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Please note, no breakfast included in room rate and no cleaning of the room during your stay.

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Stay in scenic surroundings at Abild Kro & Hotel, which is located in the middle of the marsh and close to the German border. Experience the phenomenon Black Sun or the beautiful nature by the Wadden Sea. Look forward to being pampered and getting great service from the staff.

Ribe Landevej 66, 6270 Tønder
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  • Disabled-friendly
  • Free wifi
  • Free parking
  • Restaurant
  • Non smoking
  • Airport: 106 km
  • Train: 5,8 km
  • Busstop: 850 meter
  • 14 Rooms

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    Attractions nearby of Standard rate no breakfast included

    • Photo: Rømø-Tønder Turistbureau

      Abild Church

      0.18 km

      Abild church is a village church, and the original church was built almost 1000 years ago.

      The church can accommodate more than 300 people when using the pulpit.

      The altarpiece is from 1480. Baptismal heaven from 1692 and a pulpit from 1581.

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    • Photo: Rømø-Tønder Turistbureau

      Soldaterskoven - Tønder

      1.86 km

      The area consists of 3 forests, Soldaterskoven, Nørreskov and Hydroskoven. From Tønder town there is a path connection to the entire forest area through the green areas south of Soldaterskoven. There are 3 parking spaces at Soldaterskoven. In the forest there is a hiking trail for the visually impaired. There is a primitive accommodation with shelter, barbecue and campfire site.

      If you want to ride, you can use the special riding trails made in the forest.

      In Nørreskoven, south of the brook, there is a dog forest where you can walk your dog. Remember that it must be under full control. In the other forest areas, the dog must be led on a leash.

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    • Photo: Rømø-Tønder Turistbureau

      Zeppelin and Garnison Museum - Tønder

      2.02 km

      During the forst world war the Germans established a large and very important airship base in the north of Tønder. Today there is small museum telling the history with pictures, documents, objects and army tanks.

      Also it is shown material about Tønder as a Danish garrison town in the period 1920 - 2003.

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    • Photo: Rømø-Tønder Turistbureau

      Guldhornsstenene - Tønder

      3.99 km

      The famous Golden Horns were found at Gallehus, the first by a lace maker, Kjerstine Svendsdatter, in 1639, and the second in 1734 by Erik Lassen, a small farmer.

      The sites are marked by memorial stones. The horns likely dated from about 400 AD and were probably used as part of some sort of religious ceremony.

      They were sent to the Royal Treasury in Copenhagen for safekeeping but were stolen in 1802 and melted down.

      Copies can be seen in Tønder Museum.

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    • Photo: Rømø-Tønder Turistbureau

      The Art Museum - Tønder

      5.28 km

      The Art Museum in Tønder exhibits the best art from the North from approx. 1880 until today. The museum shows, moreover, special exhibitions with works from the rich design tradition in the North. All exhibitions are presented in large, light and sensuous rooms, which in themselves strike a Nordic note. The building is from 1999.

      Today the Water Tower houses a museum for the famous furniture architect Hans J. Wegner's present from year 1995. The present consists of 37 chairs, which he meant would represent his design in the best way in his hometown Tønder.

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    • Photo: Rømø-Tønder Turistbureau

      Schackenborg Castle

      5.45 km

      All year around there will be outstanding events waiting for you at Schackenborg castle. Explore the century-long history, attend a guided tour in the beautiful garden of the castle or just come by and visit the old stable, which is being rebuilt into a visitor center. The program of Schackenborg offers something for everybody, classical music, talks, debates and more.

      The south wing of the castle is the private residence of Prince Joachim, Princess Marie and their children. The royal flag will be waving, when there is a royal visit.

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    • Photo: Rømø-Tønder Turistbureau

      Løgumkloster Church and Monastery

      10.18 km

      The monastery was founded in 1173 by Cistercian monks by Brede Å. During the Middle Ages, the town of Løgumkloster grew up under the shelter of the monastery and church. The monastery was closed in 1548.

      Løgumkloster Church was built in the period 1225-1325. Of the monastery's original 4 wings, today only the east wing (Chapter Hall and Dormitorium) and the north wing (church) remain.

      Løgumkloster Church is considered - together with Sorø Klosterkirke, to be among the most beautiful and significant church buildings from Denmark's Middle Ages.

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    • Photo: Rømø-Tønder Turistbureau

      Port of Rømø

      22.39 km

      The Port of Rømø is one of Denmark‘s medium sized ports and a port that is under development. For many years, the main activities have been shrimp fishing and ferry services between Sylt and Rømø. 

      The Port of Rømø operates with respect for the environment. We are closely linked to the Wadden Sea, which is now a part of the Wadden Sea National Park.  The port is environmentally certified and we are working on all levels towards being a clean port.

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    • Photo: Rømø-Tønder Turistbureau

      Rømø Play- and Labyrinth park

      23.38 km

      On Rømø you will find a large family attraction - Rømø Play and Labyrintpark.

      You will find the park in Havneby close to the old school, follow the signs.

      In the park, there are lots of small and large labyrinths and other challenging games for the whole family. You can easily spend 2-3 hours here.

      When it's all over, brought food must be eaten in the park. You can buy coffee, cakes and ice cream in the park's café. Here, too, you can try a number of small games.

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    • Photo: Rømø-Tønder Turistbureau

      The Wadden Sea National Park

      26.31 km

      The islands and the natural coastlands by the Waddensea have become an area in Denmark that really attracts a lot of visitors. It`s unique nature and culture, along with the many holidayhomes, campingsites, youthhostels and other accommodation possibilities, have been the fertile basis for the creation of a strong tourist region.

      The Waddensea islands Rømø, Mandø and Fanø lie along the coast like pearls on a string and they offer unique experiences. The sea, the dunes, the woods the heaths and the fauna all speak their own language and they appeal to both children and adults to use it.On the mainland the dikes, the marshland and the migrating birda impress the natureloving guests.

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    • The Gendarme Path

      33.01 km

      The path was made after Southern Jutland was returned to Denmark in 1920 and the route was used by the border gendarms on patrol.

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