Take a walk in the past

Hagenør is a protected coastal landscape formed during the ice age.

The slopes here at Hagenør hold sedimentary layers dating back up to 18 million years. Hagenør is a National geological area of interest.

Hagenør is home to wide variety of nature: forests along the coast, deciduous forest, meadows, bogs and pastures. The birdlife in the area is rich as well. 60 different bird species have been registered in the area, including sand martin, long-tailed tit, coal tit, great spotted woodpecker, grey and a range of anseriformes.

You can park and access the paths at Hagenørvej.

Cultural history

The area’s cultural history goes back a long way and there are still visible traces of the past.
The oldest is the Hagenør castle hill upon which a castle once lay. King Christian II stayed here when the nobility and Sweden rebelled against him in 1523.  
The castle was ruined during the civil war The Count’s Feud (1534-36) and was never rebuilt.

Along the trail, you will pass the old restored farms Hagenør- and Vindmøllegård.

For nearly a hundred years from 1880s-1960s, there was a small tile factory in the area. The clayey soil provided good conditions for tile production. The two small lakes by the old factory are former clay pits.

Hagenør is part of Nature Park Lillebælt

Nature Park Lillebælt is Denmark’s largest nature park with its 370 km2 – a marine nature park with the Little Belt as a streaming core surrounded by beautiful coastal landscapes. Here you will find one of the world’s densest populations of whales – the little porpoises.
The nature park is full of cultural history and nature gems offering a wealth of experiences, fun and learning.

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