Bov Museum "Oldemorstoft"

Take a walk in the past

Regional museum of cultural history. The regional museum has been established in the old house of the district bailiff, Oldemorstoft, that dates back to 1472.
The largest agricultural museum in southern Jutland. The agricultural collection contains more than 10.000 objects of which approximately 5.000 are exhibited in two "pyramids", built in 1989.

Our orchard, Oldemors Abildgård, is the result of a major study of Sønderjyllands orchards. When in their time the "Danish fruit varieties" were collected, Sønderjylland was excluded and therefore there are several pure Sønderjyske fruit varieties today, as we with an old pomology in hand have been out looking for them. Visit Oldemors Abildgård and get acquainted with Karen Hanses Æble, which originates from Hejsager or with the Alsatian cooking pear Kleffeluner, which can perhaps be traced all the way back to the 17th century. In our beautiful green areas, you can enjoy your food just as our cozy cafe sells coffee and cookies.

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