Ice Age

Take a walk in the past

Winter holidays at the Zoological Museum focus on the ice-animals, both the prehistoric ice age and those who live in the ice today. Every day there are activities for the whole family, including workshops, dissections and a competition where you can win a genuine piece of mammoth tusk.

In ISVÆRKSTEDET you can chop a little treasure of a lump of ice (10:30  to 16:00)

IN CHARACTER STUDY under the guidance of artist Anne Horn Andersen you can learn to draw ice age animals (only week 7)

In THE EXHIBITIONS the facilitators are ready with hands full of skulls, skins and stuffed animals. Here you can ask and listen to everything about ice age animals and living animals who live in ice.

IN THE MAGAZINE smells maybe a little strange. Here every day an animal dissected from the museum's large freezer is dessected (11:00 to 14:00).

And then you can of course participate in the great ICE AGE COMPETITION where you can win a genuine piece of mammoth tusk.

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