Svanesø "The Swan Lake"

Take a walk in the past

There are marked footpaths all the way around the Swan Lake. One part of the path is like a wooden path made of Hungarian acaciatree and leads over a nearly bottomless swamp. Other parts are covered with bundels of branches and twigs with barkchips on top to ensure that you can walk dry-shoed on the soft, previous lake bottom.

On your tour around The Swan Lake you will pass Hjorteparken(deerpark) that houses a little flock of deers. Not long from her you will find a birdwatchtower which has a beautifull view over the lake.

You will find many kinds of (some rare) birds her.

The area around Døjsø (a smaller lake southeast from the Swan Lake) is known for the different kinds of plants that grow her, from deadly poisenous spieces to fine snapsherbs and wild orchids.

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