Eva Keramik

Take a walk in the past

Eva Pedersen studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Aarhus from 1984 to 1990, and Raku ceramics is her speciality.

RAKU is an ancient Japanese technique of firing ceramics. In those far off days, the Japanese sought peace and harmony by surrounding themselves with beautiful things and a prized attribute of RAKU CERAMICS is its exceptionally beautiful surface. RAKU means: peace and harmony.

Once the object, a pot perhaps, has been shaped from ceramic clay, it goes through a first firing in a kiln heated to approx. 1000 degrees Celsius. It is then glazed and placed in the kiln again, this time at approx. 900 degrees C.
In approx. 20 minutes the glaze will have melted and the pot is removed and swung from side to side to force crackling of the surface. Following this airing the pot is placed in a closed bin with sawdust - a process which contributes to making the beautiful colours stand out and provides for a highly fascinating glaze. Oxygen is drawn out of the clay and the cracklings form beautiful designs. One last effect is achieved by a shock treatment in a water bath while the pot is still red-hot.

The weather, the wind and the firing method all have a tremendous influence on the end result of individual firings, however, it is precisely the unpredictability of the outcome which makes RAKU CERAMICS an exciting art form - one which has now been incorporated in Western European arts and crafts based on the original Japanese model.

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