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Creative workshop and boutique

UKÆNT is a colorful shop filled with arts and crafts, creative energy, and the joy of creating. Under the name UKÆNT, Maria collaborates with the vegan clothing brand and the Nordic trendsetter of candles AHNE®. The shop is filled with unique creations, art, and other local/Danish crafts, all categorized as colorful unique craftsmanship for you and your home.

Adjacent to the shop is the KREA workshop, a cozy long table where you can drop in or reserve a spot to create your own creations. It's easy in practice - you come in and choose from our 8+ different creative boxes and receive materials, guides, and templates for the chosen project. Maria is always ready to help, provide inspiration, and serve the best cup of cocoa, coffee, and more.

Year-Round Creative Workshops

UKÆNT has a calendar filled with creative workshops for both adults and children. Come and create your own candles, home decor, jewelry, and much more. The selection of workshops is diverse, and there will also be guest workshops held by other talented, creative souls in the shop.

You can get an overview of upcoming workshops on UKÆNT's Facebook page or follow UKÆNT's Instagram for the latest updates

Opening Hours

UKÆNT is open Thursday-Friday from 13.00-17.00 and Saturday-Sunday between 11:00-15.00. There may be special opening hours during holidays, so keep an eye on Facebook or the website.

About AHNE®

Michela Kiilerich is the woman behind AHNE®, which produces colorful handmade candles. At UKÆNT, she has her production, showroom, and shop, and there is always a selection of unique, colorful candles on the shelves. The candles are dipped in melted, colored wax, giving them each a unique touch.

You also have the opportunity to come into the shop from the street and create your very own candles in the exact colors that you prefer.

About Flirt

Flirt produces hand-printed clothing and tote bags. All clothing is produced with care - it is organic, vegan, and created with sustainability in mind. Both unisex clothing and bags have a simple minimalist expression with a hand-printed design that is both humorous and sharp.

Stop by the shop and see the latest designs.

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