‘Genforeningsstenen’ (‘The Reunion Stone’) in Skjern

Take a walk in the past

The south western part of the playground in the park by Kirkeskolen / Fredensgade.

Was originally in 1921, set opposite the railway station in Skjern on the point where the Center is today. The stone was later mowed to the park.
Inscription on the stone:

1864 - 1920
The fallen kinsmen
shall Denmark honor
they lifted the heritage
of fallen fathers
our lost odel 
is won again
I hand over the garland
of Denmark bound

The reunification in 1920, where a part of the old dukedom Sønderjylland was reunited with Denmark after a referendum there was marked with great public engagement.It was not only in the big cities but also in many villages all over the country, by raising a stone or other memorial expressed his delight at the lost daughters homecoming".

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  • ‘Genforeningsstenen’ (‘The Reunion Stone’) in Skjern
  • Fredensgade
    6900 Skjern