Terms and conditions

Read about our terms and conditions for earning and using points.

1. General

1 A. You must be at least 18 years old and of legal age to participate in the Benefits program.

1 B. Membership is personal, and your login information must not be disclosed to others.

1 C. You are responsible for updating your contact information if it changes.

1 D. You are responsible for ensuring that your points do not expire.

1 E. Small Danish Hotels reserves the right to change or terminate the program without notice.

1 F. When you accept these terms, you also accept our privacy policy.

2. Booking

2 A. Booking stays can be done directly with the hotel, excluding SDH Partner hotels, or through Small Danish Hotels either by phone or via www.smalldanishhotels.dk.

2 B. Alternatively, other booking channels can be used. Please note point 4 on point accumulation below.

3. Registration

3 A. To be a Benefits member, you must have a valid email address registered.

3 B. By becoming a member, you agree that Small Danish Hotels will store your contact information and consumption history, as well as information about your preferences, in order to target relevant marketing to you.

3 C. As a member, you will receive promotional emails from us and the hotels you have visited. If the hotel you visited is jointly owned with other hotels, you may receive emails from a shared email list for these hotels. The frequency of these emails may vary, and you have the option to reduce their frequency. It is possible to individually unsubscribe from emails from each hotel.

3 D. If you no longer wish to receive emails from us, this also means that you will be unsubscribed from the guest club and your points balance will be deleted.

4. Earning Points

4 A. Points can be earned at all hotels that are members of Small Danish Hotels, including SDH Partner hotels. If the hotel has withdrawn from the chain, you can no longer earn points there, even if the stay was booked before the hotel left the chain.

4 B. Points are credited only to individuals registered as guests at the hotel.

4 C. Points can only be credited to one person per room.

4 D. You earn points for the room you stayed in. Only purchases charged to the room you stayed in and paid on one consolidated bill are point-giving. If you pay for more rooms than the one you stayed in, you will NOT earn points for those rooms. At SDH Partner hotels, points are only earned for the stay including breakfast and not for additional purchases.

4 E. With package prices (stays), the entire package price per room is registered, and the package price cannot be divided into room and restaurant components.

4 F. A maximum of points can be registered for purchases up to 5000 DKK per room per night. (Room + other purchases attributed to the room).

4 G. For stays booked through Small Danish Hotels or directly at the hotel, you earn 1 point per 3 kroner spent.

4 H. If you are part of a group where someone else pays the bill, you receive 1 point per 3 kr. for the bill for your room. However, this is only if the reservation is made directly at the hotel or via Small Danish Hotels and if you have provided your own email address at check-in.

4 I. You are not entitled to points until final payment has been made.

4 J. It can take up to 8 days after departure for your points to be registered on your account.

4 K. Points that have been credited to the account improperly or in error can be withdrawn by Small Danish Hotels at any time. If you fully or partially use points that have obviously been awarded in error, you may be held liable for compensation.

4 L. Points cannot be purchased.

4 M. You also earn points when you pay with points.

4 N. Point allocation is automatic. If this does not happen correctly, you must inform the hotel yourself within 6 months of departure to have the correct number of points credited.

4 O. Points are only credited for stays booked through Small Danish Hotels or directly at the hotel. No points are awarded for bookings made through a third party or paid with gift cards from anyone other than the hotel or Small Danish Hotels.

5. Use of Points

5 A. Points can be used for all goods and services at hotels that are members of Small Danish Hotels, as well as in the point shop at www.smalldanishhotels.dk. If a hotel has left the chain, points can no longer be used there, even if the stay was booked before the hotel left the chain. Points cannot be used at SDH Partner hotels.

5 B. The price of stays, goods, and services is stated in points only, and these point amounts are not convertible to cash.

5 C. Stays paid with points must be reserved directly at the hotel or at smalldanishhotels.dk.

5 D. At the hotels, it is possible to partially pay with points. In the point shop, you must have the full point amount to purchase an item.

6. Retroactive Registration of Points

6 A. If your points are not registered later than 8 days after departure, or if the registration is incorrect, it is possible to have this retrospectively registered or corrected for up to 6 months after the day of departure. You can do this via the form on www.smalldanishhotels.dk or by contacting the hotel directly.

6 B. You cannot have your registrations retrospectively registered or corrected later than 6 months after departure.

7. Payment and Prices

7 A. Payment can be made in cash, by credit card, gift card, or on credit by special arrangement with the hotel.

7 B. We guarantee that as a member of the guest club, you will always receive the cheapest advertised price of the day without being prompted.

8. Status of Points Accumulation

8 A. For your Benefits membership, you have been provided with a personal login for self-service at www.smalldanishhotels.dk. Here, you can track the accumulation and use of points, and you also have the option to update your contact information, etc.

8 B. Point status is always available at www.smalldanishhotels.dk. Additionally, you will be informed of your status in the status and news emails we send to you.

9. Expiry of Points

9 A. Benefits points expire after 2 years if no points are earned or used during this period.

9 B. If you do not respond to our emails for 3 years, we may ask you for a new acceptance that we may continue to send emails to you in order to comply with applicable legislation. If you do not renew your acceptance within 30 days after we have requested it, your guest club account with associated points and personal information will be automatically deleted.

10. Termination

10 A. The agreement can be terminated by the customer at any time.

10 B. Small Danish Hotels reserves the right to terminate an agreement at its own discretion, for example, due to non-payment. Likewise, if it is assessed that the customer has breached the agreement, for example, through gross, disrespectful, unethical, criminal, or immoral actions towards Small Danish Hotels, one of the hotels belonging to the chain, or towards the chain's partners. The same applies in case of a breach of the terms of the agreement. Small Danish Hotels is not obliged to provide a reason for terminating the agreement. Deleted points will not be offset against any outstanding amounts.

10 C. Earned points will expire upon termination and cannot be converted into cash.

11. Tax Terms

11 A. Services obtained for points earned commercially within the Benefits context and used for private purposes are taxable. Small Danish Hotels is not obligated to disclose this information, and it is therefore your responsibility to report it to your employer and the tax authorities.

11 B. Services and goods obtained with privately earned and used points are not subject to taxation.

12. Expiry

12 A. Membership does not expire if, within 30 days after receiving a request to do so, you renew your acceptance that we may send emails to you.

13. Force Majeure

13 A. Small Danish Hotels cannot be held liable for force majeure such as, for example, strikes, lockouts, bankruptcy, fire, changes in the law, or similar events that prevent the use of the agreement.

Updated October 1, 2023. These terms are valid until replaced by a newer version.