Take a walk in the past

Fun, excitement and action for those, who have gasoline in their blood!

Would you like to experience andrenaline rush in a go kart that drives 55 km/h? 

At RaceSyd we have an indoor go kart track with a challenging and exciting swing, that everyone can try out above the age of 7. 

We are open 360 days a year - so everybody can come by. 

In case you don't book the track beforehand, waiting time can be expected in holiday seasons. Therefore, we suggest that you make the booking in advance - call 75 50 20 60 or send an email to  booking@racesyd.dk

Prices start at 70 DKK.

We accept payment with the majority of international credit cards.

We also accept euro - exchange: 100 EUR = 725 DKK

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