The Fairytale Forest (Eventyrskoven)

Take a walk in the past

The Fairytale Forest at Torrild is a unique ”experience park” focusing upon nature, play and social activities in a cultural-historical framework. The Fairy-Tale Wood is a place where children and adults can come and have an entertaining, pleasant day involving games, movement, closeness, adventure, activity, experiences and learning about nature and culture. A day amidst nature offering many possibilities – bring along twist bread and a picnic basket, and enjoy a wealth of activities.     

Mystery and excitement are just the thing for children’s curiosity and imagination.

The Fairytale Forest has a fantastic:

  • Experience wood, a new and unique wood bursting with nature.
  • Nature playground with a motor coordination area and a sense path to improve the movement, health and well-being of all.  
  • Nature area offering the TIME, QUIET and SPACE to enable movement involving suitable challenges.
  • The wood area with toilets, parking, shelters for rainy days and picnic facilities, together with shelter for overnight stays.
  • The world where the fairy-tale story forms the basis of a productive and cultural development process.   

Children love stories and fairy tales and in the Fairytale Forest live a 'nisse' (a gnome-like creature that appears at Christmas), a troll and many other creatures from Danish legends and adventures. Based upon Danish fairy tales, the stories are told in a way that brings them to life and makes them interesting to children. Learning also involves activities, digital solutions and special effects, including QR codes and sensors, and also involves lighting and sound.

”One day at the dawn of time, God threw all the evil angels out of Heaven and down to Earth. The angels had sinned against God, but they could not all make it to Hell. They, therefore, fell down to earth in different places. Some fell onto farms and became farm dwellers – in other words nisse. Some fell on mounds and hills, and became mountain folk, gnomes or trolls. Those who fell in the sea became sea people. And finally, those who fell into bogs, upon meadows and in woods became elves or fairies”. BASED UPON THE LEGEND FROM KVÆRNDRUP, EVALD TANG KRISTENSEN DANISH LEGENDS, VOLUME 1, S. 3, 1.1

The folk belief’s accounts of nature’s mythical creatures are many and varied, but in most of these we find sensible warnings to be careful and retelling of actual observations.

In the legends, we are told a good story, but we are also warned to be careful: Don’t go too close to the island, you might drown. Watch out for fog and mist, you may lose your way. Don’t dig in the old burial mounds, they may collapse on top of you, and appreciate the help you get from “nisser” and repay this.

Come and learn more about the entertaining, mysterious and splendid Danish legends and fairy tales.


  • Picnic facilities and disabled-friendly toilet facilities with nappy-changing tables, first-aid equipment and showers. The toilets are closed during periods of frost/in winter.
  • Fairy-tale room with fairy-tale books
  • Free parking
  • Shelter and places for bonfires


Entrance: 50kr per person
Groups of over 10 people please contact us for the price.
The same applies to holding events and children’s birthdays.

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  • The Fairytale Forest (Eventyrskoven)
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