Trail of Ancient Times - Open Air Museum Hjerl Hede

Take a walk in the past

At Frilandsmuseet Hjerl Hede you can experience the past, the history and the atmosphere of the country in past times. Experience the workshops, the shops and the historic environment come alive during the revival in the high season summer and up to Christmas.

At the open-air museum you can walk around the exciting old buildings and become part of the story. Here you can see crafts and crafts in the village parent's village. In addition, you can see the cooperative dairy, forest and moss farm museum, country bakery and artisan buildings from when the mechanization started.

The founder, the business man H. P. Hjerl Hansen, was interested in preserving the old craft traditions and customs that he regarded as an important part of Danish cultural heritage. In 1930 he therefore moved Jutland's oldest farm, Vinkelgården, to the heath area of ​​Jutland. In this way he founded the Open Air Museum.

In the food parlor at the historic playground you can eat your brought food. You can also enjoy a delicious meal at Restaurant Skyttegaarden.

At the open-air museum you can also find a touch screen with tourist attractions, accommodation, maps and more about Holstebro Municipality.

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