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Folehaveskoven is one of the most glorious forests in North Zealand. Although the rolling terrain provides ideal growing conditions for virtually all species of trees, the forest has gradually become almost entirely deciduous, and home to mainly beech and sycamore trees. The Arboretum in Hørsholm has planted trees in various spots around the forest for research purposes. These are marked with different colour codes and signs.

You will find more than 60 ancient monuments in just a few square kilometres of forest. Most are well-preserved burial mounds from the Bronze Age which date back around 3000 years. These mounds are found in clusters or settlements in a two kilometre wide border along the coast.

The forest also features various dolmens from the earliest Stone Age, some 5000 years ago, the largest of which is no less than 42 metres long. There are also a few small stone mounds dating from the Iron Age.

The most spectacular monuments in the forest are clearly signposted.

A 3.5 km walk has been established in Folehaveskoven ? simply follow the yellow dots on the trees. The walk may be shortened or lengthened by selecting other paths. Folehaveskoven borders the Hørsholm Slotshave palace gardens, Jagt- og Skovbrugsmuseet (Danish Museum of Hunting and Forestry) and Hørsholm Egnsmuseum (Hørsholm Museum of Local History).

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