and a restroom for the disabled. Small architectural changes show how a classic, physical, and industrial element like a pumping station can be transformed and be bestowed with a new meaning and thereby cast light on the potential of these far out areas, showing the way to a new positive development of areas outside Denmark’s most populated areas.

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  • Photo: Karsten Madsen

    Svanesøen in Ølgod

    12.8 km

    We recommend parking at Torvet in Ølgod. Walk about. 1.5 km. through the city along Søndergade past Guldsmedesøen and turn left. First you reach Engsøen, and then Svanesøen about 200 meters further along the path.

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  • Photo: Danmarks Flymuseum

    Danish Collection of Vintage Aircraft

    14.03 km

    A "flying museum". The Museum have more than 40 vintage aircrafts in Stauning.

    The Danish Collection of Vintage Aircraft has both Danish and foreign airplanes from the years between 1911 till 1990. The collection consists of e.g. Spitfire, Meteor, Starfighter and 11 Danish built KZ types.

    The museum in Stauning not only preserves old aircrafts, but they also keep them airworthy. 5 times during the summer the museum arranges flight nights. If the weather is fine, you can enjoy vintage aircrafts in the air. A visit at the museum takes you through the history and the development of the aircraft. In 2007 opened a new factory building that houses material from 1950 up to the latest.

    See opening hours and prices by clicking here.

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  • Photo: WOW Park

    WOW PARK Skjern

    15.4 km

    Experience one-of-a-kind adventures among the PARK's treetop forts, huge slides, wild swings, and hanging bridges. Visitors can chase each other through the labyrinth or build fantasy figurines in the creative workshop. When hungry, everyone is welcome to feast on their own picnic lunch, cook over an open fireplace, or purchase scrumptious food in the café. Enjoy family fun in the great outdoors by breathing in all the fresh air and sharing in all the wild play at the forest park... WOW PARK. Seeya there!

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  • Photo: Lydum Mølle

    Lydum Watermill and Power-station

    16.29 km

    Lydum Watermill and Power-station is located north of Varde, and has since 1903 been used for electricity production for the local community in the area. However, the Lydum watermill can be traced back to the 14th century, when people began to use the water to grind grain. Due to industrialization, the watermill was converted into a power plant.

    Today, the watermill is out of order, and has instead been continued as an experience center. This is because the association Lydum Mølle took over the mill in 2003 with a view to continuing it as an experience center. That is why Lydum Mølle offers communication of everyday life at a direct current plant in the 50s and 60s.

    In addition, the mill is also a starting point for excursions and outdoor activities in the beautiful landscape along Lydum Å.

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  • Photo: Bork Vikingehavn

    Bork Vikingehavn

    17.86 km

    Light a candle in the beautiful stave church or place a sacrifice at the sacrificial grove and see the handmade Bork tapestry. If you visit Bork Viking Harbour when there are extra events and living history, all your senses come alive and the kids get to try out the different activities. If you pay Bork Viking Harbour a visit during a more quiet period, you’ll have the time and space to pay extra attention to the craftsmanship and the beautiful details in the Viking houses.

    Cafe Cologne

    Bork Vikingehavns’s Café Kølsvinet is open every day of the season. You can enjoy the Viking-inspired food both indoors and outdoors. You are also welcome to bring your own food.

    Nice Viking shop

    Visit the Viking shop to find delicious delicacies, jewellery, books and other Viking-inspired items. There is free admission to the store.

    Peak season

    During the high season, the whole family can try out different fun activities. You can make beautiful bracelets with runes and try your hand at archery, like the Vikings. If you’re a bit hungry, you can bake a flatbread, and of course you can try the Viking playground and decide who is the coolest Viking in the family.

    Children and young people up to the age of 18 years have free access accompanied by an adult and dogs on a leash are welcome.

