Skidten in Ærøskøbing

Take a walk in the past

The unflattering name (it means the dirt in English) comes from the fact that this was once the town dump, and the verdant flora on the site today is almost certainly attributable to the fertiliser from the numerous toilet pails that have been emptied here in ages past.

Sit down on the bench out by the water and enjoy the view to Lilleø and Ommelshoved.


Win personal memory from your holiday on Ærø

If you're gonna make your way past "Skidten", you might as well take part in our competition to win your own picture printed as a poster.

This is how you participate:

  1. Visit "Skidten" and take a picture.
  2. Upload the photo to your Instagram profile with #instaspotaeroe

That was it - now you're in the competition. See terms etc.

You can also take pictures at our other 4 Instagram spots and thus increase your chances in the competition.

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