The Town Square in Ringkøbing

Take a walk in the past

The centre of town, a rectangular space paved with stones and sorrounded by prominent buildings. In the 1950s, as a run-up to a contemplated street connection between Herning and the established Søndervigvej, a number of big old houses on the corners of Algade and Vester Strandgade was demolished, which made the character of the square more diffuse.

The trimmed linden trees in front of Hotel Ringkjøbing are more than 200 years old; the other trees were planted in the 1970s. The town well, which is made of bog oak, was mounted in front of Hotel Ringkjøbing in November 1945. It is paid for with means collected at the royal borough jubilee in 1943. It is now placed at the east end of the square.

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  • The Town Square in Ringkøbing
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