Statue of Frederik VII in Skjern

Take a walk in the past

Frederik VII is a statue erected in Anlægget next to a small pond between the Kirkeskolen and the church.

The statue is a bronze portrait bust erected on a three-part and a nearly 3 meter high cement plinth. It was originally erected on Galgebakken by Skjern Brogaard on 5 June 1877 by the residents of the constituency in memory of the giver of the constitution.

The relocation of Frederik VII to the facility took place between 1901 and 1909.

The reason why the statue was moved may be due to the fact that Lystanlægget was an ornament for Skjern, which points to the city's transition to a city of purchase. In addition, Skjern amusement park has for the first many years been a favorite place for outdoor meetings. Thereby, Skjern Lystanlæg was a popular place for constitutional meetings. The park therefore formed the setting for many and well-attended constitutional meetings in the first half of the 20th century, which later moved to Dejbjerg.

In 2019, the constitutional meeting returned to the facility, and on 5 June 2019, there was a folk festival with song and music as well as fluttering flags and sunny weather. Thus, Frederik VII woke up for a while on his bust in the facility in Skjern.

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  • Statue of Frederik VII in Skjern
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