The little match-seller

Take a walk in the past

In the year of 1845, H.C. Andersen wrote a fairytale based on a drawing by J. Thomas Lundbye.

It is November 18 1845 and Hans Christian is visiting the ducal family at Gråsten Castle. Some days prior a publisher has send him three drawings and asked him to pick one. In only one day, Hans Christian writes a fairytale bound to become world known – The little match-seller.

In 1992, the artist Jytte Thompson (1925-2001) made the sculpture in bronze, mounted on blocks of red granite. A small wall shields the sculptures back side and two benches in the front invites to sit and study the sculpture.

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Destination Sønderjylland - Sønderborg
Destination Sønderjylland - Sønderborg

  • The little match-seller
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