Take a walk in the past

You will find a number of interesting sculptures by artists, who today are all very famous in Denmark. In the town of Ikast, you will generally find numerous spectacular sculptures and works of art created by professional artists. 

From the 1970s to today, a significant number of modern sculptures have been created. The initiative originally came from a private landowner in the eastern part of the city.

He invited 5, then controversial, young artists to each create a piece of work that was to be set by the new roads in the area later named the Højris Park. The street names: Bjørn Nørgårds Vej, Sven Dalsgaards Vej, Egon Fischers Vej, Per Kirkeby Road, Poul Gerness Road are witness to who it was about.


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  • Højrisparken
  • Bjørn Nørgaards Vej
    7430 Ikast