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  • City Break

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Hotel Aiden welcomes those who like to travel simply and relaxed. Herning Hotel delivers the value and comfort that today's travelers expect, offering the essentials for a good night's stay. This hotel will be at the forefront of accommodation companies with technological solutions.

Gødstrupvej 38, 7400 Herning
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Hotel facilities

  • Fitness Room
  • Disabled-friendly
  • Free wifi
  • Restaurant
  • Non smoking
  • Wellness
  • Airport: 53 km
  • Train: 8 km
  • 204 Rooms

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    Attractions nearby of Standard Rate

    • Photo: Tjørring Kirke

      Tjørring Gl. Kirke (Tjørring Old Church)

      2.17 km

      A copy of the church, as it looked poriginally, is built as a church building at the Frilands museum Hjerl Hede.

      At the cemetery the roadworker, who gave Jeppe Aakjær the inspiration to the ballad about Jens Vejmand, is buried.

      For further information:

      Read more : Tjørring Gl. Kirke (Tjørring Old Church)
    • Photo: Jannie Nyegaard

      Monumentet for Jens Vejmand (The Monument of Jens Vejmand)

      2.5 km

      At this spot on the highway north of Tjoerring, the inspiration of Aakjær's famous poem came across. In his account book he wrote on may 19th 1901: 'The stonebeater, Tjoerring, 25 oere'. Many years later Aakjær remembered and added: This man on the highway by Tjoerring gave me the first idea for the poem 'Jens Vejmand'.
      Read more : Monumentet for Jens Vejmand (The Monument of Jens Vejmand)
    • Photo: VisitHerning

      Stjernen (The star)

      2.9 km

      The Star got its name, because when viewed from above it looks like a large green starfish. Each of the five arms has a separate function, such as housing nursery or reception classes, kindergarten and after school programme, form levels 0-3, form levels 3-6 and the school’s workshop and staff facilities, meet-ing rooms and offices.

      Take a tour around the school on the 740-metre long path called The red carpet and experience the spectacular architecture. Along the way, you will pass the carefully planned outdoor spaces that encourage both play and learning. Every outdoor space has its own theme: urban, hills, forest, water, sand and garden.

      Read more : Stjernen (The star)
    • Photo: Nicolas Jægergaard

      Fuglsang Sø (Fuglsang Lake)

      3.54 km

      You can go for a swim if you like or just relax at the beach.
      Check the water quality at before going for a swim.
      You can walk around the lake and there is also a disc golf field just next to the lake, which is free to use. 

      You can park the car by using the driveway from Vesterholmvej and from Brændgårdvej.
      You are NOT allowed to park or drive on the beach. 

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    • Photo: Hedeagerkirken

      Hedeager Kirke (Hedeager Church)

      3.79 km

      The altarpiece is decorated with a picture representing 'The burning Hauthorn'. The church is decorated with modern textiles made by the tapestryweaver Lise Warburg, Copenhagen.

      The Hedeager Church contains offices for the community.

      For further information:

      Read more : Hedeager Kirke (Hedeager Church)
    • Photo: Nicolas Jægergaard

      Det Blå Rum at Fuglsang Sø

      3.86 km

      Det Blå Rum (The Blue Room) is an outdoor mecca that can be used by everyone - both for social gatherings and as a focal point for various water and nature activities.

      Several associations have a permanent base at Det Blå Rum. These include the kayaks, winter bathers, anglers and triathletes. If you want access to kayaks and a sauna, this is basically done through membership of or in collaboration with the regular user clubs on site.

      The sauna is part of Det Blå Rum, and is primarily intended for associations, but you as a private person can also use the sauna when it is not in use by associations. It will be possible to buy a day ticket to the sauna.

      SUP Boards Renting

      Additional information about booking Sauna and SUP boards.

      Read more : Det Blå Rum at Fuglsang Sø
    • Photo: Jannie Nyegaard


      4.39 km

      It is one of the greatest migrating stones from the previous Ice Age.

      The Mørup Stone is a so-called larvikite, who came to Denmark during the last but one ice age. larvikite is a rock  from the southern part of Norway. It is called an indicator boulder, because it takes us back to where the ice came from. 

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    • Photo: Sct. Johannes kirke

      Sct. Johannes Kirke (Sct. Johannes Church)

      4.44 km

      The church was augmented the 1st Sunday of Advent by the Church minister Bodil Koch, who stated that, "it was probably the last cathedral, which was inaugurated in Denmark". The organ is placed above the alter in the church building, and the church's tall tower works as Herning City's water tower.

      For further information:

      Read more : Sct. Johannes Kirke (Sct. Johannes Church)