Take a walk in the past

In the middle of the 18th century many of Ringkøbing´s houses had cement roofs and single glass windows, but the demolition of the two characteristic corner buildings at the square started the preservation case with architect E. Draiby as prime mover. Ater the Local Government Act reform in 1973 Ringkøbing Town Council carried out a preservation clause concerning the centre of town. The tiled roofs dominate again, the houses have had new window bars and pavement is re-established in several streets, latest Vester Strandgade in 2001. The signs are carefully adjusted to the character of the town and the well-preserved centre has become an atraction. A new feature is many attics which since the middle of the 1980´s have spread on the roofing.

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Destination Vesterhavet, Hvide Sande
Destination Vesterhavet, Hvide Sande

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