Fylleledet - Kunstskoven

Take a walk in the past

Fylleledet Forest - The Secret Forest.

Only 2 km from Frederikshavn center, lies the forest that even the most frederikshavnere do not know. Fylleledet forest was during the war confiscated by the Germans and fenced. There were built 12 bunkers of various sizes to the amunitions depots. After the war first the resistance movement and later the Danish military took over the forest and depots. There were built garages, guardhouse and 60 additional bunkers for storage. All well guarded behind barbed wire.

In 2004, the military sold the whole forest, depot manager housing and bunkers to private individuals and now the forest is open to visitors.
Some bunkers have been turned into a studio with an art exhibition, and some garages are working studio for local artists.

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