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Take a walk in the past

Faith47 is inspired by everything she sees when travelling the world: broken cars, faces filled with emotions, old factories, dusty roads and so much more. Essentially, she is inspired by everything that tells an authentic story about human experiences in different environments.

Faith47 touches upon themes of dreams and human vanity and fragility. She is humble regarding the destructive and creative forces of human life, and for that reason, her art is both metaphorical and full of meaning, always with a touch of greater existential considerations.

The mural in Aalborg depicts a young man, working at the railway in Aalborg during the 19th century, and the mural helps draw lines between a distant past and today.

This mural is part of the Out in the Open project by Gallery Kirk.

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Destination NORD - Aalborg
Destination NORD - Aalborg

  • Street art - Faith47 - Østre Alle
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