Eskebjerg Vesterlyng

Take a walk in the past

Covering some 326 hectares, Vesterlyng is the
largest common on Zealand. This very special and
beautiful area came into being when the Stone Age
sea bed was exposed and consists largely of sand and gravel.
Consequently the soil is fairly barren and has never
been cultivated, but used only as grazing ground
for cattle, sheep and horses.

Even so, it is a very varied landscape with grass-grown
areas, meadows, small lakes, vegetation and
the largest coastal moor in Zealand. The flora is very rare.

The area was preserved in 1945, but as recent grazing
has not been extensive, intensive nature
management has been started by the county.
This includes the clearing of the area round some
of the mounds in the eastern part, so that they can
now be seen in the context of their original environment.

Please note that you are not allowed to pick flowers
or collect animals or insects in this area.

Vesterlyng has one of the best strands for paddling
and swimming with almost stone-free beaches and shallows.
Six parking areas with information noticeboards and toilet facilities.
Visitors should be aware of the danger of fires in the dry periods.

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