The Ecology Garden (Økologiens Have)

Take a walk in the past

A splendid garden for both adults and children. The garden stretches to 20 acres of countryside and is Scandinavia’s largest public organic garden. There are 1,000s of different plant species distributed around 14 themed gardens, including, among other things, vines, herbaceous perennials, herbs, a vegetable garden, a forest garden, and a lake. There are official guided tours. Please go to for an updated calendar of events

For the children there is a large playground with a giant sandbox, a playhouse, and fun tunnels etc. Over and above all this there are donkeys, sheep, petting goats and hens.

There is a café where you can also buy plants, and a shop with a selection of organic goods such as seeds, books, booklets, gardening tools, etc. You can bring your packed lunch and enjoy it in the garden. There are baby changing facilities, toilets for disabled, and a car park. The paths unfortunately are unsuitable for rolling walkers.

The Café is open: weekends and school holidays

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