Photo: VisitHaderslev


Photo: VisitHaderslev


Photo: VisitHaderslev


Slivsø near Hoptrup south of Haderslev was drained in 1957-59 so the area could be used for farmland. It was restored in 2004 on a slightly smaller scale with 164 hectares, the equivalent of 300 football fields. The first birds were quick to settle here, once the water was let back into the lake, and today the lake is home to around 180 different species of birds.

One of the best ways to see Slivsø is to follow the marked paths. The path along the northern bank is app. 3,5 kilometers long and takes you close to the lake and animals. From the old pumping station, which has been remodelled into a look.out, there is a wonderful view of the lake and the many birds.

The path south of the lake is app. 2,5 kilometers long, and offers a stunning panoramic view of the lake and the hilly landscape. If you pass through Diernæs and Hoptrup you can combine the two trails. That would make the combined route 9 kilometers long.

It is allowed to sail canoes, kayaks and motor-less boats in the centre of the lake. You can also sail downstream by Hoptrup Å to reach Diernæs Bay.

From the first Sunday following January 15th to November 15th you are allowed - with a valid fishing license - to fish in the middle of the lake as well as on a 1 kilometer stretch along the northern bank.

Hotels nearby of Slivsø

  • Hotel Rode-Kro

    14.7 km

    Hotel Røde-Kro is a family driven business, which is placed centrally near Aabenraa. There is a high focus on creating a good atmosphere, as well the coziness feeling with a strong professional approach. The location opens the opportunities to ramble. There's among other the path Gendarmstien along the coast, and more.
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  • Tyrstrup Kro

    19.69 km

    Tyrstrup Kro is idyllically situated in the middle of fields and woods a few kilometres from the gingerbread town Christiansfeld. It has been here for at least 350 years, but in recent years the old inn has undergone largescale restorations and has become an internationally known restaurant.
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  • Agerskov Kro

    21.68 km

    In the heart of South Jutland lies Agerskov Kro & Hotel. The old buildings have been modernised with respect for the original atmosphere, and the inn has been expanded with large rooms. The innkeeper works in the kitchen alongside his staff of chefs, where they prepare meals to satisfy the most discerning palates.
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  • Gram Slotskro

    28.48 km

    Gram Slotskro is steeped in history. In the magnificent surroundings, guests cannot fail to feel the passage of time. Uniquely sited next to Gram Castle, the inn is perfect for a relaxing stay with good food cooked using seasonal raw ingredients. Today, the fourth generation of the Schrøder family runs the inn.
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  • Benniksgaard Hotel

    34.38 km

    Benniksgaard Hotel is beautifully situated on the highest point at Flensborg Fjord, and the nearest neighbour is the golf course. The old family farm has undergone a very tasteful rustic-style renovation. The chefs cook the menu of the evening following the old traditions but adapted to the palates of the present time.
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  • Bov Kro

    38.47 km

    Bov Kro was granted a royal privilege as early as 1566. Today the inn is an excellent combination of historical atmosphere and modern comfort, and all rooms have been renovated in 2013. The restaurant of the inn offers both fine traditional and new Nordic gastronomic experiences.
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  • Hotel 6400

    38.59 km

    Minimalism can certainly equate to outstanding service and quality. At Hotel 6400 in Sønderborg, there are no superfluous frills, and even the hotel’s name has been reduced to the bare essentials – the city’s postal code.
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  • Abild Kro & Hotel

    44.11 km

    Stay in scenic surroundings at Abild Kro & Hotel, which is located in the middle of the marsh and close to the German border. Experience the phenomenon Black Sun or the beautiful nature by the Wadden Sea. Look forward to being pampered and getting great service from the staff.

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  • Fjelsted Skov Hotel & Konference

    44.4 km

    Welcome to Fjelsted Skov Hotel and Conference - a unique refuge in the midst of nature. We offer an exclusive experience where tranquility and charm blend with modern comfort surrounded by the breathtaking Fjelsted Skov. The ideal place for both business travelers and holiday guests.

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