Take a walk in the past

The serene oasis

Experience dramatic coastlines, lush forests, rolling hills and inner peace in an area that has evolved on the land of Rosenvold, an old castle built in 1585.

“Nature here is smiling and unique in beauty,” said Dr. Saugman after finding the right spot for Denmark’s first tuberculosis sanatorium. Today this visionary sanatorium is known as Hotel Vejlefjord, one of Denmark’s best spa experience. The hotel’s park and health trails are public, leading all

the way down to Vejle Fjord and the old lighthouse, Træskohage Fyr – once the ship’s beacon through the fjord.

Explore the beautiful countryside and hilly forests that provide perfect terrain for biking and running. You’ll also find good opportunities for inshore and lake fishing, as well as great beaches, including one Blue Flag.

There are several campsites, a marina and the area also offers shopping, galleries, luxury cars, great food, horseback riding and picnics in the woods.

In the depths of Staksrode Forest you can discover the ruins of the medieval pirate castle, Stagsevold, and follow the forest all the way down to nearly undisturbed coastline.

At Dr. Saugmans time as well as now, this beautiful area around Stouby and Vejle Fjord provides quiet for contemplation, pampering and lots of fresh air.

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Destination Kystlandet