    To find out more about Bork Vikingehavn, opening hours, prices and events, visit or follow us at

    Bork Vikingehavn is part of the Ringkøbing Fjord Museer, which has many places to visit around Ringkøbing Fjord. Read more about the museum at

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  • Photo: Destination Ringkøbing Fjord

    Nørre Vium Church

    18.36 km

    At a hillside close to Vorgod Å, a small casehardent church from the 12th century is situated...The choir and the nave are made of granite squares. Later on, the porch has been added to the church, in romanesque design and the south door has been bricked up.The church bell, one of the oldest in Denmark, is placed in a bell frame; the following inscription has been engraved:"In the year of our Lord 1329 I was made by Poul". Inside the church, the baptismal font, made of granite, is placed and most likely, it is as old as the church itself. The present chritening plate is made of pewter; in 1955, it was donated by the Danish Minister of Ecclesiastical Affairs at taht time, Jens Sønderup and his wife.The altar piece is from 1697; the main theme is the Foundation of the Holy Communion.A minister's bench from 1585 has been placed in the choir.The pulpit is in Baroque design,dated back to 1700 and the sounding board is a copy of a previous one.In 1986-87, the church was thoroughly restored.

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  • Photo: WOW park Billund

    WOW PARK Billund - Fantastic experience in Billund

    44.33 km

    The wildest play and amusement park in the great outdoors


    Welcome to WOW PARK – a huge play and amusement park in the middle of the forest, where families can adventure together up in the treetops, on the forest floor, underground, and even among the waves – all in a safe and beautiful environment.

    WOW PARK features lots of open space, fresh air, and a stunning natural area spanning an area larger than 40 football fields.

    The GIANT – CRAZY new attraction in WOW PARK Billund

    In Scandinavia’s highest free fall slide tower – the GIANT - the bravest guests can try the LIGHTNING – the park’s new 20-metre free fall slide or one of the 2 other cool slides. The whole family can experience the spectacular view from the top of the tower in 25 metres height!

    Try the 3 crazy slides!

    - The LIGHTNING – reach your maximum speed with the 20-metre free fall slide.

    - The SPIRAL – spin like crazy in the wildest forest.

    - The FOREST RACER – race with your friends. Who will come first?

    Are you ready for a crazy experience? Reach your top speed with the free fall slide – if you dare!


    Treehouses, giant slides and suspension bridges 14 metres high

    Have you ever played in the treetops? Swooshed down slides at full speed? Run from tree to tree on high-flying bridges? Do it all at WOW PARK, a magical place full of sky-high fun. And be sure to try our 40-metre long sledding run, where you can zoom down the hill, even in summer.

    Wild ziplines, giant swings and high-hanging cargo nets

    Race down ziplines at full speed and challenge each other to a wild contest on the Giant swings. Jump and play among big bouncy balls in one of our treetop nets up to 300 sq. meters in size.

    Underground caves, secret hideouts and a giant maze

    In WOW PARK's underground universe, you can crawl on all fours and discover hideouts among secret entrances and winding paths. Above ground, the entire family is challenged to find their way through the wooden twists and turns of the willow forest and the fun, mysterious labyrinth.

    Water World - a great splash of fun

    You’re never too old to play with water! In Water World, you can tip over the barrels and spill water all the way down the mountain, making small floods and fun waterfalls.

    Let the games begin!

    Compete with Mom and Dad in a balance contest, an ancient Viking game or in a fun match of football billiards. You can also goof around with your little ones in the playground area.

    The friendly goats

    Swing by our gregarious goats and say hello to old Villy, cheeky Frida and little Mads. They are very tame and they love to eat grass right from your hand.

    Creative craft workshop full of fun materials

    Build and create whatever you wish, including mini creatures and characters, using any of our helpful tools and our mix of fun supplies.

    Family food court, ice cream bar, forest shelter, grill and campfire

    When you're hungry, or just feeling peckish, swing by our fun, kid-friendly food court where you can greet the giant butterfly, play with the water wall, and even spin a huge tree around with your bare hands! You are also welcome to enjoy a picnic meal or grill your own food in the shelter and campfire area. You can even roast popcorn, marshmallows or twisty bread here with your family and friends.

    A fantastic day at a good price

    We have plenty of space throughout the park, so it is easy for everyone to keep good and safe distance from each other. We have indoor spaces, too, but you can easily be outside during your entire visit, if you wish.

    All park activities are free upon entry and there is free parking for all.

    With the annual pass, you can come and go whenever you like, enjoying Denmark's best play park whenever the gates are open. Run, climb,crawl, splash, swing, feast and laugh with your family and friends all year round.


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